The History of Sex – Part 153 – East meets West online.

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Many successful young Muslim women in the West, though well educated and have it going on financially, struggle to make sense of their love lives.  Their love lives hardly echo their career achievements.

Arranged marriage is seen as an archaic concept.  Mainstream match-up websites are actually just modern versions of that dinosaur, while the Western idea of falling in love and marrying seems like the way to go.  But their Muslim community can’t quite accept the fact that they are single and pushing 30.  They have become a “minority within a minority”.

Dating is one way to change that dynamic, but they really have no idea what they are doing.  From a recent VICE article, some UK Muslim women were interviewed and said that Muslim men mostly desire a submissive wife—one who will not compete with them, many of whom are virgins, spending their time avoiding boyfriends well into their 20s, trying to keep their reputation intact.  These girls are still a little wary of online services: “It’s still going to take Muslim men a couple more generations before they realize that we want love, not money.”

Jessa has said that Salaam Swipe has the same rejection free approach of Tinder to help this huge group of amateur daters through the murkier elements.  As Haroon has said, “No one asks, ‘Where are the good Muslim women?’

Allowing for the obvious role of religion and ideology (or not) is paramount.  Even though these online daters aren’t going for drinks, or definitely not having sex on the first night, many are possibly meeting someone they can actually talk with.

And we know what that leads to…


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