History of Sex, Part 72

Posted on: July 11th, 2013 by Madison Lake No Comments

Throughout history and in different cultures, the idea of what is sexy has evolved and gone through some weird phases.  Let’s look at some examples…

During the Renaissance in Europe, full figured women with nice, wide child-bearing hips and big breasts were the ideal.  Paintings by all the big name artists of the time feature ample ladies.  Alright, that seems pretty reasonable…but wait.  Large foreheads were thought to be the height of beauty and sophistication.  In order to achieve the right look, women would shave to make their hairline higher, pluck out all of the eyebrows and draw them on higher.

Foot binding in China was less silly and more life-long-disability.  When a girl was about 4 years old, her foot would be broken and bound, with the goal of a 3″ foot.  This practice accomplished a few things: it showed that the young lady in question came from a family rich enough for her not to work, it showed how delicate and dainty she was, and the walk women with bound feet had came to be sexually provocative to men.  About a billion women had their feet bound in the ten centuries the practice prevailed.

In India, during the Mughal dynasty, women chewed betel leaves to make their lips a nice appealing red.  Their lips looked great but the leaves lead to massive tooth decay.  Not sure that’s a fair trade off…

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