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The Roundup!

Posted on: February 28th, 2014 by Madison Lake No Comments

We’re keeping it simple and slim over here this week, like no doubt the starlets have been doing with their food as of late for the Oscars!!

This is the Roundup:

#The History Of Sex (Part 99 btw, almost 100!) is about movie ratings and how they all began. Some Like It Hot indeed! 

#TalkToTippy has us chatting about the age old adage Does Size Really Matter?

And has a Cello ever looked quite this good, twice!? It’s #MusicMonday

Have a great weekend!


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The Round Up

Posted on: February 22nd, 2014 by Madison Lake No Comments

I hope your February is treating you well. Life seems to have such upsets and successes and figuring out how to best ride those waves seems to be the point of it all.

This is The Roundup:

#TalkToTippy the past 2 weeks has been as sexy as all get out!  From being TongueTied to Sharsies it’s all unabashed and honest as promised!

Make Love Not Porn inspired by Cindy Gallop should help take ‘porning’ out of the bedroom and make it all about pleasure instead. And just where did the gift of chocolate come from? It’s all in #TheHistoryOfSex.

#MusicMonday has Unbreak My Heart moving us and just a mere 7 days later we’re getting Happy.

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The Round Up

Posted on: February 1st, 2014 by Madison Lake No Comments










With some new website things happening and much business in the sun I haven’t done a round up for a couple of weeks but here are some of the quick links to the previous handful of posts, with some focus on the glam coming up with award season in Hollywood.


The red carpet has evolved into such a iconic location, but where did The Red Carpet begin? #HistoryofSex

And the Red Carpet Fashions always seem to be a big deal! #SexyGlam

Forgive or Forget Him? #TalkToTippy

Pussys to Riot for… #HistoryofSex

And of course a little peak of our Round Up cowboy!

Have a great weekend!

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The Round Up

Posted on: January 17th, 2014 by Madison Lake No Comments










No Music Monday due to change in formatting schedule. Stay tuned…

Experimenting outside the box with #TalkToTippy

The many layered life of Margaret Sanger #HistoryofSex #lessons

Can’t end the week without our cowboy. Yay for the Round Up! Happy Weekend.

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Posted on: December 13th, 2013 by Madison Lake No Comments










Let’s ease into the week #FifthDimension #MusicMonday

Love lost – or not? #TitillatingTuesday

Smooth chocolate or sticky honey #TalktoTippy

Cleopatra revisited #HistoryLesson

A bit of a whirlwind week. TGIF – again…

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