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Hello and happy Monday!

You’ve probably heard this question many times today – but, have you watched the Oscars? Who were your winners? I have a tradition with my girlfriends, we get together on the Oscar night, get dressed up, and have our own ‘gala’. Wine is poured, and snacks are served. It’s a fabulous night, and I look forward to it each year!

On today’s Music Monday column I can’t share with you the Academy Award Winner for Best Original Song at the Oscar’s 2016, because I have shared it already; it’s the beautiful song by Sam Smith, Writing’s On The Wall. But, I will share with you the Academy Award Winner for the Best Score, The Hateful Eight by Ennio Morricone. It is a fantastic soundtrack, I love listening it as a background when reading, writing, or just doing something where I need to concentrate. Listen to it below.

On this leap day, I’ll end with this: We all have an extra day this year – use it with intention!

History of Sex absent today

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Not playing hooky but unable to deliver. We’ll be back next Thursday with some delectable bit of sexual history for your reading pleasure.

Till then…thanks for your understanding.


Design Your Destiny

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about work and making money – basically survival in the 21st century. I mean, who doesn’t think about these things all of the time? It accounts for so much stress in our lives and takes up far too much brain power than it deserves.

I’ve been putting my life force into my thoughts about work and earning power. I’ve done this before only about love and it worked except I neglected to add to my list of ‘wants’ integrity, and my list of ‘don’t wants’ sociopath.

Anyway… this process is often called creative visualization or the power of thought. Many of you might know of it or even do it, but try turning that into your life, not just your thoughts. In other words, try living it full time.

Being self-employed can be a constant source of financial anxiety. Should I take another job or would that spread myself too thin, distract from my creative work? Should I go back to school so I can double or triple my earning power (or not)? Should I quit this thing called writing altogether (heaven forbid) and get a real job?

The power of positive thought can create our reality. We are in charge of ourselves. We can make our lives – work, romance, happiness – be what we want. I really do believe this to be true.

My current design plan looks something like this:

  1. Write out my very specific goals – my ultimate dreams and desires. Even if something seems unattainable, I am certain I can attain it.
  2. Put this list someplace in my home (can be your car, office, wherever) so I can see it every day.
  3. Visualize each goal or dream.
  4. Reach toward each goal or dream so I begin to live it.
  5. Break it down if that helps me – one step at a time
  6. Wake up every day with a bounce in my step and give gratitude.

That’s just a sample. We can do whatever works for us. Do what feels right, what feels good, what feels doable – and do it. Put your heart out there for fulfilment, success, peace, love and happiness. They are all there.

Share your goals and dreams with others by leaving your comment on this blog. You’d be surprised the results from feedback.

ML xo

painted palms

Hello and happy Monday!

How are you today? I’m drinking a subtle grassy green tea and organizing my desk (and thoughts) so I can dig into some writing later this afternoon. One just can’t organize her thoughts without an organized writing space, don’t you agree?

The Music Monday recommendation today comes again from our faithful reader Wilbur. This time, it’s Refractor by Painted Palms. Tell me, what have you been listening lately, which music inspires you, and what kind of beverage inspires you to focus on writing or doing any kind of work? I’d love to hear about your working and writing tips!

Wishing you all a fabulous Monday, and an excellent week!

If you ever find yourself in a German convenience store ask for a “Fromm” and see what the cashier comes up with…

To this day many people in Germany still refer to condoms as “Fromms” even though they don’t know the back story.  Unfortunately, this back story is not a happy one. fromm

Julius Fromm was born in Poland in 1883 and his family relocated to Berlin when he was only 10 years old.  He worked for his parents rolling cigarettes until they died a few years later and he was left to raise his six siblings in their absence.  He took night courses in chemistry and saw a demand in the prophylactic industry that was not met.  Post-WWI Germany was a rather open-minded and sexually liberated country, especially in Berlin (anyone here seen Caberet?) and as a result STDs were on the rise.  Condoms at the time were made with animal skin- intestines & bladders to be specific.  In 1912 Fromm invented a rubber condom that was thinner and seamless using a cement dipping method to vulcanize the rubber.  His “Fromms Act” condoms were patented in 1916 and they went into mass productions in 1922 including branches in Poland, Denmark, the UK and the Netherlands.  Unfortunately, Mr.Fromms international successes quickly came to a halt during WWII when Jewish businesses were forcefully transferred to Nazi ownership.   factory

In 1938 Baroness Elizabeth von Epenstein traded her godson -President of the Reichstag, Herman Goring- two Austrian castles for the Fromm condom empire.  Julius Fromm was left with only 116,000 Reichmark, a fraction of his 30 million Euro estate or the net worth of his vast company, and he escaped to London with his three sons, miraculously surviving the war in safety.  Though the Fromm family celebrated the end of the Holocaust in London in May of 1945 their patriarch died just a few days later at the age of 62.  One of his sons, Max Fromm, went on to become a Hollywood actor, ironically often cast as Nazi soldiers because of his blond hair and natural German accent.

Julius Fromm may have died with almost nothing, but his name and legacy lives on in his homeland of Germany.