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Titillating Tuesday

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Excerpt from Where Daffodils Grow Wild – Chapter One

********************         book-daffodils2

As Strauss played from the modern phonograph set up in the corner, a calm settled over the room. Proberta felt certain that Edith had guessed what she had been up to. As much as she feigned innocent, Proberta knew exactly what she was doing when leading the direction of their conversation to her volunteering to go into the forest. Now, she waited to see whether the wrath of Edith Hornbrook would be unleashed, and she would be nailed to the cross, or whether Edith would ignore the obvious and relent to Proberta’s scheme.

One thing she had on her side was that Edith was nosey. She would want to get news – any news – about her son, and she’d love to hear gossip and information about the others as well. As usual, Edith played it cool for a while, ordering more port from Randolph, discussing the choice of music being played, ringing for Tilly to bring her plum pudding, and so on.

The clock struck nine as the two women rose to retire to their respective bedrooms. Darkness had enveloped the acre surrounding the estate, and in the drawing room, only the soft yellow light from two small lamps, and the embers simmering from the fire, glowed.

“Good night, dear,” said Edith as Proberta placed her empty port glass on the side table, resigned. “And if you’re not too busy, tomorrow would be a good day for you to pick up my tinctures from that gypsy woman.” Edith paused. “Weather permitting, of course. I’ll send Tilly first thing in the morning to send word you are coming. That should give time for her to gather my medicines together. I’ll have payment in a velvet coin purse ready. Ask Tilly to give it to you before you set off.”

Proberta tried not to show her excitement, but a grin overtaking her dour look could not be avoided.

“Oh, I’m so glad you have decided to let me fetch your tinctures, Madam. They are so important for your health and well being. If…”

“Oh enough of your swooning over me. You got what you wanted, now go to bed. I’ll not see or hear from you until you return in the morrow, and with news. I want lots and lots of news.” She huffed. “Good night, Proberta”.

Once the ornery Edith had gone, Proberta nearly ran up the stairs to her bedroom. She didn’t care that the old bag had revealed her plan, or that she had snapped at her. The fact was, she was going on an adventure, and she was going to see Henley and all the others. She slipped into the white lace gown that Tilly had laid out for her, and climbed into crisp, freshly laundered sheets. However did Tilly find the time? she wondered. Giddy with excitement, Proberta let her hands slip under the downy quilt to settle on her soft thighs. Soon they found their way over to caress the short fuzzy hair that surrounded her private parts. The warmth between her legs was irresistible, and before she knew it, Proberta was lost in a world of sensual pleasure filled with erotic visions that caused a hot flush to course through her veins. Her back arched as her fingers gently probed deep into her moist cavern. She didn’t remember the climax as she slipped into a dream so sweet it seemed to be one long, delicious orgasm.

Here’s me. I’m a mature woman. (uh huh) I have a great life, well balanced between work and play. I love to play. My work has been entrepreneurial most of my adult life, working my own gigs and learning to manage my own time. It’s worked quite well for me in many ways.

Now I have a job. Retail. Have I already mentioned this? It’s really fun because I get to dress up and get out to be with people. I was becoming somewhat of a hermit – me and my computer. But this new job really screws with my bio-rhythms. Some days I work 8 to 5, other days I work 1 to 10. I don’t mind the variety but like I say, it really messes with my internal clock. That said, I don’t really follow the schedule I’ve been used to for so many years. Now I follow a time schedule that is all over the board, which brings me to my point. I keep forgetting to write my Monday and Tuesday blogs!

These past weeks at work have been good ones. I’m getting my floor legs, my sales legs. I’ve been selling a lot of lingerie. Men buying PJ’s and fuzzy flannel bathrobes for their wives, and women buying sexy lace bra and pantie sets for themselves. Funny huh? But it’s true.

Seems to me it used to be the other way around, right? Men wanted to buy sexy lingerie for their wives to spice things up in the bedroom. Women, generally speaking, were too shy to buy skimpy stuff for themselves, feeling insecure or maybe ashamed. It was the old-school way of thinking.

It is so refreshing for me to watch confident woman – young and old – sourcing out their boudoir wear and feeling fine about it. Young women seem at ease with their bodies no matter what size, and are very comfortable with showing skin and flaunting their stuff. And many older women seem to have reached an age and stage where they simply don’t care what anyone else thinks. Time is not going to wait for them so they are seizing the moment and enjoying letting themselves go a little (or a lot).

All in all, I love the interactions I have with the customers, and I really enjoy the range of personalities, ideas and thought processes of my fellow females.

I can’t wait to see what’s new and exciting on the racks tomorrow. Maybe something black and lacy — for my stocking.  socks

The History of Sex – Part 229 – Tina

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This Saturday marks the the 77th birthday of one of love’s greatest icons, the inimitable Tina Turner.  If you haven’t heard much about Tina lately it’s because she renounced her American citizenship after relocating to Switzerland over 20 years ago.  Today’s History of Sex article examines the life and loves of the trailblazing singer.    

Tina was born Anna Mae Bullock in 1939 in the tiny town of Nutbush, Tennessee, population 259.  Young Anna started singing in church as an escape from the drama in her home.  Her father abused her mother and she deserted the family as a result, leaving her two daughters to live with other family members.  As teenagers Tina and her sister started going to nightclubs in St.Louis and that is where the woman formally known as Anna met the notorious Ike Turner.  But before they became involved she was dating his band’s saxophonist, Raymond Hill, and even had a child with him at the young age of 18 (Ike later adopted the child and gave him his last name).  

Tina’s own musical career began in 1960 with the hit song “A Fool In Love” and anyone who knows the tumultuous story of Ike & Tina knows that she was a fool in love with a controlling asshole for almost 20 years.  Tina was one of Ike’s 14 wives and their relationship was filled with physical abuse and economic control.  When they finally split in 1978, Tina used her newfound independence to nurture her career and become the household name that she is now. 

Tina was the mature age of 45 when she released the album “Private Dancer” which launched her career into a new level.  The legs, the hair, the dresses, the moxy.  Tina’s comeback gave the world “What’s Love Got to Do With It” and in return in she won 4 Grammys in 1985 including Record of the Year.  She went on a world tour, starred in Mad Max and continued to work steadily throughout the next 15 years.  In 2000, after breaking the Guinness Book of World Records record for most concert tickets sold in music history she announced her semiretirement.     

Since then Tina has been laying low with her lover Erwin Bach, whom she started dating in 1985.  In 2005 she was one of the recipients of the Kennedy Centre Honors, in 2008 she was number 17 in Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 100 Greatest Singers of all time, in 2009 she went on a 50th anniversary word tour and in 2013 she became the oldest person to grace the cover of Vogue, at age 73.  That same year Tina married Erwin, at their home in Switzerland, wearing a green and black Armani dress covered in Swarovski crystals (the guests wore white!).  Tina stated that,It’s that happiness that people talk about, when you wish for nothing, when you can finally take a deep breath and say, ‘Everything is good’. It’s a wonderful place to be.”

After starting from the bottom and overcoming the odds, it’s amazing to see a woman like Tina find happiness, peace and love.  Happy 77th Birthday Tina, you are simply the best.


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Where did the week go? How did I miss Monday and Tuesday? It’s already Wednesday. Gah!

I guess this is just one of the changes that is happening now that I’m working a ‘real’ job outside of my cozy writing space. My hours vary from 7 am to 5 pm to 1 pm to 10 pm (today), so it’s easy, at least for me, to lose track of time and what day it is. There. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

Everything is fine in the world of lingerie. The racks (no pun intended) are full of lacy, silky pretty things with a smattering of cotton and flannel for the more practical among us. There are also oodles of soft, furry robes to curl up in with a mug of cocoa or a glass of port, in front of a crackling fire. If you’re local, and you haven’t already, come in and see me sometime.

Meanwhile, here’s an excerpt from my first book, More Than Just Friends, chapter Compromising.

~~~~~~~~   book-morethanjustfriends

“Damn you, Peter, let me past.” Joanie was getting annoyed but kept her anger in

check. She wanted to prod him along good-humoredly, to win his trust. Peter leaned

down and reached his mouth toward hers. She turned her head but it was too late. He

latched onto her mouth with his own and forced her up against the wall. Joanie tried to

wiggle free but he was too strong for her. A bitter taste, like poison, came through his

mouth to hers, making her reel with repulsion. Sweat rubbed against her cheeks and

dripped down her neck. She felt ill. Lately, all she had been doing was trying to escape

this man – this man she used to adore. What had happened – what was  happening

to him?

But soon, Joanie began to melt against Peter’s touch, just as she had always done. His

kiss became more urgent and she returned his ardent advances, opening her mouth to

freely allow his eager tongue to enter. She gave him access down her flannel pajama top

to find her hard nipple, then to cup and fondle her breast. It felt so good, she squirmed.

His other hand let go of the door jamb and inch by inch, scanned her body down to

find what he was looking for – the wet softness between her legs. Before he pulled the

elastic waistband away from her stomach to indulge in her sweet moistness, Joanie made

her move.

Like a bullet, she tore away from his now relaxed body, darted into the bathroom,

slammed the door and locked it. Leaning up against the closed door, she had only

seconds to breathe a sigh of relief before the pounding began. Next, she went to the sink

to wash her mouth, face and neckline, rubbing herself as if she were exorcising a demon

from her body. She didn’t have much time, she knew that, but with all the banging and

yelling going on, she felt certain someone would hear and come to her rescue.

Just as that thought came to mind, the racket stopped. She heard Peter rustling

around in the kitchen, opening and closing drawers and pulling items out of cupboards.

Then it got very quiet. Joanie barely moved, waiting, listening, to hear what Peter was

going to do next, but there was nothing. Just as she was beginning to think maybe he’d

gone, she heard metal against metal and realized he was jimmying the bathroom door.

The grating sound made her anxious. She backed away from the door and realized there

was no way out. The one tiny window opened scarcely enough to let out steam from the

hot shower, or to let fresh air in. Even if she could pry open the window wider, it was

four stories down to the ground, with no fire escape.

Her mind raced, trying to find some solution. There had to be a solution. Her phone

– where had she left her phone? At this point it was her only hope, but she had no idea

where it was. She couldn’t remember getting home last night, let alone where she had

left her purse or her phone. It made her think about future emergency situations, if she

even had a future. Joanie slumped down against the bathtub in momentary defeat. But

retracing her steps from the previous night in her head, Joanie thought she remembered

seeing her purse on the side table by the front door. If it was there, her iPhone would

certainly be in it. It was always in the little side pocket of her purse. Focusing now on

this new discovery, Joanie stood up and began to work on a new plan that would involve

accessing her phone to call for help. For a moment she felt a wave of relief, of hope. Then

she saw the door handle slowly turn, and she froze.


Uh oh! What’s going to happen next? Find out by buying and reading the book, here

The History of Sex – Part 228 – Leonard’s Muses

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Leonard Cohen was always known as a hopeless romantic.  Based on the way he lived and loved, the author, poet and songwriter was once called “the master of erotic despair.”

Never married but almost always deeply involved, his romance influenced his songs and surely his songs influenced his romance.  In today’s History of Sex article we will examine the muses of Leonard’s life.

When he first became a singer in 1967 at the age of 33, he was already past the youthful prime of many musicians in the 1960s but that did not stop the ladies from lining up outside his apartment or Chelsea Hotel room. 

At the beginning of his career Leonard was romantically linked to Nico the German singer/model/artist of The Velvet Underground.  He said he hung around Andy Warhol’s Factory just to get close to her until she dumped him because, “you’re just too old for me.”  He also briefly hooked up with Janis Joplin before her untimely death.  The lyrics of Chelsea Hotel #2 were about her, “I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel, You were talking so brave and so sweet.  Giving me head on the unmade bed, While the limousines wait in the street.” 

The other famous 1960s singer/songwriter that he was involved with was fellow Canadian Joni Mitchell, who was living in LA at the time.  Leonard stayed with her in Laurel Canyon while he was visiting Hollywood to potentially score a film that never came to be. 

Although Leonard dabbled in celebrity relationships, his major ones with with more unknown artists whom he met outside the music scene.  When he moved to Hydra Greece in 1960 he met the infamous Marianne Ihlen.  She had recently been left by her husband and was alone on the island with her 6 month old son.  Leonard stopped being the self proclaimed “gypsy boy” and the three of them lived together in Hydra, New York and Montreal on and off from 1960-1972.  About their break-up he famously sings, “Now so long, Marianne, It’s time that we began to laugh, And cry and cry and laugh about it all again…”  Marianne sadly passed away just a few months before her ex-lover did and he wrote her a goodbye message saying, “well Marianne it’s come to this time when we are really so old and our bodies are falling apart and I think I will follow you very soon. Know that I am so close behind you that if you stretch out your hand, I think you can reach mine.”

Another big name in Leonard Cohen love songs was “Suzanne” but many people may not know that there were two prominent Suzannes in his life.  The first Suzanne (Verdal, that he wrote the song “Suzanne” about) was a Montreal artist who lived down by the St.Laurence River and in fact did serve him tea with orange peels in it.  He claims that he “touched her perfect body with his mind” because she was married and he could not touch it with his hands!   

The second Suzanne (Elrod) was a much more meaningful relationship as she was the mother of his two children, Adam and Lorca.  They met in New York in 1968 when Suzanne was only 19 and Leonard was just becoming famous.  His relationship with the artist lasted until 1979 when it sadly deteriorated and the children spent their time primarily with their mother.  Cohen recalls that his reason for not marrying Suzanne was purely his own “cowardice and fear.” 

Although Leonard’s most artistically influential relationships occurred in the first 2 decades of his career he continued to date throughout his life, sometimes celebrities.  He had a long term relationship with actress Rebecca De Mornay in the 1990s and his album “the Future” was co-produced and dedicated to her.     

After examining the romantic life of this hopeless romantic we can understand the erotic despair of his lyrics and poems even more.  Thank you, Leonard Cohen for always being there for us when we are falling in or out of love and need to put music to it.