A Madison Lake Poetry Anthology

SkinOnSkin: an anthology of erotic poetry
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Voices from around the globe come together in this provocative anthology of erotic poetry, compiled by author, Madison Lake. SkinOnSkin will reach out and touch readers in profound, rarely subtle ways. As ‘Discreet diplomacy negotiates on America’s hard wood; A staging street where innuendo and cadence meet…’ we hear another…’Scream as much as you can, chewing on my bone’…’small rosebuds that bloom on soft disks of discourse’…and on it goes.

From Atlanta to Dallas to Sacramento, Denmark to Albania to Canada, poets emerge with words raging with sensuality. Uncensored. Raw. ‘The skin, the heat, the thrill, the fire’, this anthology encompasses a plethora of human emotion from artists driven by an electrifying fervour, written with refreshing candour and seductive emotion. They want to take you to climax and back. They want you to feel their passion and their pain.


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