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Titillating Tuesday

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I’ve written 9,954 words in the new book so far. There is one erotic scene between two characters but several fantasies by other characters about men or women or each other. There has been one serious suitor, many old lovers and one near death tragedy. A new character has just appeared on the scene. He’s young and of course wickedly handsome and he has already taken a shine to our exotic heroine. Not surprising. Have I stirred up some interest?

It’s a partly cloudy, partly rainy day today. Perfect for me to continue writing without the call of the sunshine and distractions that come with it. I will miss the warm, cloudless days now that autumn is here, but I must admit these approaching months are excellent for writing and at the rate I’m going I may just start book six. Something brand new of course.



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The History of Sex – Part 98 – Make Love Not Porn!

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At 52, Cindy Gallop seems an unlikely sex-evangelist.  Her transformation into a high-end cougar came through her work. Her New York advertising firm was pitching an online dating site and, Ms. Gallop, then in her early 40s, posted a profile.  Most of the responses came from younger men and she hasn’t looked back since.

“I realized I was an attractive older woman who never wanted to settle down,” she said. “I had a high-flying career. Never wanted to get married. All I wanted to do was have some fun. And a bunch of guys went, ‘Whoopee!’ ”

It wasn’t long before all this hands-on experience led to a eureka moment.  In 2008, she gave a talk at TED university titled “The Toyboy Manifesto: Why Older Woman Plus Younger Man Is the Relationship Model of the Future,” in which she said that this kind of relationship was sexually ideal and also righted gender imbalances. Young men found her life experience appealing rather than threatening.  But she could also see that many of the young men had little sex education outside of pornography, and she was moved to speak out. “The issue I’m tackling is not porn,” she said. “It’s the complete lack of open, healthy dialogue around porn and sex.”

In 2009 Ms. Gallop gave a TED talk that described how easy accessibility to Web sex sites is demonstrating “that what you see in hard-core pornography is the way that you have sex.  It was at TED that Ms. Gallop launched a Web site,, which proudly contrasts the “porn world” with the “real world” of sex.  Observing that the imagery emerging from the pornography industry is controlled and manipulated by a handful of people in California, representing sex through a male-centric performative lens, she launched – a kind of youtube for real couples to exhibit their moves.

“It’s not about performing for the camera,” Ms. Gallop said. “We’re looking for the comical, the messy, the ridiculous. We’re looking for the real.”

The New York Times reported in 2012 that 19,000 users have signed up for invitations, mostly coming from countries like China, Iraq and Afghanistan.  It has been called “The NSFW Social and Content-Sharing Platform the Internet’s Been Waiting for.”

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The Round Up

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With Valentines Day coming upon us next week I’ve made sure to give you some more sexiness for you to read this weekend in our round up!

Was Dr. Wilhem Reich, inventor of the Orgone Energy machine, crazy or not?  #HistoryofSex

Heteroflexible? #TalkToTippy

The Heart Aches  #PoetryFromTheHeart

Bruno take me to Mars!!  #MusicMonday

Yahoo!! Round me up cowboy!


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Love that song from Grease, so let’s run with a this.

Lubricant or grease is used much more openly and regularly these days as a way of enhancing the sexual experience. It aides in the ease and comfort of anal sex and is a must when using sex toys. Plus let’s face it, it makes masturbation oh so pleasurable. In my opinion you can never have too much lube. But I’ll let our History of Sex specialist get into the ins and outs of lubricants on Thursday. Mmm Hmm.

I love the simplest and most known name brands; K-Y Jelly and Astroglide. But some of the new ones like Please Warming Gel, Sliquid Silk and Sliquid Sassy are on my test list. I’ll admit that sometimes I choose a lube like I choose a wine – by its clever name. Who wouldn’t be tempted to try Good Clean Love or Gun Oil? Probe Lubricant just sort of jumps off the shelf into my virtual shopping basket.

Check out the Lo Down for their reveal on lubes, what to use different lubes for and when, and what they think are some of the best lubes and why.

You can also find a healthy selection at  Good Vibes along with a lot of other sexy playful must-haves.

Grease up people. Especially good for summer nights.


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carpe diem, Valentine’s Day.


























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