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I should probably be writing about Christmas. Everyone else is. But not today. I’m still thinking about what makes a titillating scene – not just sensually, although those are the best – but a scene that really makes you sweat.

During the Q & A at my recent book launch, someone asked “What’s the difference between erotica and pornography?” I replied with a quote by Isabel Allende that I have posted on my website: “Erotica is using a feather, pornography is using the whole chicken”.

That about sums it up. Some of the best scenes in writing or film are the ones that leave us breathless, that leave us wanting more. If too much (information) is given away it simply ruins the moment. We love to be taken to the edge of our seats and left hanging until… We hate for the moment to end, and it’s best when it doesn’t so we turn another page or desperately wait to tune in the following week.

Here are some of the best (and my favourite) erotic books and some of the hottest scenes from films for all of the reasons mentioned above. Great stocking stuffers or something sexy to watch over the holidays. Who wouldn’t love it? Enjoy – and Happy Holidays.



Annie_LennoxHello and happy Monday!

San Francisco has been rainy lately, but I never let that ruin my day.  Rain is a good excuse to stay at home, have a hot cup of tea or coffee, read a book or do some writing, and listen to some great music.  I have just finished the first draft of my 5th book from my A Cloud of Hawthorne series, and am now starting the editing process.  Today I am listening to fabulous Annie Lennox and her version of “I Put a Spell on You”.  She does, doesn’t she?


Oh, Mexico – Famous for its food, its art, its ancient history, and its people.  Today, I’d like to talk about Mexico’s sexiest people.  Thanks to a Cosmopolitan article that popped up on my news feed last month I learned about some of Mexico’s hottest telenovela exports.  Like this fine young specimen by the name of Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco – Ay, caliente!!!  hot Gonzalo Then I swiftly remembered that I am not writing a BuzzFeed article (for the record I would have called it “10 hottest Telenovela stars without their shirts on“) and I asked myself, where did it all begin for these gents?

It turns out that this multi-million dollar branch of the entertainment industry started in Mexico in 1959 with The Price of the Sky.  The themes varied only slightly… from betrayal to loss!  From jealousy to desire!  From passion to rage!  Audiences were hooked from the start.  In the 1960s when, Maria, the titular character of Peruvian telenovela’s “Simplemente Maria” got married, almost 10,000 emotionally invested fans showed up at the church.  Less like American soap operas and more like evening dramas, telenovelas air after dinner.  Families gather around and watch back-to-back episodes for hours on end.  Interestingly enough, the plots aren’t only superficial love stories and they aren’t afraid to tap into social issues.  Some modern telenovelas grabble with politics, gender identities and mental illness.  One famous show, aptly titled “Without Breasts There is No Paradise” explored a sex-workers struggle to raise money for breast augmentation surgery.  And as we have learned, telenovelas are a stepping stone for actors looking to break into Hollywood, it can’t hurt that their stars are considered the best looking people in Latin America, like heaththrob actor Gael Garcia Bernal.  Salma Hayek, one of Mexico’s most famous exports, did not shy away from parodying her past when she guest starred on “30 101telenovelaRock“.  The episode “Generalissimo” chronicaled her mother’s irrational mistrust of her boyfriend (Alec Baldwin’s Jack Donaghy) simply because he looked similar to the villain on her favorite telenovela.  Telenovelas have been hot since they started and with the line up of babes gracing the screen these days, they are not loosing any traction.  They create pop stars, internationally renowned actors and even affect jewelry sales – all the while captivating audiences in over 50 countries with the shocking twists and turns of it’s infamous latin melodrama.


After a recent pre-book launch and reading, I gave a lot of thought to the very good questions asked during the Q&A. It was a smart, interested audience and at the end of the event they had a lot to ask. I love that.

It got me thinking about why I do write these erotic romance novels and what I get out of it. Besides sheer enjoyment, and I don’t mean that in the erotic sense, I love writing and with stories such as these, it’s so much fun to see where they take me as I write. There are so many twists and turns along the way that I don’t necessarily plan. They happen organically. But frankly, there are times when I’m writing and the story carries me along much more in the adventure, suspense and intrigue that I have to stop and force myself to add some romance or, as I call them, the ‘sexy bits’.

Some of the characters in my books are naturally more sexual and alluring than others and it makes it easier to write those sexy scenes into the story. Of course it also depends what happens when the plot develops. In Salon Antics, even though many scenes take place in a strip club, the primary storyline is more about crooks and cons and how they and their shenanigans will be undone.

I do love writing these books and with each new one I find myself more interested in delving deeper into research and plot development than the erotica. Perhaps I need to read more smut again to get back on track. After all, isn’t that what Madison Lake is all about?

she & him christmas song

Hello and happy Monday!  I am enjoying this Monday in beautiful Baja, drinking a delicious latte and looking towards the ocean, hearing the waves crashing at the shore, while preparing to write the last chapters in my book #5.  I only have a few days left in my sunny writing retreat, and while it was extremely productive (I look forward to finishing the first draft of my next book), I also had the pleasure to meet many wonderful people at my book pre-launch party at Zac’s Bar & Grill (see some photos from the event here).  Next Monday I’ll be back home, getting ready to celebrate a white Christmas with family and loved ones.  Until then, I send you warm holiday greetings from Baja, and this Christmas song by She & Him.

Happy Holidays,