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Happy Monday and happy last day of this beautiful June in 2014!  How was your weekend, what were you up to?  I did some writing and some more writing, and took some strolls downtown with my Pippa, we met some friends and made plans for summer.  Have you made plans for your vacations, where will the road take you?  I am still deciding where to go – but one thing is for sure – I want to enjoy the sun and turquoise ocean.

Today I wanted to share with you this song, which lyrics keep repeating in my head.  I’ve been humming it the entire weekend!  I wish you a fantastic week!

“Two hearts are better than one
So much better than none
Dear, wait for me will you

You make days become one
You make rain become shine
Wait for me, will you

Ooh do do do do do dooo
…” –  Katie Herzig

You can listen to it here:

We hear a lot of talk about how technology messes with our privacy – our social lives and our sex lives.


Last week we discussed courtly love in the middle ages and saw how nobles had private affairs – famously played out for the ages.

But what of courtship in the 20th century? How did big inventions like the car affect us?… At the time, many said this ‘brothel on wheels’ was terrible for our much loved privacy and social segregation.

Even the very idea of privacy didn’t really appear until the 1800’s.  But by the 1890’s it had worked its way into American culture, when it was fashionable for courting men to call on the family home where its badge of honor – privacy – could be found.  Meanwhile, despite the illusion of privacy, bourgeois parents hovered over their children sitting in the front parlor even more, using their veto power to preserve the family honor.

Check out some of the styles of the Mauve decade.

All this honor-preserving led to some serious boredom. In the Gay Nineties, the new bohemians ventured out into the city, just like the poor folks, discovering and establishing their own private spaces on the other side of the tracks, so to speak. They felt more privacy among strangers from other classes than in their own parents’ homes – and the leisure class played on in the ‘mauve’ decade, literally inventing the idea of the date. This not only meant escaping all of that chaperoning but also getting away from the watchful female sphere and out into the male sphere. Bourgeois mothers lost control over the whole thing.

Then came the tipping point – the automobile.

In the Jazz Age, going out on dates in an expensive car turned courtship into dating – driven by cash. For hipsters in the 1920s, the car had actually become a ‘brothel on wheels’ as women became more and more commodified. And while Americans have certainly had a lot of backseat sex in the 20th century, the car can’t be targeted as purely negative technology. It is a private space for social change. The leisure class had already been dodging their parents for years, sneaking out at night and hooking up with working-class youth out on the prowl. Their cars just gave them a little privacy to do it.

Learn more on HistoryToday about sex and the automobile in the jazz age.


Talk to Tippy

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Talk to Tippy for outrageously honest advice. Call it the second opinion we all wish we had. Unabashed and candid and insightful – trust Tippy for guidance with dating, relationship or sexual conundrums. Yes, you can Talk to Tippy!

Tippy - legs


Dear Tippy,

I’m in love with my high school sweetheart. I kid you not. We reconnected at our 30 year reunion a month ago and we’ve been in touch by email ever since. She has to be the nicest girl I’ve ever met. Was then and is now. She has a couple of kids and wants more, which suits me just fine. She’s just trying to figure out the husband thing. I know that sounds bad but we’re in love.

Love struck


Dear Struck,

First of all, you’re not in high school anymore, and the person who may have been a girl then is a woman now, so call her one. Secondly, you may feel like you’re in love (after one month) but there’s a lot at stake – a marriage, the husband thing, children. I think it’s time to grow up.


Dear Tippy,

What do you think about wife swapping?



Dear George,

The same I feel about husband or boyfriend swapping. Not much. But whatever floats your boat.


Got a question or a comment for Tippy? Email her 100% Confidential.

Authentic Wealth

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I went to a business workshop the other night. It was put on by Juicy Geniuses, a group of smart, energetic, young women inspired to empower other women. A few men were in attendance – young, ‘now gen’ men who were comfortable being at a women’s event so they too could share and be more empowered. All the people there were pretty darn wise and visionary. I was impressed.

In short, the theme of the evening was ‘becoming happy’ ‘finding your authentic wealth’ and ‘finding your signature offering’, with guest speaker Bec Robbins. Toward the end of the evening, we were asked to answer four questions in sentence form. The question was:

The pain I can best solve for _______________ is ______________ by ____________

My gut reaction was to go to my pain place – pain of my own personal loss. A question like that just after having experienced loss is a trigger, so I filled in the blanks accordingly. After we finished, a few people got up to share, and I realized I had completely missed the point. I had defaulted to what was familiar (at the present time) and I had completely forgotten what I was at the workshop for. It was not at a grief workshop, it was a business workshop to support and empower women – me! I changed my strategy and wrote:

The pain I can best solve for my readers is to offer them freedom from inhibition, create an escape, provide a more honest and intelligent view of reading romance novels, and help them work through relationship issues, by writing great stories.

Suddenly everything fell into place. I was out in the world again, able to see things from a different perspective – a real perspective. I was finding my business and writing self again, connecting to other like-minded business people. I had tapped into my authentic wealth – me.


Today the radio woke me up with a Kiss on My List from The Bird and the Bee, and I cannot get it out of my head since the moment I opened my eyes.  I kept hearing the chorus under the shower, when I was walking Pippa, getting our breakfasts, and even now when I have sat down to share my Music Monday playlist with you, I have it playing on the radio again and again (actually, I love the entire album).

Tell me, which song made your day today?  Have a fantastic start of the week!

Listen to The Bird and The Bee here: