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The Roundup!

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We’re keeping it simple and slim over here this week, like no doubt the starlets have been doing with their food as of late for the Oscars!!

This is the Roundup:

#The History Of Sex (Part 99 btw, almost 100!) is about movie ratings and how they all began. Some Like It Hot indeed! 

#TalkToTippy has us chatting about the age old adage Does Size Really Matter?

And has a Cello ever looked quite this good, twice!? It’s #MusicMonday

Have a great weekend!


some-like-it-hotWe have Oscar fever!  This week we’ll learn about the history of movie ratings and take at closer look at what the MPAA can show us.

In the 1920’s the MPAA started as a film trust put together by the biggest studios at the time, as a monopoly to hold onto profits.  In 1930, the big three studios found a government connection and created the infamous Hays Code which determined what was acceptable in movies.  Long after the monopoly was broken up, they were a morality police for movies, controlling what got made; it just so happened that they owned the studios as well.

Jack Valenti, who was working in the White House during the JFK assassination, and eventually became the world’s most powerful pro-copyright lobbyist, took over as president of this ‘regulatory’ agency in the mid 60’s.  He saw filmmakers pushing the boundaries of the Hays Code.  The first was Some Like It Hot, with Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis, in drag.  The film’s plot was a laundry list of taboo topics: gambling and racketeering and a booze-swilling Marilyn Monroe.  Another of these controversial films was Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?, a portrait of a foul-mouthed, bickering couple which ended up winning five Oscars.  It took all of one year for an X rated movie to win an Oscar for Best Picture — Midnight Cowboy.  It took just two years after that for Midnight Cowboy to be re-rated from X to R, without a single frame being altered.  Community standards changed — as they always do.

Valenti had dropped the old Hays code and developed a new rating system, but he still represented a group that controlled the distribution network and therefore, what got seen.  This is basically the same rating system used today.

So how is it working 50 years on?

R rated, The Wolf of Wall Street opens with an assault of coarse language – and within the first hour and 15 minutes, audiences will see two orgies; heavy drug use (smoking crack, snorting loads of cocaine); a father and son offhandedly discussing (at length) about women’s “bushes”; a woman performing oral sex on one man while getting rammed from behind from another; full frontal nudity of women; and lots of misogyny.

Another Oscar nominated R rated film this year was Philomena, staring Judy Dench.  The story of a woman’s search for her son, who was taken away from her decades ago after she became pregnant too young and was forced to live in a convent.  Huh?  R rating?  A little “rough” language?  Some themes that make people “uncomfortable”?  And this is the point.  The MPAA continues to protect the audience from truths about sex.

We are much more likely to see an act of misogyny or violence in sex, then a sex life as pleasurable or set in the real world.  But, in this case at least, not all is lost.  It seems the MPAA has a sense of humor about it.  Just as they did for 2010’s Blue Valentine, the Weinstein company made a powerful plea for Philomena, and with the actors’ help managed to get it stamped with a PG-13 instead.

Talk to Tippy

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Talk to Tippy for outrageously honest advice. Call it the second opinion we all wish we had. Unabashed and candid and insightful – trust Tippy for guidance with dating, relationship or sexual conundrums. Yes, you can Talk to Tippy!  

Oh my dear Cats and Kittens – 

It’s pretty astounding how many notes I get from men who are super stressed out about the size of their penis………Here’s that math class you missed.

The average penis length is between 5 and 5.5 inches. That means the majority of men have penises that are near that size. If you’re a bit smaller or bigger than that, you’re still in the range where it’s very, very common. MUCH bigger or smaller than that, and you’re getting into territory that’s more rare.  In no way is average a bad thing. Average tends to be average because that’s the way penises have evolved, usually in conjunction with the size of a vagina. Vaginas are, on average, 3-5 inches when the woman is unaroused, and 5-8 inches long/deep when the woman is sexually aroused. But perhaps the most important part- it’s only the first couple of inches that are very sensitive on most women. This is where many many nerves are as well as where the g-spot is. Above that, the tissue only has stretch and pressure sensors. And those of you engaging in same sex play, the prostate tends to be within 2 inches of the anal opening. No need to go deeper (and if your partner really likes it deep, then use toys for that).

I’m a big advocate for learning how to use what you have. It’s all about positioning, angling, speed/depth/power of thrusting and paying attention to what works for your partner.  Do you remember the song “It’s not the meat, it’s the motion”?  It was an 80’s classic.  If  your partner is female-bodied, do they need clitoral, g-spot, anterior fornix, rectouterine pouch or some other erogenous zone to be stimulated? It’s about not just trying one thing and expecting it to work on them- you need to try a range of things and really explore their entire body and learn how you can move so that your penis gives your partner as much pleasure as possible. You figure out what positions work best for your penis. And you always have your hands, mouth and toys. Sure, some people feel they need a partner with a big penis. Others prefer average sized. Others prefer smaller size. Most, however, don’t give a shit about size as long as their partner works with them to figure out how to make the sexual experience as good as possible.  My goodness.  Now, get on with it.



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Music Monday

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Nothing like some passion in a musician even if you’re rocking out a cello or two!

The Round Up

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I hope your February is treating you well. Life seems to have such upsets and successes and figuring out how to best ride those waves seems to be the point of it all.

This is The Roundup:

#TalkToTippy the past 2 weeks has been as sexy as all get out!  From being TongueTied to Sharsies it’s all unabashed and honest as promised!

Make Love Not Porn inspired by Cindy Gallop should help take ‘porning’ out of the bedroom and make it all about pleasure instead. And just where did the gift of chocolate come from? It’s all in #TheHistoryOfSex.

#MusicMonday has Unbreak My Heart moving us and just a mere 7 days later we’re getting Happy.

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