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Feeling Festive

Posted on: December 24th, 2013 by Madison Lake No Comments

I know yesterday’s music post was not very festive in this season of holiday lights, music and all things commercial. But I was feeling kinda groovy. Still am.

I’m down here in Baja, Mexico, with family, sunshine, cactus, and of course our own style of holiday cheer.

It’s different. 

When I see posts with photos of snow and twinkling lights and green trees decorated with tinsel, it reminds me that it is Christmas. It reminds me that while most of our friends are either shovelling snow or are cold or wet or simply dealing with the onslaught of Christmas materialism, we sit at the beach drinking our lime-licked cervezas and watch another wave crash onto the white sandy beach. (sorry, truth) When our friends are sitting by the fire at night and tucking themselves into piles of downy quilts, we sit under an open sky and watch for shooting stars and Orion, The Big Dipper and the myriad of other magic in the night sky, the coyotes howling and the crickets chirping so loudly we can barely hear the silence.

I do miss the traditional Christmas that I grew up with but times change. Besides, it doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing or not doing. It’s about family. My family – your family – family in all the shapes, sizes, styles, behaviours, ages, stages, quirkiness and wonderment. It’s about LOVE. As Pope Francis recently stated:

“Whether we call God, Jesus, Adonai, Allah or Krishna, we all worship the same God of love. This truth is self-evident to all who have love and humility in their hearts!”


ML xo

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Talk to Tippy

Posted on: October 30th, 2013 by Madison Lake No Comments

Talk to Tippy for outrageously honest advice. Call it the second opinion we all wish we had. Unabashed and candid and insightful – trust Tippy for guidance with dating, relationship or sexual conundrums. Yes, you can Talk to Tippy!  


Dear Tippy,

It’s about a threesome.  FFM.  I’m the male.  The 3 of us are all new to this, and we are meeting the third this weekend for drinks and hanging out to see where it goes. We’ll be in a hotel suite. What is the best way to initiate it? Allow the girls to begin making out and exploring? Have the girl I am with start playing with me in front of her? Can you give us any pointers?  Especially me, who thinks he will have to perform doubly well or twice as much?

Thanks, Tippy.  I wish you were coming along.

Signed, Newbie in Newton.


Dear New New,

So thoughtful of you to wish me along.  It is one of my favorite things. A good threesome combo is like a fine meal.  It’s the kind of thing you have in your secret arsenal, where too much of it renders  it pedestrian but saving it for juuuuuust the right occasion, with the appropriate buildup  is indeed a tasty treat.

I would suggest to let your female do the flirting and initiating the moves. Remember that the other girl is most likely there for your female and not you. If she wanted a guy she could have gotten one who is single …. So let females chat, flirt and whatnot whereas you be there as a support. Have great sense of humor and from time to time show affection to your girl and if the mood is right flirt with the other one. If you let your partner take the lead, you avoid the risk of going too far too quickly (which is an easy mistake to make when you’re an eager guy ready to have sex with two girls). And make sure you show ample affection to your girl – don’t make the critical error of excluding her because you’ve got someone new to play with.

Once they start kissing, just go with the flow. It’s nice to have a game plan, but sex – especially sex with multiple partners – is a chaotic system. Attempting to force it into following a pre-conceived itinerary could well be counterproductive.  Remember the time you tried to plan your own birthday party and it all went south when the dog leapt on top of the table with the steak in his mouth and that girls hair started on fire and the X you handed out was bad?  Well, let’s just say, that too much planning can still backfire, but being prepared is key. Letting the evening evolve organically is the best.  Drink only to be social as it will detract from the experience.

Find out – maybe this weekend, what everyones favorite thing is and keep that in mind when you get together.  Could you take photos for me? Good luck and don’t forget to dress to impress 🙂




Dear Tippy,

I’m a homosexual male, and I was getting intimate with my boyfriend. He gets on top of me, and rides me cowgirl, but not for long. He finished in under 3 seconds … maybe 4 at a push, only enough time for me to thrust 3 times. I was left unsatisfied and both of us were quite embarrassed. This hasn’t happened before and we haven’t had sex since. It’s really quite awkward and I don’t know why it happened. I just need some help, some insight, whatever you can provide.

Thanks for your time.


Tom on Top


My dear Tom,

My my.  One thing I dearly love about our gentler men is their adherence to manners.  I would say almost for certain there is nothing to worry about.  Perhaps he was just extremely horny? If this were the hetero world, the male would be feeling pretty slick right now, that he got his gal off in three seconds.  And she would be going nuts.  I think this is a victory.  Treat it as such.




Got a question or a comment for Tippy?  Email her at

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Today’s winner is C: She submitted the heated, tense and tragic kiss between a young and gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor and the equally gorgeous Montgomery Clift in A Place in the Sun. Elizabeth Taylor managed to make the line Tell mama, tell mama all, intense and sexy. It is another tragic kiss that involves murder and adultery, and yet we still adore this moment between the two of them. The fact that the kiss is hidden by Clift’s shoulder makes it all the more alluring. Thank you for your submission C. You will receive your prize in the mail soon. Prepare yourself to be kissed… and a lot!!

This brings to close our “12 Days of Kisses” game and contest. I hope you come back for more fun and games in the future. xo Madison

A Place in the Sun, Elizabeth Taylor, Kissing scene, Romance novel, Romantic fiction, Erotica, Erotic fiction

here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Today’s winner will receive this in the mail courtesy of Madison Lake. Armani 400 Maestro Lip Color Stick. It goes on wet, but stays on matte. 

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Our lucky winner for day 11 of “The 12 Days of Kisses” is S. She submitted the kissing (more like full on grope fest) scene from “Top Gun”. This classic 80’s film features an uptight, leggy, shoulder-pad-wearing Kelly McGillis who falls for a laid back, gum-chewing, slightly cocky Tom Cruise. This love scene “had me at hello”, and then it developed into a full on love making scene, complete with appropriate 80’s blue tinting. The previously uptight McGillis somehow winds up in an oversized mans shirt. Yummers all the way. Nice job S. I hope your prize brings you kisses just as passionate, but maybe not quite as blue as this one. xo Madison.

Top Gun, Favorite Kiss, Romance Novel, Romantic fiction, Erotica, Erotic fiction, Lipstick, Contest

The build up to the kiss is probably more sexy than the kiss itself. When Kelly McGillis chases Tom Cruise after being hard on him in public, and finally admits “I just Don’t Want Anyone to know that I’ve fallen for you”…. and Kiss… and cut to blue tint sex scene.


Your prize: Armani 400 Maestro lip color stick. It goes on wet, and stays on matte for those long, kiss-filled nights. Enjoy.


Lipstick, Armani Lipstick, Contest, Twelve Days of Christmas, Top Gun, Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis

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