The History of Sex – Part 237 – The Thong

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images Is there a history of the thong? I don’t mean those flip-flops we wear on our feet. I’m talking about the string between the butt cheeks thong. The skimpy undies thong. The sexy, sometimes lacy thong.

Originally designed for men, the thong has been around for centuries. Think loincloth. The name ‘gee-string’ actually came from the string that held up a loincloth the American Indian wore in the 19th century. Egyptian, African and Japanese men wore a form of loincloth throughout history as fashionable ‘cover-ups’ or part of a costume, as with Sumo wrestlers. Some men in India still wear them as underwear, known as kowpeenam.   imgres

The thong has evolved from drapes of fabric to a minuscule string, although centuries ago, some cultures did fashion the g-string look for men that barely covered the essentials. Egyptian_Doctor_healing_laborers_on_papyrus

Since the 1970’s, the thong has been worn by exotic dancers as a titillating finale to their striptease, and has been particularly popular in Latin countries as swimwear as well as undies. It is hardly blinked at to see women and men wearing thongs on beaches in many countries around the world, however, they are also banned in some areas, even some popular beaches in the United States.

Some of the classic types of thongs are:    

V-string – where the string is connected to a waistband by a triangle that is just above the butt.

C-string – is narrow like a G-string, without the supporting string around the waist, leaving a C shaped piece between the thighs.

Cheeky – is a more conservative style because it covers more area, but exposes the bottom part of the cheeks.

There is also the jockstrap and Dance belt worn by male athletes and dancers.

What’s your flavour? Are you a G-string or thong wearer or do you prefer panties? Send in your reply by commenting on this blog. imgres-2


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