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As I flipped through the latest images of Paris Fashion Week’s sartorial statements, I was struck by the shorn pink locks that Jared Leto debuted at Vogue’s 95th anniversary party.  With a face like that his hairstyle can really do no harm.  But when I got to the photo of him canoodling with Kanye, I suddenly mourned the soft beachy waves he had been so casually rocking for the last three years.  Men with long hair have always had kind of exotic sex appeal that men with prim and proper cropped cuts just don’t.  Why do you think all the Harlequin romance covers are adorned with Fabio lookalikes?(c) York Museums Trust; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation


To find out, we turn to the biblical story of Samson, the judge over Israel, and his love Delilah.  Although Samson trusted and adored Delilah she was secretly a spy for the Philistines sent to uncover his great strength and attempt to take him down. He confided in her that his Nazirite vow at birth (which consecrated him to God) would be broken if his hair was ever cut.  As he peacefully slept on her lap, she summoned her co-conspirators and shaved the seven holy braids from his head, rendering him powerless.  A man is only as strong as his last great look.

Throughout history and all around the world, men’s hair has gone through significant changes, with length often representing their status.  Roman men, for example, originally wore both their hair and beards long until around 1 CE when short hair and close-shaved faces became a sign of strength and nobility.  It is even rumoured that Caesar’s famous laurel crown was nothing but a gimmick to hide his thinning hair, the original baseball cap in dating site profile pics. 

In India from 1700-1100BCE citizens would shave their heads leaving one long strand at the back or side for god to pull people into heaven.  Later, men wore their hair long and often braid it, very much like our darling Jared circa 2014.  Until 1922, when the Emperor chopped off his own ponytail in rebellion, it was mandatory for Chinese men to shave the front of their heads and tie their long hair back in silk laden braids.  Japanese men also traditionally wore their front hair shaved but tied the long part up into a man-bun, now back in trend thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio. 

eye-candy-rick-mora-9Like Samson, Native American tribes have always believed that those with longer locks proved more powerful and wise.  In the Middle Ages, Euro men introduced many trends in hair that are now commonly found on the male hipster of today: top knots, long hair with a middle part and of course, bushy beards.  Back then, everyone with lower status than the king (so…EVERYONE) had to wear their hair shorter than his ‘do.  The page-boy cut appeared in the 11th century, and never looked back; the rest is Beatles history.

These days long hair on men can signify a variety of things: the heart of an artist, rebellion against the status quo, rebellion against barbers, a desire to lead an unstructured life, sexual adventurousness, celibacy, or just because guys are lazy or broke.  No matter what history has taught us, a man with long hair will probably piss your dad off, so he’ll always be popular with the ladies.

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The Round Up

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With Valentines Day coming upon us next week I’ve made sure to give you some more sexiness for you to read this weekend in our round up!

Was Dr. Wilhem Reich, inventor of the Orgone Energy machine, crazy or not?  #HistoryofSex

Heteroflexible? #TalkToTippy

The Heart Aches  #PoetryFromTheHeart

Bruno take me to Mars!!  #MusicMonday

Yahoo!! Round me up cowboy!


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All Hallows’ Eve

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I went to a Halloween party over the weekend – unexpectedly – as I hadn’t planned to celebrate this year and had no costume. A friend of mine stopped by on Saturday afternoon and together we whipped together a somewhat sexy ghoulish outfit. Traditionally I go for the creepy or scary Halloween attire, but my friend insisted I still look hot. Good thing, as the party felt more like going to a fetish club than a Halloween bash. There was a lot of black leather and bondage and my worst fear was that Fifty Shades of Grey had become the running theme.

As it turned out, the S&Mers were quite authentic. I was surprised at how many people wore their fetishes proudly and comfortably and seemed to use the opportunity to dress-up as a way to display their art. It took a while for the music and cocktails to relax those partygoers not as familiar with that crowd (me included) but soon everyone was dancing and hobnobbing and by the end of the night it was difficult to tell whether the white bunny with the big boobs and oversized fluffy tail was really a mother of three or a Dom. It didn’t matter. A good time was had by all.

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Love that song from Grease, so let’s run with a this.

Lubricant or grease is used much more openly and regularly these days as a way of enhancing the sexual experience. It aides in the ease and comfort of anal sex and is a must when using sex toys. Plus let’s face it, it makes masturbation oh so pleasurable. In my opinion you can never have too much lube. But I’ll let our History of Sex specialist get into the ins and outs of lubricants on Thursday. Mmm Hmm.

I love the simplest and most known name brands; K-Y Jelly and Astroglide. But some of the new ones like Please Warming Gel, Sliquid Silk and Sliquid Sassy are on my test list. I’ll admit that sometimes I choose a lube like I choose a wine – by its clever name. Who wouldn’t be tempted to try Good Clean Love or Gun Oil? Probe Lubricant just sort of jumps off the shelf into my virtual shopping basket.

Check out the Lo Down for their reveal on lubes, what to use different lubes for and when, and what they think are some of the best lubes and why.

You can also find a healthy selection at  Good Vibes along with a lot of other sexy playful must-haves.

Grease up people. Especially good for summer nights.


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A Touch of the Irish

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Yes, St. Paddy’s Day is upon us! And to help celebrate this auspicious occasion, I thought it fitting to post my personal favorite Irish gents of 2013.

Here is the list of my top ten Irish rovers…


Isn’t Patrick Dempsey McDreamy? He has the Irish name, the Irish hair, and his Irish eyes are always smiling. What more could we ask for to start us off on this St. Paddy’s Day weekend?




Oh, Matthew, Matthew, Matthew. Married with children, but we can still look, and look we do. Six pack? More like a twelve pack. A man with too buff a bod is a turn-off (for me), but he seems to keep himself just within the sizzling range. Thanks, Matt.




Remember him? How sexy is this pic? Although he’s eased nicely into his ruggedly handsome maturity, Harrison Ford will always be Indiana Jones to me. And he carries a whip!




John Slattery. Now he’s a fine specimen alright. He cleans up nicely, is sexy & suave. Yet I can’t look at him without thinking he’s the arrogant swine he plays on Mad Men. Is it just me?




Yes, George is still hot after all these years of being the hottest man on the planet, and yes, he’s still one of my faves. He ages like a good Irish whiskey, however, I think he’s had his day in the sun. Time for some fresh meat, no?




This list would not be complete without Marky Mark. He’s adorable. Mark Wahlberg is ‘the man’ in so many ways – rough and tough yet soft and sweet. Oh, yeah.




Colin Farrell is one Irishman we can’t ignore. The quintessential sexy bad-boy that leaves a girl panting for more. Young and old, fantasies abound with Colin as the main attraction.




Gerard Butler. Now here’s some fresh meat, eh girls? He’s down-to-earth yummy. Just look at that face. And who doesn’t go gaga for an accent and a wicked crooked smile?




Is there anyone out there who has not had at least one restless night because of Robert Downey Jr.? Uh-huh. That’s what I thought. If I were younger, I’d pin this photo on my bedroom wall, pull up the sheets, and…




Liam Neeson. Babe-a-licious. Am I right? This is an old photo of him but Liam definitely gets better with age. Dammit. What is it about men and aging? In this case, I won’t argue. He stands alone as my number one. Need I say more?



Bottom’s Up all you Guinness lovers. And remember, it’s good luck to kiss a Leprechaun.

ML xo


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