Madison Lake

ME: I began my career writing business newsletters, then moved on to become a freelance writer for magazines, including many feature articles for travel and home lifestyle magazines in Canada and the US. That was twenty three years ago and I have been writing professionally ever since. I stumbled upon writing romantica after several colleagues remarked that I had a knack for erotic description and the use of sensual language. Ha! That was the beginning of a new career.


THE BLOG: img_0938You’ll find Madison’s Monday to be candid, often intimate personal accounts, and even occasionally some gossip, because who doesn’t enjoy a little smut every now and then, especially to start off your week? Titillating Tuesdays are reserved for excerpts from my published books or short stories and sneak previews of new, unpublished work, to whet your appetite. Hopefully it will be enough to entice you to buy my book(s), if you have not already. The ever popular History of Sex, well into its 200th publication, is a fan favourite and has been running faithfully for years. You will find more historical sex or romance facts than anywhere else. It’s tons of fun. Friday, Saturday and Sunday you may find random surprise posts, mostly around my latest books.

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So stop by often. I’m sure we’ll become good friends. ML xo



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