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Madison’s Monday

Posted on: December 12th, 2016 by Madison Lake No Comments

I have a friend from work. We actually trained together.

Although she works in a different department, we often bump into each other in the lunch room or passing through the store. She’s great fun and we enjoy chatting.

Yesterday she came into my department to buy some sexy, silky boudoir attire. Here’s the dirt:

Apparently, she broke up with her long-time boyfriend about a month ago. He dumped her, as she put it, which is never a pleasant position to be in no matter who you are. I knew nothing of this until yesterday, which made me feel badly that I hadn’t been there for her during a time one needs a pal to talk with.

imagesAnyway, she seemed to get through the grieving because after a four week period, an ex-boyfriend contacted her. Yada yada yada (insert reconnection convo here). Ends up, he wants to meet her in Europe, which is where he’ll be when my friend is going to be flying across the pond (and some) to visit her family. So…

next thing she knows she gets an email with a plane ticket attached and an itinerary of their travels through Europe – together.

Bada bada bing!  url

After much mulling it over and more talking, my friend did realize this was not somebody she’d never met before. He wasn’t an online thingy she was taking a chance on. He was actually somebody she had a whole lotta schwing with back in the day. Somebody who had set off fireflies in her belly and ignited sparks in his. Someone who could have been a missed opportunity and was the real McCoy. And she said YES!


I will miss her sparky energy at the store. I’ll miss our lunchtime chats.

My friend is off to Europe in a few weeks carrying with her courage, happiness, love in the pit of her stomach, and loads of sexy lingerie.

Love you, friend, and hope to keep up with your adventures.

We love adventures here so keep ‘em coming!  

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It’s beginning to feel a lot like…winter!  imgres-1

I woke up this morning to cars sloshing through the streets and thought to myself Oh shit, more rain. We had a glorious, blue-skied weekend and although it was cold, it was such a treat to have dry weather. When I went to look out my window, surprise! The streets, trees, sidewalks, bushes are covered in snow! Those beautiful icy flakes that make everything magical.

It’s now changed to sleet as the temperature slowly warms, but it made my day to wake up to SNOW.

On another note…I’ve randomly happened upon what is turning out to be a great Netflix series that has become my current fave. It’s called Offspring.

From a writing perspective, it’s brilliant. Great lines delivered by excellent actors in just the right way. But besides that, they have the cliff hanger thing down pat. So much so that it drives me (and other viewers) crazy. In a good way.

When are ‘they’ going to actually ‘do it’, because it has to happen? When is ‘she’ going to tell her about the ‘bad deed’? Or when is ‘he’ going to buckle under the lie?

The list goes on and the writers for this show do a superb job at keeping the audience returning for more, getting frustrated (in the right way) about what did or didn’t happen, and throwing in plenty of laughs and bloopers along the way.

The actors are all believable, likable and connect on-screen perfectly.

It’s filmed and produced in Australia, I believe. Check it out and let me know what you think. And yes, there are love interests, romance and sex.

ML   imgres

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Here’s me. I’m a mature woman. (uh huh) I have a great life, well balanced between work and play. I love to play. My work has been entrepreneurial most of my adult life, working my own gigs and learning to manage my own time. It’s worked quite well for me in many ways.

Now I have a job. Retail. Have I already mentioned this? It’s really fun because I get to dress up and get out to be with people. I was becoming somewhat of a hermit – me and my computer. But this new job really screws with my bio-rhythms. Some days I work 8 to 5, other days I work 1 to 10. I don’t mind the variety but like I say, it really messes with my internal clock. That said, I don’t really follow the schedule I’ve been used to for so many years. Now I follow a time schedule that is all over the board, which brings me to my point. I keep forgetting to write my Monday and Tuesday blogs!

These past weeks at work have been good ones. I’m getting my floor legs, my sales legs. I’ve been selling a lot of lingerie. Men buying PJ’s and fuzzy flannel bathrobes for their wives, and women buying sexy lace bra and pantie sets for themselves. Funny huh? But it’s true.

Seems to me it used to be the other way around, right? Men wanted to buy sexy lingerie for their wives to spice things up in the bedroom. Women, generally speaking, were too shy to buy skimpy stuff for themselves, feeling insecure or maybe ashamed. It was the old-school way of thinking.

It is so refreshing for me to watch confident woman – young and old – sourcing out their boudoir wear and feeling fine about it. Young women seem at ease with their bodies no matter what size, and are very comfortable with showing skin and flaunting their stuff. And many older women seem to have reached an age and stage where they simply don’t care what anyone else thinks. Time is not going to wait for them so they are seizing the moment and enjoying letting themselves go a little (or a lot).

All in all, I love the interactions I have with the customers, and I really enjoy the range of personalities, ideas and thought processes of my fellow females.

I can’t wait to see what’s new and exciting on the racks tomorrow. Maybe something black and lacy — for my stocking.  socks

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Have you ever heard of La Perla?


It’s a very expensive brand of lingerie. I haven’t sold any yet, but I’ve come close, and there are many who have experienced the La Perla sale.

A pair of feminine thong underwear with less fabric than a handkerchief and a hint of lace on the sides, costs almost $600 Canadian. The matching bra that is really two pasties framed by straps and a band, costs more. They are beautiful to look at, and I’m sure even more ‘beautiful’ to look at someone wearing them, but I’ll never know how it feels because, even if I did have the money, I’d put it toward awesomely comfy footwear for my disgruntled feet after standing/walking for eight hours. Sad but true.

There are plenty of other brands of lingerie to choose from that are provocative and slightly more affordable. This season seems to be bringing in a lot of body suits.

These fine pieces of lingerie can be as demur or seductive as one chooses. There are lace, tight fitting onesies with plunging necklines, nylon or spandex combined femininely with lace for a moderate but hot level of sexiness that is totally wearable as a top with jeans, if you are so inclined. There are others that are basically strings that hug fine mesh to the body, revealing pretty much everything. Yeow. images-2

The one thing that strikes me about these body suits/onesies is that they are desirable and racy for any and every body. I love that. Lingerie should not be made for skinny bods but for voluptuous, well endowed women and whoever wishes to feel sexy and fine. 


However, in my findings, there is nothing like real silk to make you feel like a million bucks.


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As some of you know, I now have a job working sales in the lingerie department of a very prestigious store. It’s fun. For me it’s been a much needed balance to my writing career, where I sit for long periods of time. Now I stand for 8 hours. Killer on the feet, but I love working with people again.

I could end up working the 8 to 6 shift or the 1 to 10 pm shift. It’s ever changing, and so am I.

As a writer, I pay attention to the shoppers.

There are definite trends in what women (and men) like, depending on nationality and culture, age and demographic. But there are always surprises, which is good, and keeps me on my toes.

I suppose with the holidays upon us, the current trend seems to be the ‘cutsie’ animal onesies. That’s right. Halloween for the holiday season.

There are bears and cats and even a moose onesie suit. They are cute. They are fluffy and soft. They are not one bit sexy, but hey, there’s something for everyone. And, there are some animal sleep (or frolic) sets that come with a furry rabbit-face top, and furry short-shorts. That’s leaning toward sexy, right? 

I actually have always loved the onesie with the drop back bottom. Perhaps it’s a throwback to the old days of long underwear, or to childhood memories when every toddler wore a onesie. Would I wear one now?

Then we move on to the panties. Most (not all) women over the age of 40 do not like thongs and most in their 30’s do. Then there are always the in-betweens to throw me – the hip looking 20 somethings who want a full pantie. There you go.

Women in their late 20’s to 30’s go for sexy bodices to wear with shorts or jeans. I say, do it while you still can. They look great on them. The silk negligees are almost always picked up by the 40 plus crowd and men shopping for their woman. They are expensive and stunningly beautiful – to be appreciated. 

I am already crafting stories within stories from my hours on the lingerie floor, completely incognito of course, but nonetheless, there is a plethora of information and knowledge to be gleaned from working with customers in a more intimate setting.

More to come… MLcorset

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