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Tis The Season

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I detest the flu. Loathe its very existence. I even had the flu shot, but alas, Friday night, what I thought was one of my hot fantasies climbing into bed with me, turned out to be Mr. Flu. He wrapped his claw-like hands around my naked, feverish body, squeezed my intestines with his vice grip, and settled in for an agonizing eight hours of night sweats not of the erotic ilk. In the morning he was still hanging around.

Friday night could have been so different. I met Mr. Gorgeous in aisle five at the supermarket while reaching up to snag a box of Mango Mochi from the top shelf of the freezer. “Let me get that for you,” a husky voice purred from behind. I saw a large, muscular, arm reach over my head and lift not one but two packets of that delicious creamy taste treat from the shelf. “They’re the best, aren’t they?” I imagined honeyed bourbon on his lips.

Mr. Gorgeous and I flirted briefly in front of the open freezer door, and just when I thought we were closing in on a number exchange, in came Mr. Flu, making his first appearance. “Ooh, it’s cold in here,” I said, my voice quivering, my body flushed with sudden heat. There was an uncomfortable moment where neither of us knew what to say or do next. After all, there was a third wheel with us now. Damn that Mr. Flu!

Mr. Gorgeous did get my number, and he did call. Sadly, I was still sharing my bed with Mr. Flu, however, it is now Tuesday, and although not entirely recovered, last night Mr. Gorgeous, or at least the fantasy of him, did climb into my bed.

We’ll see…

ML xo

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carpe diem, Valentine’s Day.


























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Blog Hop

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This is The Next Big Thing Blog Hop.

It provides an opportunity for authors to show and share their work to others. I was tagged by @Irhatfield. Thanks for the tag. She also tagged @Findmeb427, so check out that blog too. Don’t you just love social networking?

These are the questions posted that I answered:

What is the title of your book? I have three books published: More Than Just Friends, Salon Antics, and A Cloud of Hawthorne. The sequel to A Cloud of Hawthorne called Where Daffodils Grow Wild will be coming out in a couple of months.

Where did the idea for the book come from? My overactive imagination. Also, I love writing stories, and who doesn’t enjoy reading about love and romance, with a little bit of steam?

What genre does your book fall under? Erotic romance, also known as Romantica.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency? They are all self published through Friesen Press, who are fantastic by the way.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? My books differ in that I purposely write a chapter at a time to post on my blog every Tuesday for Titillating Tuesday. Followers can read the books for free like a television series, one week and one chapter at a time. The books unfold organically so once I start there’s no changing the course of the story since it’s already been posted. When I finish a book I publish it and it goes on sale to the public. So, I’d guess it takes roughly five to six months to actually write each book.

Give a one sentence synopsis of your novel: More Than Just Friends and Salon Antics are contemporary romantica novels filled with intrigue, drama, and spicy love triangles. A Cloud of Hawthorne and Where Daffodils Grow Wild are written more like classic romance novels with a British sensibility. Lots of frolicking and ‘who done it’ to keep readers guessing.

What other works would compare to your story? A contemporary would be Megan Hart. One of my longtime heroes of literature who inspires my erotica writing is Anaïs Nin, but I’d never compare my work to hers.

Who or What inspired you to write this book? Really, it was a few literary colleagues who recommended I start writing erotica after our writer’s groups revealed my work to be naturally sensual. They wanted more, and the rest is history (in the making). I came up with the idea of writing novels a chapter at a time to post on a blog, and it evolved into four books and a happening multimedia website:

What else might pique the reader’s interest? My intent is to produce books that are clever and provocative. When well executed, either in film, photography or the written word, I believe tasteful erotica is universally enjoyed. I tend to include action and intrigue with my romance.

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Btw…I tagged my good friend, The Storyteller @Graffiti_Bleu. You can also find him at And I tagged my new friend, @Madisonjohns11. You can also find her at

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May Day at the Hawthorne…

























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shrouded in mystery…




Photographer: David Roth

location: Vancouver, BC



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