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Talk to Tippy for outrageously honest advice.  Call it the second opinion we all wish we had.  Unabashedley candid and insightful – trust Tippy for guidance with dating, relationship or sexual conundrums.  Yes, you can Talk to Tippy!


Dear Tippy,

I have been propositioned to have sex with two other woman that I know. My only worry is that I’ll get stage fright and not be able to perform because of too much pressure. They know I am a virgin by choice, and I’m not particularly waiting for anything but for someone or some people to feel comfortable enough to perform with. I said yes, but I told them I needed time to think about this whole situation. Is there any way to relieve performance anxiety in this kind of situation? Also any tips for a threesome anyone might want to offer?




That sounds much less like porn and more like naked recess.  What fun!

Dear Mr. Newbie,

Without knowing you, I would suggest that since you are a virgin, you will probably have the opposite of performance anxiety.  Don’t worry about hitting one out of the park right away, which you will do, then you can get down to the business of finding ways to please the ladies.  Make sure you ask them what they want.  There’s no better way to learn than to have someone show you what works.  My best long term advice would be to remember that no one responds the same way to the same thing and communication is your friend.

It’s going to be such a rollicking good time.  Make sure you talk about it after and strategize for the next outing.  Because there’s certain to be one.  Photos?




Dear Tippy,

So my girlfriend and I just started having sex, at first with a condom and it was ok… then subsequent times I found it harder and harder to cum and she wasn’t getting anything out of it as well.  She has a history of cancer in her family so is very nervous about birth control.

I am 29 years old and have no children and I want to keep it that way. She is older has kids and DOES NOT want any more.

Am I in the wrong in this situation? Thoughts would be appreciated.


Kid Free Zone

Dear Free Zone,

Wow.  That was a quick trip back to the 70’s.  Both of you need more education.   Have her look into getting a non-hormonal copper IUD, it definitely sounds like an ideal long term, low maintenance solution for her situation. link-

And you, get better fitting condoms.  Add a little lube in first to make it all feel better.



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