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Actually I don’t. At all. But I have to like it because I write about romance.

I’m supposed to gush about love and giving a present but mostly getting a present – a box of chocolates or a bracelet or being taken out to a fancy restaurant. And let’s not forget about the flowers. Believe me, I have absolutely nothing against any of those things. I love getting gifts. I love giving them too. I just don’t think people have to go crazy on one silly, made-up day. That’s all.

(Cut to History of Sex – Valentine’s Day – just sayin’)

And it’s all about the woman. What’s with that? (I guess men just don’t care that much about a silly made-up day) I mean, sure women should get their due, but why on one silly made-up day? Why not on a regular basis?

I’ll add that to my ever growing list of ‘what I want in a man’ – that every day should be Valentine’s Day. Not the chocolates (okay, maybe sometimes) or the expensive restaurant or the card – not everyday. But I do want to be treated like I’m the love of ‘his’ life every single day.

Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

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Happy New Year!  Our tradition of ringing in another year is different than in other cultures today and certainly differs from ours in the past.  As we recover from our own celebrations, we would like not only like to take a moment to wish our readers have a wonderful 2015, but also take a look at the origins of our custom to ring in the New Year with a ringing headache.

Overshadowing anyone’s big night out this year was the most debaucherous party on record.  Attended by thousands of London’s revelers, the bash quickly spiraled into madness.  Elites dressed in theme costumes.  Bohemians dressed any way they wanted. Regular folks turned the tables and masqueraded as socialites.  This was kind of an impossible mix of people that demanded you check your social status at the door.

Here are some LIFE photos from the events.



The Chelsea Arts Club, founded in 1891 for private members only and still around today, held their annual bashes for about 50 years until they were banned in 1958.  Outrageous for their time, it seems that 1947 might just have been the wildest of them.  Shocking!  Uncivilized!  The event was also where gay people could be themselves without (quite as much) discrimination. 930x930xnye13-930x930.jpg.pagespeed.ic.CbmaaWE3IFnm_WB49n4H

Artists designed floats that would move around the dance floor which created a real carnival atmosphere.   Over the years, as the party became saucier and saucier, party-goers became more and more rebellious, creating the delightful tradition of trashing the floats as they circled the floor.

Check out the video below (from British Pathe News) to see the state of events at the ball by the time 1954 rolled around.






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jeff-buckley-799873Hello my dearest,

I hope your Monday was wonderful so far.  I feel grateful today to all the readers who have participated in my book giveaway this past week.  The only thing I wish is that I could give a book to all of the participants.  But I’ll have more giveaway and fun activities, so stay tuned.

This Music Monday I’m leaving you with Jeff Buckley’s song We All Fall In Love Sometimes. We all do, don’t we?

I’m listening to Jeff Buckley, sipping red wine and continuing writing my 5th book, the third in my historic romance novel series.  I am loving it so far, it’s happening so organically and smoothly.  I can’t wait to share it with you (I’ll share some teasers soon!).

Love, stay well,

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Today’s History of Sex

Posted on: November 6th, 2014 by Madison Lake No Comments

Sorry folks. Due to an overload of work I have to postpone H of S this week but I promise to be back on track next Thursday.

Instead, listen to this bit of sexy stuff. It’s historical too.


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History of Sex – postponed

Posted on: October 2nd, 2014 by Madison Lake No Comments

Sorry loyal History of Sex followers. Due to unforeseen circumstances, our history lesson for this week will not be posted, but will return with something smashing next Thursday, so don’t go too far.

And remember, tomorrow is our new blog, Author Secrets so tune in for that.

Happy Thursday.

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