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Just to be clear, today is just another day.

I’m preparing some pico de gallo for a small gathering coming to the house tonight. It’s best if it sits for a few hours – let’s the onion, cilantro and Serrano peppers settle in for the full flavour of the dish. Later I’ll make the guacamole. That has to be fresh.

Yes, I’m still in the Baja. Lovely. It’s windy right now – clouds blowing from a cloudless sky. Can this blue get any bluer? Later I’ll put on my bathing suit, grab a book and steal a moment of quiet. After the chores are done. Even in the Baja, chores have to be done.

I was thinking I should really spend my quiet time going over this past year. 2013. What was it like for me, in itself and in the bigger scheme of things? What did I accomplish, where did I go, what were my experiences, good and not so good, what did I see, how did I feel when I saw it, not who but how did I love? Then it occurred to me that I have been assessing my 2013 all year long.

Just to be clear, tomorrow is just another day.





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