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Wendy Davis

Raising hell is what Texan women were born to do. This week we will profile Senator Wendy Davis, a woman who walked the path first blazed by bad-ass Governor Ann Richards (see History of Sex post #151).

Wendy Davis’ name became renowned on June 25th 2013 when she filibustered State Legislature for 11 hours straight in opposition of a bill which would restrict abortion rights in her home state of Texas.  Her goal, much like another blonde heroine of popular culture was to “kill (Senate) Bill (5)”.

She awoke that morning with the goal of talking non-stop for 13 hours, from 11:11am to just past midnight.  “Sounds like something you could easily do,” said my boyfriend, but I digress…  

The Texas State filibuster rules are absurdly strict:

You may not touch your desk. You may not lean on your desk. You may not have a sip of water. You may not leave the floor for any reason, to eat or to go to the bathroom. You may not even have a stick of gum. On top of that, there’s the three-strike rule: if a senator is called for three points of order for not staying on topic, the filibuster can be ended”

Wendy was well prepared by wearing a catheter with her pink running shoes.  Even the pair of Mizuno’s themselves have become iconic in their own right, symbolizing the perseverance, and creating a buzz on in the comment section of Amazon online.  Nevertheless, after the 11th hour, it was over.  For Davis this issue didn’t only affect thousands of women in Texas, it directly affected herself and her family, a family she’d started when she had her first child with her first husband at only 19.  Less than two years later, after divorcing her daughter’s father, she met her second husband, City Councilman Jeff Davis.  They stayed together for 20 years, having another daughter together.  Throughout these years they shared many personal victories but also the difficult decision to abort two fetuses due to health complications.  The first termination was in the first trimester due to an ectopic tubal pregnancy where the fetus implants itself outside the uterus and the second was diagnosed with Dandy-Walker syndrome which would have left her child deaf, blind and in a permanent vegetative state.  Her deeply personal stories, along with those emailed in to her while she was on the floor were what made up the material for Wendy’s 11 hour filibuster.  At 430am she emailed Cecile Richards (yes, our very own Governor Ann Richard’s daughter!) the President of Planned Parenthood, to tell her they had succeeded, but the very next morning Governor Rick (“I-can’t-remember-my-third-point”) Perry passed Senate Bill 5, leaving many mothers and their unborn children at risk.

Stories like this are all too common in politics these days, but we’re lucky that people like Senator Wendy Davis have the cajones to speak up because it’s voices like hers that make history happen.

Now try not to cry as you watch this video:


Dear All,

I am so excited to share with you that my collection of erotic short stories “Boudoir stories” is almost ready for print!  But – one key element is still missing – a book cover; and I’d like to ask for your help in choosing the best book cover for this new collection of erotic stories!

This is a very, very important contest for me, as book covers are incredibly powerful.  It’s the first glimpse into what’s inside.  Whether erotica or not, a book cover should be titillating and alluring and should invite the reader in.  It can make or break someone buying the book, and a good book cover should make you want that book.

So, I have two amazing covers for you to choose from, created and designed by Monashee Photography, who happened to do the cover of Where Daffodils Grow Wild, and has now also created the cover for my upcoming book Willow Wisp.

So here’s the deal…  Help me choose a book cover, and WIN one of three prizes: a $100 USD gift certificate for Amazon & the book; a set of all Madison Lake books, or all three books in the series A Cloud of Hawthorne.

To take part, simply:
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*Contest ends on Monday 11 May, noon CET time. We will announce the winners on my Facebook page on Tuesday, 12 May at noon CET.

Happy Spring!




Bruce Jenner just came out publicly as transgender and in the process of transitioning from a man to a woman. He identifies as a woman even though he is (still) physically in a man’s body. Bruce was interviewed by Diane Sawyer.

Frankly, I didn’t know who Bruce Jenner was until the story broke. I don’t keep up with the Kardashians or reality TV or much of the gossip column stuff. I know, I miss out on a lot of juicy bits, but hey…

However, I was able to catch some of the interview, which I found quite mesmerizing. I thought Bruce was very honest and real and it made me even more sensitive to what he, and many like him, have gone through since the age of six or seven years old. Imagine the struggle.

What I also found fascinating was gaining more insight into the differences in gender identity. Bruce is not gay. He is not a cross-dresser. He truly feels like a woman in every way but the physical. There are differences.

It is a complex business, gender identity. It has been part of our history and has been recorded since the dawn of time. Men and women of various sexual orientations were muses, court jesters, entertainers, androgynous lovers of rulers. Ancient art depicts sexual acts that seem shocking even in this day and age. Many times in history, unconventional sexual practices were completely accepted, were a normal part of life. Other times, anything nonconforming was more than scorned. And so it goes…

I was in an eight year relationship with a man who eventually came out as gay. Looking back, I don’t think his sexual identity was that simple or straightforward either.

Regardless, I for one breathe a sigh of relief that we, as human beings, are becoming more educated and accepting of one another.  #nothingnew #fullcircle #astheworldturns







Hello and happy Monday!

I’m sipping a delicious cup of green tea and preparing a special contest for you all!  My collection of erotic short stories, called Boudoir stories, is ready for print, and I will need your help in choosing a cover.  Head to my Facebook Page or return to my blog a little bit later today, and get the details on the contest. I’m giving some nice awards as well, because I appreciate your opinion and you know how the saying goes, the cover can make or brake the book.

On my speakers today is Ben Taylor with Not Alone.

What are you up to this week?  What are you creating, what are you listening?  Do share in the comments below!



Many successful young Muslim women in the West, though well educated and have it going on financially, struggle to make sense of their love lives.  Their love lives hardly echo their career achievements.

Arranged marriage is seen as an archaic concept.  Mainstream match-up websites are actually just modern versions of that dinosaur, while the Western idea of falling in love and marrying seems like the way to go.  But their Muslim community can’t quite accept the fact that they are single and pushing 30.  They have become a “minority within a minority”.

Dating is one way to change that dynamic, but they really have no idea what they are doing.  From a recent VICE article, some UK Muslim women were interviewed and said that Muslim men mostly desire a submissive wife—one who will not compete with them, many of whom are virgins, spending their time avoiding boyfriends well into their 20s, trying to keep their reputation intact.  These girls are still a little wary of online services: “It’s still going to take Muslim men a couple more generations before they realize that we want love, not money.”

Jessa has said that Salaam Swipe has the same rejection free approach of Tinder to help this huge group of amateur daters through the murkier elements.  As Haroon has said, “No one asks, ‘Where are the good Muslim women?’

Allowing for the obvious role of religion and ideology (or not) is paramount.  Even though these online daters aren’t going for drinks, or definitely not having sex on the first night, many are possibly meeting someone they can actually talk with.

And we know what that leads to…