If You Could

Posted on: May 28th, 2013 by Madison Lake No Comments

As Cher sang to us yesterday If You Could Turn Back Time where would you want to go? The possibilities seem endless; back to the beginning of time, back to the turn of the century, back to when you were fourteen and had your first really big crush.

Door number one fascinates me and frightens me at the same time. Truly, who knows what the world was like then but extremely challenging (by our standards) and lonely come to mind. The turn of the century has always intrigued me. Maybe that’s why I write about it. But it would depend if turning back time was forever or just a glimpse. I could see myself there for a short while but wouldn’t want to live there full time. And even if my first crush was a hot one, it was so full of pre-teenage angst, to relive it would be painfully humiliating. Revisiting Johnny Mathers when I was in my late twenties is another matter altogether.

If you could turn back time would it be to fix some nagging regret or to have an experience you always longed for? Would it be for an exciting discovery or a repeat of something grand. Food for thought.


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