The Twelve Days of Kisses: Day 12 Winners selection

Posted on: December 24th, 2012 by Madison Lake No Comments

Today’s winner is C: She submitted the heated, tense and tragic kiss between a young and gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor and the equally gorgeous Montgomery Clift in A Place in the Sun. Elizabeth Taylor managed to make the line Tell mama, tell mama all, intense and sexy. It is another tragic kiss that involves murder and adultery, and yet we still adore this moment between the two of them. The fact that the kiss is hidden by Clift’s shoulder makes it all the more alluring. Thank you for your submission C. You will receive your prize in the mail soon. Prepare yourself to be kissed… and a lot!!

This brings to close our “12 Days of Kisses” game and contest. I hope you come back for more fun and games in the future. xo Madison

A Place in the Sun, Elizabeth Taylor, Kissing scene, Romance novel, Romantic fiction, Erotica, Erotic fiction

here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Today’s winner will receive this in the mail courtesy of Madison Lake. Armani 400 Maestro Lip Color Stick. It goes on wet, but stays on matte. 

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