Taking A Step Back

Posted on: April 16th, 2013 by Madison Lake No Comments

What can I blog about on this morning after such a horrific event as the bombing of innocent people during the Boston Marathon? What can I possibly say?

I’m sure, like me, you are asking yourselves who would do such a despicable thing, and why? Who has so much anger inside they’d want to hurt, maim and kill others – men, women and children out enjoying a day filled with laughter and joy with friends and family in the warm sunshine? What have we, as a human race, become?

Let’s take a step back today. Consider these senseless acts, then consider how we can move forward. Each of us can help stop the madness by reminding ourselves to live with goodness in our hearts, to teach our children what is right, to share with the less fortunate, to help the helpless, and to show love each and every day.

Then take a step forward.

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