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History of Sex – Day Off

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Sorry folks. History of Sex is on vacation / sick leave. We will return for sure next Thursday, November 3rd, so come back and visit. There’s always something interesting here at

Enjoy your hump day.

ML and all

Titillating Tuesday

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Excerpt from Salon Anticsbook-salon-antics

Genevieve stood beside Liam, hands on her hips, and glared at her ex.

“Dominic, what are you doing here?”

“I love it when you call me by my first name.”

“Instead of calling you ‘piece of shit’? But that wasn’t the question. What are

you doing here? Can’t you see we’re working?”

“I didn’t come to see him,” Dominic gestured toward Liam. “I came for

you, baby.”

“I’m working. I’m busy. Stop harassing me or I’ll call the police.”

“Oh, c’mon sweetheart. You don’t want to go and do that. Dominic wouldn’t

be very happy with you if you did, and you don’t want to make Dominic

unhappy now, do you?”

“Fuck off, Dom. You don’t scare me. If you keep hassling me I will call the

police. Don’t push me.”

Irritated, Dominic shifted on his feet and looked around. He was not at all

pleased with his reception. He had expected more from Genevieve. He had

expected her to succumb to his charm and good looks just like she’d done in the

past. Instead, she stood her ground. He was not impressed with the new woman

she had become.

Liam Irish kept his nose in his book. If Genevieve needed him, he would

of course come to her aid, but he hoped it wouldn’t come to that. He was not

a fighting man. Oh, he had been, in his hey-day, but that was long ago and he

meant to keep it that way. He was used to thugs like Dominic, low-life insecure

men who puffed up their chests and acted like big shots at other people’s

expense. Liam was so tired of that – so done. But he wasn’t stupid. Liam knew

enough that if in any way he irritated a creep like that, life could get ugly for him

or anyone associated with him. He planned to stay out of it, whatever it was.

Liam just wanted a quiet life, to do his own thing and not cross anybody’s path.

That way, nobody would cross his.

“Alright smart-ass,” Dominic said with sharpness to his voice. “Get your tight

little butt back to work, but I’ll be back, you can count on it. You’re mine and

don’t you forget it.” With that, Dominic charged out the front door of the salon,

hopped into the waiting Porsche Cayenne, and sped off.

“What does he mean I’m his? How stupid does he think I am?”


Okay, I admit, I’m giving it another go. Maybe it’s the time of year, the weather, or maybe I am really realizing it is the only way to meet someone. I does not happen randomly like we may fantasize (or write) about. I wish it did but it doesn’t. So, back to the computer, the iPhone, the screen to hide behind, like so many do.

I had a very interesting coffee date the other day with a ‘young’ guy who I immediately pegged as not my type. (you know that first feeling you get – nothing about looks, just instinct) He started  yammering on and on about reasons why he was late; skytrain, weather, blah, blah and I was thinking it was going to be one of those ‘awkward to cut short’ kind of situations.

However, soon he began explaining about online dating, the algorithms they use, the ‘math’ behind other peoples profiles, the number of married women who are only looking for sex, the number of phony profiles and how to spot them. It was so interesting. This guy seemed to be a specialist in online dating. It helped he was a computer geek and knew (easily, I learned) how to figure all that stuff out. I suppose there are many others who can and do. But as a lay person, I found it all so fascinating. I really learned a lot.


One thing I neglected to ask him was why so many men post ridiculous photos of themselves. Like three photos that are all the same and too blurry to see, or the guy who is standing 200 meters away so you have no idea what he looks like, or the sideways pics (they don’t know how to rotate it?), or the pics where they look like serial killers. The list goes on. Seriously, I find myself laughing out loud at so many of them and I don’t understand what would prompt these men to put photos like this forward as their ‘best selves’. Is that as good as it gets?

Anyway, I’ll see how long I last on this site now that I’m working full time and writing and living. When can I fit in dating, I ask myself? But it’s another adventure, more fodder for my blog and perhaps a new book. And hey, every date is a learning experience. You do the math.


The History of Sex – Part 225 – 100th anniversary

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The History of Sex in America would not be the same without understanding the History of Safe Sex in America.  It all started exactly 100 years ago in Brooklyn, New York when Margaret Sanger opened the first Planned Parenthood office to help helpless women from becoming pregnant again and again. 

On October 16th 1916 America’s first birth control clinic was opened and it advertised in English, Yiddish and Italian.  Those first pamphlets read “Mothers! Can you afford to have a large family? Do you want more children?  If not, why do you have them? Do not kill, do not take life, but Prevent.  Safe, Harmless Information.”

On their opening day the three brave founders (Margaret, her sister Ethel Byrne &
their friend Fania Mindell) helped a whopping 140 women.  For the next nine days they helped a total of 450 women with their birth control needs before they were (unsurprisingly) shut down by authorities and arrested for “distributing obscene materials”.  The founders were arrested based on the 1873 “Comstock Act” which was created for “Suppression of Trade in, and Circulation of, Obscene Literature and Articles of Immoral Use”.  At the time the US Postal Service was encouraged to search people’s mail to be sure it didn’t include any sex toys, contraceptives, or erotica- even personal letters containing any private sexual content and some medical anatomy textbooks were confiscated!

Though Sanger & company’s convictions were not overturned the judge who heard their case did change the current law to allow doctors to prescribe birth control. 

By 1921 the clinic was called “American Birth Control League” and by 1941 they had grown to 222 locations and were helping a total of 49,000 Americans.  But people thought that the League’s name sounded like it was “against families” so in 1942 the name was officially changed to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Although the Federation is widely known for providing safe abortions for those in need, that was not the original goal of the organization.  Margaret Sanger held the belief that if all women are provided access to methods of birth control abortions would not be necessary, plus abortions were still totally illegal while Sanger was alive.  Sanger’s wish may have come true as the Chicago Tribune recently called Planned Parenthood “America’s largest abortion preventer”.  In 2013 the organization and it’s 700 US facilities provided 9.5 million discrete services with only 320,000 of those being abortions.  It should also be noted that 14% of Planned Parenthoods clients are teenagers with no other place to turn.    

The History of Safe Sex in America completely changed 100 years ago when Margaret Sanger declared that women deserved the right to “voluntary motherhood”.  Now we have the basic right to choose when we want to get pregnant and therefore are allowed some control over the outcome of our lives.

Titillating Tuesday

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Here is an excerpt from a new book I’ve started but am not sure whether it’s going to be my ‘next book’ or not. Read this snippet and let me know if it makes you want to read more, if it’s long enough, if you like where it’s going, if you are not interested in this time in history, if you hate it — whatever you want to say.


Quincy Jones had a problem. He had a soft spot when it came to women and like many men during the early days of the gold rush, he also had a hankering to gamble. The fact that he loved women — I mean, really loved them — wasn’t in itself the problem. The problem was that whenever he got himself into trouble it seemed there was a woman involved. At the moment, Quincy was hard up on cash, so when he rode into Laramie County, in the Wyoming Territory, one sunless spring day, looking to let off a little steam and earn a few bucks, he found himself staring straight into the face of misery. Misery, by the name of Dwight C. Harvey Jr., the town sheriff.

“Dammit, Jones,” the sheriff snapped as Quincy entered the saloon. “Ya got some nerve showing your sorry ass around these parts after that last fiasco.”

Quincy fidgeted with the handle of his Colt revolving pistol, shimmied up his holster (and pants). He spat to his right, not taking his eyes off the sheriff, then he politely kicked dirt over the pool of brown tobacco juice at his feet.

“Well, Mister Harvey, it’s a pleasure to see you too.” Quincy slapped a grimy hand on the back of the sheriff’s leather vest. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to find the card table so’s I can spend my winnings on the sweet cherub, Bessie May. I know she’s been waiting on me. She likes the way I go down on her.”

Quincy winked and handed out one of those toothy grins that flashed his shiny gold capped incisor. He pushed past Dwight C. Harvey, leaving the sheriff in a frustrated swirl of dust, as usual. 


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