Madison Lake


Madison Lake

I began my career writing newsletters, then moved on to become a freelance writer for magazines. That was twenty years ago, and I have been writing professionally ever since. I stumbled upon writing romantica after several colleagues remarked that I had a knack for erotic description using sensual language. What do you think?

You’ll always find the perfect piece of music posted on Monday to start your week off. Tuesdays are for light, anecdotal musings, sometimes related to social issues, sometimes just juicy gossip, because who doesn’t enjoy a little smut every now and then? Tippy Claret will read your emails and have answers to your personal questions about sex, love and relationships in Talk to Tippy every Wednesday. Be amused and educated with the ever popular History of Sex, a Thursday fan favorite. And don’t forget to visit our Friday Round Up which pretty much wraps up the week in a nice concise package with a handsome cowboy to boot. Saturday and Sunday may reveal some unexpected post, maybe a contest that you won’t want to miss, so don’t stray too far away.

What’s more, the homepage boasts Madison’s Toy Store, where you can purchase safe and sexy toys, games, books, or any product your big heart desires. You can read seductive chapters from Madison’s books, purchase books, listen to Madison’s Playlist or simply peruse past blog posts.

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So stop by often. I’m sure we’ll become good friends. ML xo



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