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Road Trip – Part 1

Posted on: June 25th, 2013 by Madison Lake No Comments

All the minivans, trucks and trailers on the major and minor highways during the summer months takes me back to a road trip adventure I had back in the early eighties.

I was with my then boyfriend, Greg, and a guy we had met hitch-hiking along the Alaska Highway in the Yukon Territory of Canada. We had been trying to get a ride for some time and even with the endless stream of traffic, no one wanted to stop for three road weary travelers; two men with three day growth and long shag haircuts, and one woman not looking very sexy in an ankle length stonewashed jean skirt and hair tied back in a bandana, although the halter top was pretty seductive. We had just given up and were discussing where we might go to find a place to sleep for the night when a slick new Winnebago pulled over. The door hissed open and a jovial man with thinning grey hair and a welcome smile invited us in.

Joe was in his early fifties, which seemed incredibly old to us at the time. His wife Margery tried to look younger with her synthetic red wig curled snugly around her narrow head and a painted face caked with foundation. She sat at the fold-down linoleum table mixing cocktails, her long lacquered nails clicking against the plastic pitcher as she stirred, her black false eyelashes fluttering in a summer breeze that blew in through the screened window. It was splattered with dead bugs.

The door shut tight as a suction and we were on our way north from Dawson Creek to our next destination, which was wherever our ride took us. We could not believe our good fortune as Margery passed us each an icy martini from a jug in the cooler below the minibar. Then she pulled out a tin of Tetley Tea, opened it and pulled out a large rolled joint. She lit up and passed it to Frank, our traveling companion.

We set our backpacks down and settled into the comfy leatherette benches on either side of the table, feeling rather smug, as if we’d won the lottery. This was the ride of all rides. Then Margery took a martini from the cooler and handed it to Joe.

“Thanks toots,” he said as he downed the drink in one swallow. So, where you kids headed?” His words slurred together into one.

It was then it hit us. These two friendly people were completely smashed and we had just embarked on what would be the wildest ride of our lives.

To be continued…

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A Touch of the Irish

Posted on: March 16th, 2013 by Madison Lake No Comments

Yes, St. Paddy’s Day is upon us! And to help celebrate this auspicious occasion, I thought it fitting to post my personal favorite Irish gents of 2013.

Here is the list of my top ten Irish rovers…


Isn’t Patrick Dempsey McDreamy? He has the Irish name, the Irish hair, and his Irish eyes are always smiling. What more could we ask for to start us off on this St. Paddy’s Day weekend?




Oh, Matthew, Matthew, Matthew. Married with children, but we can still look, and look we do. Six pack? More like a twelve pack. A man with too buff a bod is a turn-off (for me), but he seems to keep himself just within the sizzling range. Thanks, Matt.




Remember him? How sexy is this pic? Although he’s eased nicely into his ruggedly handsome maturity, Harrison Ford will always be Indiana Jones to me. And he carries a whip!




John Slattery. Now he’s a fine specimen alright. He cleans up nicely, is sexy & suave. Yet I can’t look at him without thinking he’s the arrogant swine he plays on Mad Men. Is it just me?




Yes, George is still hot after all these years of being the hottest man on the planet, and yes, he’s still one of my faves. He ages like a good Irish whiskey, however, I think he’s had his day in the sun. Time for some fresh meat, no?




This list would not be complete without Marky Mark. He’s adorable. Mark Wahlberg is ‘the man’ in so many ways – rough and tough yet soft and sweet. Oh, yeah.




Colin Farrell is one Irishman we can’t ignore. The quintessential sexy bad-boy that leaves a girl panting for more. Young and old, fantasies abound with Colin as the main attraction.




Gerard Butler. Now here’s some fresh meat, eh girls? He’s down-to-earth yummy. Just look at that face. And who doesn’t go gaga for an accent and a wicked crooked smile?




Is there anyone out there who has not had at least one restless night because of Robert Downey Jr.? Uh-huh. That’s what I thought. If I were younger, I’d pin this photo on my bedroom wall, pull up the sheets, and…




Liam Neeson. Babe-a-licious. Am I right? This is an old photo of him but Liam definitely gets better with age. Dammit. What is it about men and aging? In this case, I won’t argue. He stands alone as my number one. Need I say more?



Bottom’s Up all you Guinness lovers. And remember, it’s good luck to kiss a Leprechaun.

ML xo


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carpe diem, Valentine’s Day.


























Repinned from an amazingly romantic page:

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If you’d like to be a contributor to our Romance photo day, please email your formatted shot to with all pertinent information.

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Today’s winner is C: She submitted the heated, tense and tragic kiss between a young and gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor and the equally gorgeous Montgomery Clift in A Place in the Sun. Elizabeth Taylor managed to make the line Tell mama, tell mama all, intense and sexy. It is another tragic kiss that involves murder and adultery, and yet we still adore this moment between the two of them. The fact that the kiss is hidden by Clift’s shoulder makes it all the more alluring. Thank you for your submission C. You will receive your prize in the mail soon. Prepare yourself to be kissed… and a lot!!

This brings to close our “12 Days of Kisses” game and contest. I hope you come back for more fun and games in the future. xo Madison

A Place in the Sun, Elizabeth Taylor, Kissing scene, Romance novel, Romantic fiction, Erotica, Erotic fiction

here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Today’s winner will receive this in the mail courtesy of Madison Lake. Armani 400 Maestro Lip Color Stick. It goes on wet, but stays on matte. 

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Our lucky winner for day 11 of “The 12 Days of Kisses” is S. She submitted the kissing (more like full on grope fest) scene from “Top Gun”. This classic 80’s film features an uptight, leggy, shoulder-pad-wearing Kelly McGillis who falls for a laid back, gum-chewing, slightly cocky Tom Cruise. This love scene “had me at hello”, and then it developed into a full on love making scene, complete with appropriate 80’s blue tinting. The previously uptight McGillis somehow winds up in an oversized mans shirt. Yummers all the way. Nice job S. I hope your prize brings you kisses just as passionate, but maybe not quite as blue as this one. xo Madison.

Top Gun, Favorite Kiss, Romance Novel, Romantic fiction, Erotica, Erotic fiction, Lipstick, Contest

The build up to the kiss is probably more sexy than the kiss itself. When Kelly McGillis chases Tom Cruise after being hard on him in public, and finally admits “I just Don’t Want Anyone to know that I’ve fallen for you”…. and Kiss… and cut to blue tint sex scene.


Your prize: Armani 400 Maestro lip color stick. It goes on wet, and stays on matte for those long, kiss-filled nights. Enjoy.


Lipstick, Armani Lipstick, Contest, Twelve Days of Christmas, Top Gun, Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis

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