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What could possibly be better than sex with the one you love?  Well, according to science, a lot of things really.  And it’s not to say that sex isn’t still important to people, but sometimes other things take priority.  Like chocolate or bacon.

1. Food

If they had to pick, 1 in 3 singles would choose food over sex if they had to pick, revealed Today and in 2012.  The food your partner would drop you for?  Chocolate (26 percent) and steak (25 percent).  In a brand new study, 74 percent of French women said they’d rather eat than have sex.  And, 25 percent surveyed said they actually get more pleasure out of food than lovemaking.  About half would skip a romp in the sack for chocolate, followed by cheese (39 percent).  When given the choice between bacon and sex, 43 percent of Canadians went with the crispy meat.

Apparently we like food so much, that 1 in 6 women would give up sex FOREVER (!) for a slice of their fave sweet.

2. Sleep

More and more we hear how important a good night’s sleep is for our well-being and our relationship.  But for women specifically, catching zzz’s are more valuable than sexy time.  According to the Better Sleep Council, almost 80 percent of women admitted they would rather get some shuteye than get intimate.

3. Watch Soccer

It’s true, he really does love his team — like a lot.  A survey from online sex toy retailer Bondara revealed that 40 percent of British men would choose watching an afternoon soccer match over getting it on.  And, it’s even worse for the ladies dating Queens Park Rangers fans — 57 percent of their guys choose their team over sex.

4. Use Their Smartphone

In our digital era, it’s no surprise we’re all addicted to our smartphones.  44 percent of us are sleeping with them.  But even more than having a small panic attack when we get the 20 percent low battery notification and don’t have our charger nearby, our iPhone is more important to us than an orgasm. When asked to rank what they can’t live without, U.S. adults revealed they favor their smartphones over sex in a survey by Harris Interactive

5. Masturbate

Yes, solo sex is technically is a type of sex, but it’s one that doesn’t include your partner.  And while men seem to be the experts at masturbating, it’s something women certainly value in their lives.  According to an infographic from JimmyJane, a surprising 41 percent of women say they enjoy self-pleasure over having actual sex.

6. Catch Up on Paperwork

Talk about a wild night!  In the NOW TV study, women admitted they’d prefer to catch up on paperwork than have a passionate night in bed with their partner.  Auch!  Those papers must be really interesting.

7. Read A Book

Maybe they were in the middle of an erotic novel when they took the survey, but women from the NOW TV study ranked reading a book over having sex. For their husbands’ sake, we hope the house is filled with chocolate, bacon and a plasma TV.

Guacamole, coffee, maple syrup and tax refunds have been declared as better than sex as well.  What would You give up sex for?  Tell us in the comments below.

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