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The History of Sex – Part 233 – Sexy Santa

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Tis the season for red and white.  Candy canes, cranberry sauce & mashed potatoes, mulled wine & shortbread cookies, and of course red velvet lined with fluffy white fur.

Santa Claus’ outfit and it’s bold colours are a symbol we’re all familiar with at this time of year.  But for almost a century women have been redefining how we feel about Santa’s classic look and making it a little sexier.  Today’s column will take a look at the sexy Mrs.Clauses that we’ve encountered throughout the years.

Santa’s image became popularized in mass media by a group of advertising executives in the 1820s and as early as 1917 women were seen wearing Santa beards along with their fishnet stockings and high cut red skirts.  Then in 1926 Joan Crawford was photographed climbing down a chimney all legs and fuzzy anklets and Sexy Santa was born.  In 1935 Virginia Gray and then Mary Martin in 1940 posed in front of their trees in scandalous versions of Santa’s suit.  Then in the 1950s the Rockets came kicking into the Christmas spirit, skirts high and legs even higher starting a New York holiday tradition that continues today. 

Always known to push the envelope, in 1955 Playboy featured pin up bombshell Bettie Page decorating her tree wearing nothing but Old Saint Nick’s signature hat.  Then in the 1960s things got playful again when future Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery channeled Joan Crawford and climbed atop Santa’s chimney in a mod santa outfit.

As the decades progressed Sexy Santas couldn’t really shock us anymore, but every once in a while one has stood out among the masses.  My generation’s most famous Sexy Santa is Mariah Carey in her outfit for her famous “All I Want for Christmas Is You” video off of her 1994 aptly titled album“Merry
Christmas”.  Since then Destiny’s Child has done it, Mean Girls have done it, Katy Perry has done it (over and over) and Miley Cyrus has done it.

The questions remains, will you honour the century old tradition and brave the cold to dress up as Sexy Santa this year? 

romance novels author madison lake


Suddenly Peter slid up closely beside her and put an arm around her shoulder. She turned to him with a smile, thinking he was being sincerely sensitive to her situation, when he leaned in and placed his full lips on hers. She tried to pull away but he held her face in his hands and kissed her more intensely, his mouth melting into hers. Without realizing it, Joanie found herself giving in. She leaned into his palms, then into his body, hungry for this feeling that for so many years she had wondered about. Now she knew, and it felt wonderful. Their kisses became more passionate, wet and welcoming. But the more she relaxed and returned Peter’s advances, the more ravenous he became. With unnecessary harshness he pulled her toward him, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. At first his forwardness seemed to turn her on, but very quickly she became aware of an intensity she was not comfortable with. * From More Than Just Friends


Without a break, another song started. It was soft and sensual, an R&B piece, not the usual raunchy songs most of the strippers played. First he only saw a leg, long and lanky, move gracefully to the music. The dancer was in shadow at the very back of the stage. Whoever was attached to that leg had to be gorgeous, Liam thought. He wasn’t familiar with this piece or with this dancer. The leg was stockinged in black fishnets and on her foot was a very sexy, strappy heel with metallic rhinestones that caught the light when her foot moved. Her ankles were slim, and her leg seemed to go on forever. Liam wasn’t sure if the dancer was sitting on a stool while producing this tantalizing leg of hers, or whether she was standing up, but the lighting kept the rest of her body, which appeared to be dressed in black, well hidden. The audience could not see her even if they tried. Liam was riveted. * From Salon Antics


In the dream, the forest was shimmering, as if it were filled with fireflies. Each step he took upon the mossy ground ignited into a blaze of neon. Fairies and wood elves darted from log to log, branch to branch, in merry chase. Music played, women sang and danced, half naked in blissful abandon. There was one woman who stood out from the rest. Her auburn curls fell in layers, covering her body until they nearly touched the ground. But Henley could see her bronze, perfectly round breasts peek out from behind the curtain of hair, see a hint of knee, of delicious inner thigh, and two slender ankles. She smiled at him, then without warning, swept away the thick luxurious strands, revealing a body so provocative, so full and smooth and intoxicating, that it did more than take Henley’s breath away. It made him moan aloud in ecstasy. Rosetta dug her deft fingers deeper into his muscular shoulders and smiled. * From A Cloud of Hawthorne


“What’s a matter, lil birdy, am I scarin you?” He laughed and laughed, his eyes twinkling with mischievous desire. “Now, you must tell me where it ‘urts, lil bird. That’s your job. My job is to feel ‘round to find where you ‘urts. We got that now, birdy?” Proberta was quaking with fear but had no choice but do what this big man told her to do. Soon his large chafed hands were scratching against her soft skin. He rubbed and prodded and, she felt, looked in places he shouldn’t have looked. Finally, when he seemed to be finished with her he stood. Like a giant, his tall solid build seemed to match those of the highest standing trees in the forest. The question was, was he a friendly giant or an evil one? * From Where Daffodils Grow Wild


The familiarity of each other’s scent encompassed them. As if by rote, Lavinia followed Oliver’s exploring tongue with hers. Shivers ran up and down her spine. Excitement rose as the kisses became deeper and more sensual. Without being aware, Lavinia pressed herself against Oliver, her breasts reaching out for his touch. His fingers slipped down the front of her corseted frock until they reached the plump fullness of her desire. Although not large, her breasts were firm and round, her nipples hard with longing. He could feel the pulsating in his groin and knew if they kept on like this there would be no turning back. Oliver squeezed and then buried his face in her ripe bosom, inhaling her goodness before letting her go. * From Willow Wisp


“I don’t even know why I’m here,” Babette screamed after him. He laughed and walked away, lighting a cigarette as he went. Babette ran after him but he grabbed her and put her in a quick choke-hold. “Listen darling, you’re too pretty for me to rough up so why don’t you just play by the rules. I’m on payroll right now. You don’t want to mess with me, trust me on that.” Babette squirmed in an effort to release herself, but to no avail. “Easy now, honey. Settle down.” The goon let his stranglehold go but spun her around to face him, holding her close. “Like I said, you don’t want to mess with me, got it?” Babette looked at the man’s face. His blue eyes shone a certain gentleness, even an honesty that surprised her. He smiled a crooked sort of smile that was seductively sweet. * From a story in Boudoir Stories


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12373324_10153120238091086_1234550684792534770_nVancouver had a big dump of snow. It’s melting now – already – but everything is still white.

I love it when it snows. It’s so quiet and peaceful. You can’t hear snow falling – or if it’s really quiet, like 4 am, you can almost hear softness as it lands on top of other snowflakes piled up. It’s hard to explain but it soothes my soul. But then, I don my winter gear – boots, toque, mitts, scarf, warm coat – and head outside to play. 

The other night I was taking the train home from work. It was around 10 o’clock pm. I was tired. The station was buzzing with bag laden shoppers on their way home (all wearing toques, scarves, etc…) A woman turned to me and said quite loudly “I love this time of year. Everyone is so friendly”. I smiled and agreed, and we started chatting. I quickly realized she was signing as she spoke to me and she was reading my lips, so I made sure to speak slowly and face her when talking.

She was quirky. She talked about anything and everything. She asked me questions about myself, what I did, where I worked. She questioned why everyone was so over-bundled. “It’s Vancouver”, she said. “It isn’t that cold”. She showed me her purchases.

At one point she said “Are you old?” in reference to my hair color, I assumed. I laughed, unsure how to respond, but given her age (hard to tell but probably late twenties, early thirties) I nodded. In her eyes, I was.

Then she said “Hey, do you want to see my rabbit?” I laughed, shrugged and said “sure”, figuring she had a stuffed bunny rabbit in one of her bags. She’d already shown me her new backpack from Eddie Bauer (“half price” she said proudly), and a new shirt.

She pulled one of her several bags onto her lap and, like a magician, pulled a brown, furry rabbit from it. A curious crowd closed in on us, all wanting to touch and ooh and aah. A live rabbit had been hunkered down in one of her bags the whole time. Crazy! And clearly, everyone loves a live rabbit.

The doors opened and it was my stop. I gently touched her arm and said goodbye, how I had enjoyed chatting with her. In her loud voice she asked “Hey, what department do you work in?”

Oh gawd, I thought, as a train car full of interested commuters stared waiting for my response.


The warning bells rang. The doors closed behind me with a swoosh, and I walked to the escalator full of happiness and the warm spirit of the season. canadaline

The History of Sex – Part 232 – Hedy Lamarr

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Long before Meg Ryan’s famous “I’ll have what she’s having” diner scene in When Harry Met Sally the world saw the first on-screen orgasm in the aptly named 1933 German film, Ecstasy.  This week’s History of Sex will focus on the bombshell star of this infamous film, Mrs.Hedy Lamarr.

Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler was born in Vienna, Austria in 1914 and started her film career in Berlin in her teens.  Her breakthrough film, Ecstasy, not only featured a close up on her face as she orgasmed but also had scenes where she swims nude and runs through the woods nude.  In real life however, her husband (arms dealer Friedrich Mandl, whom she married when she was only 18) was jealous, controlling and close friends with the Nazis.  Sounds like three strikes to me!  They were so rich that they once owned the sprawling mansion belonging to the fictional Von Trapp family in The Sound of Music.  Unhappy in her marriage one night in 1937 she wore all of her jewelry to a dinner party and then fled to Paris disguised as her own maid.  It was there that she was discovered by Louis B. Mayer who offered the young starlet a film contract with MGM. 

When she arrived in Hollywood she changed her name to Hedy Lamarr and made 18 films from 1940-1949, mostly playing the exotic beauty character without much substance.  Her career slowed down in the 1950s and in 1966 she was arrested for shoplifting.  Though she wasn’t charged at the time she was arrested again for shoplifting in 1991 and pleaded no contest, so she may have been a bit of a closet kleptomaniac.      

Though Hedy’s film career did not bring her any awards or acclaim her scientific inventions certainly did.  At the beginning of World War II Hedy and her friend, composer George Antheil, invented a frequency-hopping system that would screw up the radio signals being sent to torpedoes and throw them off course.  The invention was patented in 1942 and some people call it the first step towards the creation of the WiFi or BlueTooth systems that we know today. 

Hedy’s personal life continued to be very exciting and tumultuous, after leaving her first husband (that Nazi jerk we talked about earlier) she married 5 more times.  She adopted a son with her second husband and gave birth to a boy and a girl with her third husband.  None of these marriages lasted more than seven years and ironically the last man she married was her own divorce attorney.  Their marriage only lasted two years (they could have seen that one coming!) and from 1965 to her death in 2000 Hedy remained single.

Sadly in her later years she underwent multiple plastic surgery procedures in an attempt to maintain her looks but the results were frightening and as the story goes for many aging starlets she spent may years battling an addiction to prescription pills.  In her last couple of decades alive she didn’t leave her house at all and communicated with her loved ones only by telephone.  

Hedy’s life has been documented in controversial books, documentaries and even satirized in the comedy Blazing Saddles.  In November 2014, on her would have been 100th birthday, she was given an honorary grave in the Central Cemetery of her hometown, Vienna, where fans can now pay tribute to the beauty and the brains of the one and only Hedy Lamarr.

Titillating Tuesday

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Excerpt from the book Salon Antics, chapter Showtime‘ book-salon-antics

Mitch arrived at the club around eleven, a bit early for him but by the way he

hovered around the bar tossing back shots, Liam figured he must have some

serious business to tend to. Twenty minutes later Dom arrived. He was dressed

to the nines; maroon silk shirt unbuttoned to his midriff, a gold chain hanging

in a nest of chest hair. He left his tailored leather jacket hanging open to show

off a gold plated belt buckle the size of Miami. The bottom of his tight black

trousers barely fit over his grey and beige snakeskin cowboy boots, which may

as well have had spurs on them with the noise they made when he walked into

the club.

“Gimme a JD, Harry, will ya? Straight-up.”

“Comin’ right up, boss.” Harry grabbed a bottle of Jack Daniels from the bar

shelf and poured a generous amount into a tumbler. He handed it to Dom.

“Bottoms-up.” Dominic raised his glass to Harry and pounded back the

whiskey, followed by a vigorous shake of his head. “Gotta keep up with my pal

here.” Dominic winked at Mitch, who turned away. “Aw, c’mon now, Mitch.

We’re pals, right?” Dominic slapped his hand on Mitch’s back and pulled him in

close until he was breathing down his neck. Leaning in, but looking out into the

crowd he whispered, “We’re such good pals that you’re gonna give me a heckava

fucking deal for this joint, ain’t that right Mitchy baby?” Mitch squirmed out

of Dom’s embrace and Dominic laughed heartily. “What the fuck’s a matter

with you, Mitch? This is how we do business, right? Now, have yourself another

drink. Harry, pour Mitch another drink.” He turned to Mitch. “What are ya

having, Mitch, Crown? Harry, make that two Crowns.”

“No Dom, I’m having lighter fluid,” Mitch said with dry sarcasm. “Harry, get

Dom some lighter fluid. I’ll have a Crown, neat.”

Liam chuckled quietly from where he and Genevieve sat in the corner, shielded

in shadow.

“You have to admit,” Genevieve said. “That was pretty cute.”

Just then the side door opened and in walked three of Dom’s goons. They

sauntered over to the bar and lingered there, glancing nonchalantly around the

room. One of them ordered water with a twist and leaned against the bar to

watch the show. The other two just stood around chewing gum, looking bored.

Within a few minutes the door opened again and there stood Fran, having

stepped in from the dark alleyway. Smoldering in a fitted gold lame evening

dress with a Tiffany heart around her neck, and an ornate gold charm bracelet

on her left wrist, she looked the perfect part of the club owners wife. Barely

able to walk in her strappy Jimmy Choo’s, she did her best to stay upright while

making her way over to the bar, where Dominic stood with her husband. Their

tongues hung out of their open mouths like two panting dogs. Liam, who had

been watching the men’s jousting match with interest, now turned to


“Is this your solution?” Genevieve looked down and smiled coyly…