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The Round Up

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It’s Friday and that means it is time for the Round Up!

Music Monday brought back sweet memories from Magic Mike.

Tuesday titillated us with relationship talk.

Tippy gave more of her great advice on Wednesday.

Thursday featured of the history of Gertrude Stein.

History of Sex, Part 58

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Another Women’s History Month is coming to an end and I thought it would be nice to finish with a lady who definitely appreciated other ladies…Gertrude Stein.

Gertrude Stein was born in 1874 in the United States but made it over to France after studying at Harvard and Johns Hopkins.  Gertrude and her brother Leo moved to Paris together and she ended up staying until her death in 1946.  Because Leo was an artist himself, Gertrude was in the know and bought paintings from Picasso, Renoir, Matisse, Toulouse-Lautrec, and other heavies from the Paris art scene.  She was very important in the art world, she played a major role in changing the relationship between the artist and patrons.  Her salon is Paris was the place to be for years and years.

Stein had dabbled in lesbian relationships in her mid-20s, while she was still at Johns Hopkins.  She had very mixed  up feelings about being a woman and an intellectual, feeling that genius was something only a man could be.  Part of reconciling this was being a very butch gay woman.

In 1907, Gertrude met the love of her life: Alice B. Toklas.  They spent a summer falling in love in Italy before heading back to Paris.  Alice was essentially Gertrude’s wife, taking care of running the household and acting as a private secretary.  Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and other literatti treated her like another one of the wives though Gertrude depended on her enormously.  Gertrude and Alice were together for the rest of Gertrude’s life.  Alice’s widowhood was rather depressing because their relationship had no legal protection and nearly everything Gertrude left to Alice, her family took back.

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Talk to Tippy

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Talk to Tippy for outrageously honest advice.  Call it the second opinion we all wish we had.  Unabashedley candid and insightful – trust Tippy for guidance with dating, relationship or sexual conundrums.  Yes, you can Talk to Tippy!


Dear Tippy,

I’m an intelligent guy, reasonably good looking, mid thirties, am often asked to speak to large audiences where I am very well received but do you think I can come up with successful small talk and a wining  pickup line in a bar?  I had my head down for the last 12 years and now am in a position to enjoy a relationship but rarely get to first base.  I’m petrified and it’s just getting worse.


Tongue tied in Tucson


Dear Silver Tongued Devil,

You poor thing!!  Let’s get your boxers out of a knot.

Use what you know.  Start with a line from the news of the day. Pose it in a question.  Like, “Did you have difficulty closing that bank account in Cyprus over the weekend?  Or “I forgot how good I was at eating bar food and cheering at the same time.  Are you watching March Madness?”  Or come clean, after securing a little eye contact, and say that you’re incredibly tongue tied when it comes to chatting with women and it would bolster you enormously if she could take 5 minutes to help you hone your game.  Now, this has been used thousands of times as a pick up line, but if you’re really as bad as you say, it will come across as truthful and sweet.  Just make that your one goal for the evening.  I’m talkin’ baby steps, but baby steps in fabulous shoes!!




Dear Tippy,

I love sharing sex and this time I was honest with my new boyfriend.  As it turns out, he’s pretty willing to explore and experiment as well.  We are interested in Sex Clubs.  Do you have any suggestions for newbies like us?


Attached at the hip, in NYC


Dear Hipsters,

Isn’t that wonderful kismet??  I love entering into a relationship where you can stretch your comfort level because you know you are with someone whom you trust and you can rely on.  It’s very exciting.  (SO many adventures come to mind….)

Yes, I can help.  In the NYC/Philly area, try “Chemistry”.  They have a party almost every other month and membership involves submitting a photo and a short essay as to why you want to join.  It’s an exciting, no pressure party vibe.  They have staff to bartend whatever you bring, canapés are passed around, there’s live music, stage acts like nude fire dancing or hardcore burlesque.  For about $120 you can either get involved or just watch. But you know how that goes,”if you build it……”

Have a memorable, safe, titillatingly juicy time.



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Titillating Tuesday

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Week three of new relationship:

Sunday, my new man (let’s call him Fred) and I went out for brunch. It was a gorgeous spring day so we walked from his apartment to the restaurant, that just happened to be both of our favorite places to eat.

Big box ticked.

Brunch is the best. You get to sleep in, have great sex (whether in a relationship or not), loll around reading the Sunday paper, attempting unsuccessfully to complete the New York Times Crossword, until your stomach begins to signal it’s time for that double foam cappuccino and eggs Florentine. I love brunch.

So Fred and I walked down by the water to the restaurant, holding hands, talking and laughing, when his cell phone rang. He let my hand go (!!), which disturbed me, but I put on my independent it doesn’t matter face and listened while he carried on a bright conversation with a female client on a Sunday brunch day when out with me, his new girlfriend! He never apologized for taking the call.

And just when one big box had been ticked.


Music Monday

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