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Any story, whether it be book or film, needs a good love scene. From the shocking, first ever film kiss in, The Kiss (1896!) to Basic Instinct and Fifty Shades of Grey, storylines need romance or (soft) sex.

But what used to be considered X-rated now seem the norm. Full frontals and realistic love making are nothing new in movies today, which leaves little to the imagination. At least with a book you can visualize what he or she might look like (naked) or what they might be doing (having sex?). I wonder what’s left to give-up in cinema?

What makes a good love scene? That depends on what you are looking for. Obviously some people want the tell-all kind of story and others want the Jane Austin lead up to sex, which are truly ‘love scenes’. It’s knowing what is going to happen through the buildup. Very titillating.

Take 9 1/2 Weeks. That blindfolded ice scene could make anybody squirm. And when Vasili and Tania finally fall into each other’s arms on the dirty floor of the underground bunker in, Enemy at the Gates, it was breathtakingly passionate. You’ll find yourself drawn to the questionable but undeniable desire in The Lover or Y Tu Mamá También.

In 1954, Anne Descios (under the pen name, Pauline Réage) shocked the literary scene with, The Story of O, while Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice remains the ultimate, timeless love story. Diana Gabaldon’s, Outlander, is a big contender in the ultimate love story genre, as is The Notebook, by Nickolas Sparks.  

Whether you are a fan of the more erotic and explicit, or prefer tender romance and ‘love conquers all’, we each have our favourite books and films, and there are far too many to name.

Share yours with us in the comments section and tell us why you love it. We want to hear from you!


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Leather has been a sex symbol throughout time. From whips and tassels to a fitted black leather jacket, leather sizzles.

Tanning hides to make leather is one of the oldest human trades. Animals were in abundance and were killed for meat, fur and their hides. Commonly used for making durable clothing, leather has been used since the beginning of civilization. Leather was, and is, the most viable source for footwear, satchels (and handbags), wallets, etc.

So, where’s the sex part of leather, you ask?

I find a loincloth pretty darn sexy (see History of Sex #237) Then there are leather corsets, leather chaps (oh my!), even leather bras. And what about those leather jackets? From a husky biker with worn jeans and a hot black jacket, to a woman dressed in tight leather leggings with a tailored coat, it’s leather all the way.

Think about old westerns. What were those hot cowboys wearing? Uh huh. Consider the film Gladiator or Cleopatra. Besides sheaths and tunics, leather armour and other necessities were the look of the times. Think about any sex shop that you have (or haven’t) gone into. Leather or pleather dominates (no pun intended). Even a gorgeous chair or sofa is the ultimate in home furnishings and lasts forever. And it is oh so seductive. 

I’d say leather is damn sexy.

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Polyamory (from Greek πολύ poly, “many, several”, and Latin amor, “love”) is where men and women may have more than one partner with adult consent of all partners involved. It could be described as “consensual and responsible non-monogamy”.

Let’s discuss this.

Human sexual relations has always been a curious and, at times, ‘hot’ topic of discussion, often with varying degrees of moral judgement attached. There are those who believe we can only love one person and/or that two people ‘in love’ should be committed for life. Then there are those who cannot understand how that is possible, and kiss many frogs before settling, but they still settle for one.

For those polyamorous players, one lover is not enough. However, the term swinger or player, which is often used to describe someone who lives a polyamorous lifestyle, is actually looked upon as quite different in the two communities. Polyamory tends to be more emotionally driven, whereas swinging tends to be purely for sexual pleasure.   

Some would define polyamory as a relationship practice, while others think it an orientation or identity, like sexual identity. With polyamory, there are two types of relationships: an open relationship, where the partners involved are free to seek sexual or romantic encounters outside of their defined group, and a closed polyamorous relationship, where they keep their relationships within the chosen group of lovers.

There is documented proof of a Christian religious community in America during the 1800’s where they believed in free love. Any member of the commune was free to have (consensual) sex with another. Exclusivity and possessiveness were unacceptable. The Oneida Community, as they were called, believed it was the responsibility of the commune to raise the offspring from these relations communally. To take things a step further, women past childbearing age would act as mentors to adolescent boys and older men often introduced young females to sex. The elders became religious role models for the younger generation. When you think of ‘free love’ in the ’60’s, perhaps the Oneida were ahead of their time, but polyamory and other forms of non-exclusive relationships, has been going on since the dawn of man.  

Many polyamorists believe fidelity as being faithful to the agreements made in their relationship rather than sexual exclusivity. As mentioned previously, the practice of polyamory includes open relations or multi-partner ones, which can differ in levels of closeness and commitment. Polyamorists generally base commitment on things other than sexual exclusivity. Trust and honesty or growing old together are ideas that set polyamory apart from other forms of open relations.

What are your thoughts? Please comment on this blog and let’s get a conversation going.


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images Is there a history of the thong? I don’t mean those flip-flops we wear on our feet. I’m talking about the string between the butt cheeks thong. The skimpy undies thong. The sexy, sometimes lacy thong.

Originally designed for men, the thong has been around for centuries. Think loincloth. The name ‘gee-string’ actually came from the string that held up a loincloth the American Indian wore in the 19th century. Egyptian, African and Japanese men wore a form of loincloth throughout history as fashionable ‘cover-ups’ or part of a costume, as with Sumo wrestlers. Some men in India still wear them as underwear, known as kowpeenam.   imgres

The thong has evolved from drapes of fabric to a minuscule string, although centuries ago, some cultures did fashion the g-string look for men that barely covered the essentials. Egyptian_Doctor_healing_laborers_on_papyrus

Since the 1970’s, the thong has been worn by exotic dancers as a titillating finale to their striptease, and has been particularly popular in Latin countries as swimwear as well as undies. It is hardly blinked at to see women and men wearing thongs on beaches in many countries around the world, however, they are also banned in some areas, even some popular beaches in the United States.

Some of the classic types of thongs are:    

V-string – where the string is connected to a waistband by a triangle that is just above the butt.

C-string – is narrow like a G-string, without the supporting string around the waist, leaving a C shaped piece between the thighs.

Cheeky – is a more conservative style because it covers more area, but exposes the bottom part of the cheeks.

There is also the jockstrap and Dance belt worn by male athletes and dancers.

What’s your flavour? Are you a G-string or thong wearer or do you prefer panties? Send in your reply by commenting on this blog. imgres-2


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Let’s have a look at our very own favourite books — bodice rippers!

The origin of the bodice ripper is loosely based on the romance novels of the Austin era, but more erotic. Bodice Rippers became popular in the 1980’s when it became more acceptable for women to enjoy their own form of pornography.

Generally, this genre is predictable and formulaic with a handsome, strong and rich man sweeping some poor, long-suffering beauty off her feet. Seduction scenes should happen often enough to keep the pages turning, and all must end happily ever after.

The difference between a romance novel and a bodice ripper is the level of titillation. Romance novels tend to be tamer — more about love and good over evil, where bodice rippers, although with the same agenda, tend to be juicer. Covers of a true bodice ripper will show the male hero with his heroine, the damsel in distress, safely in his muscular arms. She is (of course) breathtakingly beautiful, with ample breasts that are spilling from the figure forming corset with laces coming undone. 

Despite the success of romance novels and bodice rippers, with commercial book sales in the millions, the literary world has yet to accept the work as legitimate. Such criticism has affected how the public reacts to this genre. To this day, readers of books like the bodice ripper, generally hide behind their iPads or magazine covers so as not to publicly reveal their true indulgence.

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