Titillating Tuesday

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Excerpt from the new anthology SkinOnSkin, available on Amazon. This is one of my submissions/additions to the anthology. I will post the work of other poets over the course of time. 



Fingers slide over

the strand

that adorns her collarbone,

pearl one, pearl two,

a rosary prayer. She doesn’t believe,

yet knows what to do. His snores

reverberate the hollow

room, the un-slept side

of the conjugal bed

bereft of desire. Her desire 

whispers under lace,

under garment, under

downy fur

fingered through

quickened breath. His slumber

stifles her cries;

agonized joy

released to a void

devoid of love. Her eyes

close around a tangle of dreams.


Please visit Amazon to find SkinOnSkin. It’s an amazing representation of erotic poetry from poets around the world. A must for your collection.


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