Titillating Tuesday – Boudoir Story #2

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The second of four short erotic fiction stories for Madison Lake’s Titillating Tuesdays.

Boudoir Story #2 – FREDERICO


Frederico was a vagabond. He was not homeless, nor poor, but he couldn’t stay in one place long enough to keep more than a six pack of Pacifico and left over Chinese take-out containers in the fridge, or hook up a telephone in the house he rented. Not long enough to leave a trail, just long enough to have some fun, make a little money, live till it was time to move on, and he never knew when that would be.
One of the things Frederico loved to do was dance. When he was six years old his mother had signed him up with the local boys soccer team, and later t-ball. After witnessing her son doing pirouettes in the middle of the field as balls whizzed past him, she pulled him out and enrolled him in ballet classes. He never looked back. Needless to say, Club 36, where he currently worked, was delighted to have such a classically trained dancer perform in their display window. Frederico was who the young, hip crowd watched as they waited patiently in the long line-up to get into the dark, seedy looking after-hours club. Around midnight he moved from the window to the stage, where he entertained the crowd with semi-erotic strip tease moves while the metal house band, who played at the club every weekend, blasted tunes up to the rafters. Pay was crap, but tips were good, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. The job paid the rent, kept him in great physical shape, while he did what he loved to do – dance. What more could anyone want in life?
Frederico had a best friend in Tucson, his current pit stop. Her name was Angela, but he called her Ange. Ange also danced at the club, and stripped from midnight to 2 am. Ange was tall, full figured, and very fit. Her best feature, she thought, was her butt – firm, round, and perky. Frederico had to agree, so most of the dances the two of them choreographed for her shows used her finest feature, and often included tassels, dangling balls and thongs. You get the picture.
Other than his handsome square-jawed face, thick dark hair, and steel blue eyes, Frederico’s best quality was his entire body, which included a gigantic penis. At first sight, Ange had been mortified, then curious, then in awe. She wanted to check it out, so they jumped in the sack and she tried it, the sack being a top-of-the-line Tempur-Pedic mattress in a frame on the floor. The floor was tongue and groove oak laminate that had pee stains from a dog the previous renters had probably kept indoors all day while they worked. To cover the stains, Frederico had thrown down a small, beige shag carpet he bought at Crate & Barrel. It served its purpose not only to cover the soiled wood, but to provide a soft cushion for Ange to kneel on.
Since the bedroom window was south facing, the room filled with afternoon light and Arizona warmth, even though the day was overcast. Ange didn’t bother to remove all of her clothes, but she did toss her t-shirt onto the nearby dresser, a white antique deco piece Frederico had picked up at an estate auction. He hadn’t meant to make a purchase when he walked through the door of ‘The Girls’ Estate Sales, especially one of home furnishings, but the gorgeous design was so unique he couldn’t resist. When he was ready to move on he would put whatever he had accumulated on Craigslist or eBay. Without fail, he’d make enough money for gas, food, and lodging to get him to his next destination.
Kneeling on the shag carpet from Crate & Barrel, Ange filled her mouth with Frederico’s enlarged member until it made her gag, but she didn’t stop, the enjoyment filled her more. Her large breasts bounced awkwardly as her mouth moved up and down the long shaft. Frederico lay on top of the bed on a feather duvet with his eyes closed. He had seen those same breasts bounce around when she danced on Friday and Saturday nights at Club 36, but this was different, if he had opened his eyes to notice. After she was finished, Ange had him enter her from on top. She climbed on the bed beside him, spread her legs and lifted them over her head, because she was a flexible girl. He entered slowly, filling her in that position too, his erect organ growing even more when inside her, or at least that’s what it felt like to her. It stretched her opening, then reached deep inside her so when her orgasm came, it was as if he had found a button and pushed it. Wham. Finally, she had him mount her from behind, and she arched up to meet his enormity.
Frederico enjoyed their sex, although he knew it wasn’t lovemaking. He did love Ange, he just did not love her. He had actually never really developed a strong enough attachment to anyone at any one place before he met Ange at the club in Tucson. For now it seemed to work for both of them, tumbleweeds that they were.

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