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Well, I guess Halloween has come and gone and now, it seems, we’re heading into the heavy holiday seasons.

What did you do on Halloween? Do you like to dress-up and go out? I hear fetish clubs are very popular on Halloween. I suppose people feel more uninhibited in costume, and Halloween is a good excuse to dress-up without a lot of undo attention.  imgres

I wrote a short story in my book Boudoir Stories about a regular guy who fancied, and frequented, a downtown fetish club. It was fun writing it, mostly because I created the story based on what other people told me about their club experiences, as well as what I’ve read on the topic.

I’ve never personally been in one. I was once propositioned to go with someone, a young Heath Ledger look-alike wearing chain mail and fittingly tight leather trousers. But alas…

I may have told this story already so if I have, I apologize. Sometimes memories take you on a journey that needs to be revisited, for whatever reason.

Anyway, my friends and I had been at an exclusive singles club in Vancouver. It was getting late but we were having fun dancing to some live acoustic jazz when all of a sudden this young, attractive guy started dancing with me. We were doing some provocative moves and enjoying the beats. I will admit that he looked very handsome in his chain mail – very sexy. We were flirt dancing for a while, just playing around. It was late. Then my friends decided it was time to go. Well, for some reason, Mr. handsome young thing was not going to let me go without him. (if only that would happen now) He followed us out the door and into our waiting cab. That is when he told us where he was going – to a downtown fetish club.

imagesWe were, of course, all invited, but he was clearly encouraging me to join him. (remember, this was years ago so I can brag just a little). I was intrigued. I was titillated. I really wanted to go but not alone, and my friends would have nothing to do with that sort of thing.


I came this close (fingers closing in on a millimetre). I almost went for it. But at the last minute I chickened out. My handsome young stranger hopped out of the cab with a kiss and a wink and off he strode to the fetish club, alone.

No regrets, right?

Wrong. (just for the experience)

Oh well. We all have missed opportunities. What’s yours?


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Okay, I admit, I’m giving it another go. Maybe it’s the time of year, the weather, or maybe I am really realizing it is the only way to meet someone. I does not happen randomly like we may fantasize (or write) about. I wish it did but it doesn’t. So, back to the computer, the iPhone, the screen to hide behind, like so many do.

I had a very interesting coffee date the other day with a ‘young’ guy who I immediately pegged as not my type. (you know that first feeling you get – nothing about looks, just instinct) He started  yammering on and on about reasons why he was late; skytrain, weather, blah, blah and I was thinking it was going to be one of those ‘awkward to cut short’ kind of situations.

However, soon he began explaining about online dating, the algorithms they use, the ‘math’ behind other peoples profiles, the number of married women who are only looking for sex, the number of phony profiles and how to spot them. It was so interesting. This guy seemed to be a specialist in online dating. It helped he was a computer geek and knew (easily, I learned) how to figure all that stuff out. I suppose there are many others who can and do. But as a lay person, I found it all so fascinating. I really learned a lot.


One thing I neglected to ask him was why so many men post ridiculous photos of themselves. Like three photos that are all the same and too blurry to see, or the guy who is standing 200 meters away so you have no idea what he looks like, or the sideways pics (they don’t know how to rotate it?), or the pics where they look like serial killers. The list goes on. Seriously, I find myself laughing out loud at so many of them and I don’t understand what would prompt these men to put photos like this forward as their ‘best selves’. Is that as good as it gets?

Anyway, I’ll see how long I last on this site now that I’m working full time and writing and living. When can I fit in dating, I ask myself? But it’s another adventure, more fodder for my blog and perhaps a new book. And hey, every date is a learning experience. You do the math.


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Better Late Than Never

Posted on: October 17th, 2016 by Madison Lake No Comments

Here I am!

I know, I know, I missed an entire week – and it was supposed to be the start of all the new blog posts that I had promised. So here’s what happened.

I got a job!!  n

Truly, I have been a full-time writer now for a number of years, building my brand, blogging and of course writing books (the fun part). But it became apparent that I needed to get out of the house more. Writing, as you writers know, is a solitary profession. I was beginning to feel like if I traded my dog in for three cats, I would be lost to the world of the living forever. So, I began to apply for jobs.

I started out applying for paid writing gigs that were different from what I do, but soon realized I was missing the point. Duh, Madison, Get Out Of The House. So, I began to apply for all kinds of jobs, mostly retail.

I’d never worked in retail. Years ago (and I mean years) I worked in restaurants, bars, even did some reforestation work for the government, but never retail. So it took me eight months of persistency until I got my first interview by phone. I failed, but applying and got a second phone interview, which I nailed. Then onward to meet the department manager and got the next interview with the store manager. I am now a full fledged salesperson and Nordstrom. And the funniest thing of all is I’m working in the lingerie department! How amazing is that?

So, more opportunity, more personal experience, and certainly more fodder for my books (strictly confidential and fictional of course).

I will keep writing because if you’ve every thought of not breathing, it would be sort of like that. I will also keep writing blogs.

Remember, Mondays will be my personal blog posts and Tuesdays will be snippets from books or chapters or poems, and all here on

Now that’s out of the way I can tell you about an upcoming radio show I’m going to be on with my good pal, Graffiti Bleu. He will be interviewing me at 7 pm, Thursday, October 20th on Blog Talk Radio. You can find out how to link in on my Facebook page or here.

So come join the fun. He’s got a pretty good line-up of questions for me. It should be interesting…img_0387-2

Till tomorrow!


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Music Monday

Posted on: September 26th, 2016 by Madison Lake No Comments

Monday. Again. It’s interesting how Monday has become a marker for the start of our week. Perhaps because of the 9 to 5’s and the roll of norm we have created. Like time.

In any case, here’s a great song to start your week off. Enjoy and have a good one – all.

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Music Monday

Posted on: September 19th, 2016 by Madison Lake No Comments

Better late than never. I had a very busy day writing and got completely caught up in my story. So that’s all I have to say about that.

Enjoy this snappy video, thanks once again to Wilbur Gilroy, music geek extraordinaire.


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