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Posted on: October 4th, 2016 by Madison Lake 3 Comments

Hi y’all. Just wanted to inform you that as of this week, I will be changing the weekly line-up on Music Monday will now be called Madison’s Monday, and although Tuesday will still be Titillating Tuesday, the format will change to better suit the name.

I’ve really enjoyed producing tunes to start off the week (thanks to friend and follower, Wilbur Gilroy, for his help and support), but I have to say, music is not my agenda. Writing is. So, on that note (haha), I have decided that Monday will now host a more personal blog, and Titillating Tuesday will be about writing, in whatever way, shape or form it presents itself.

When I say personal blog, I mean sharing on a more real level, so that we might get to know one another better – or you can get to know me. I want to discuss issues, thoughts and feelings that are relatable to everyone, and I hope my books can be more reflective of this. I sure would appreciate audience participation on these posts via comments and emails. It’s so important to keep the conversation going.   

Tuesdays, I will begin to share excerpts from a current book I’m working on. Or, I might post a poem or just talk about what I go through when working on a writing piece. Excerpts from my work will be a titillating way to entice people to buy and read my books and/or give a sneak preview into something new coming down the pike.

I don’t know if any of you remembers, but the beginning of the Madison Lake website, which was many years ago, included posted chapters once per week from the books I was currently working on, so that readers/followers could read the book like a television series and wait for the story to unfold week after week. It was a lot of fun and it might be something I would consider doing again. What are your thoughts?

Until next week…enjoy yourselves and as Lily and Olivia would say, ‘Be for goodness’. 


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  1. Monashee says:

    I love that you will be posting more personally. As you know, I believe that people want to connect to people. I’m sure your readers will enjoy getting to know you more. Would love to hear about some of the things that inspire your writing.

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