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writing routine

There’s no other way to kick off our new Friday Author Secrets column than with our very own Madison Lake.  Hit it Madison!

Question: What is your writing routine?

RL:  We understand most writers have a daily routine that can almost become ritual.  Can you tell us a little bit about your daily writing routine?

ML:  Yes, that is so true.  My routine has changed since I got my dog, but it’s generally the same.  I wake up, feed and walk her.  That’s now first.  Wow, amazing how she’s become #1.  (laughs).  What’s good about that though is having a good, long walk before settling down to write for the day.  It’s wonderful.  Anyway, when I do hit my computer, which is where I write my novels, I do a quick check of Facebook, Twitter and emails.

RL:  Ah, so you are one of those internet junkies?

ML:  (laughs) Of course I am!  First of all there might be something important from a publisher or colleague, and secondly, I feel I should get the normal daily stuff over with so my slate is clean to begin writing.

RL:  Good point.  Then what?

ML:  I read a few paragraphs from where I left off, or maybe even the chapter before, so I can pick up on the thread.  At this point the story may change direction from where I left off or it may go the way I had originally envisioned.  I let my fingers do the walking, or maybe it’s my imagination that does the walking and my fingers follow (laughs again).  In any case, I write all day, taking dog walking and internet breaks.

RL:  Do you set daily goals?

ML:  No, because I generally accomplish a lot.  If I don’t it’s because it wasn’t meant to be.  I try to let my writing come organically.  For me that’s the best way.

RL:  Do you write every day?

ML:  Yes, every day.

If you have any questions for Madison about this post, please comment and we will do our best to answer your question.

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Have a great weekend!


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