The Twelve Days of Kisses: Day 11 Winners selection

Posted on: December 23rd, 2012 by Madison Lake No Comments

Our lucky winner for day 11 of “The 12 Days of Kisses” is S. She submitted the kissing (more like full on grope fest) scene from “Top Gun”. This classic 80’s film features an uptight, leggy, shoulder-pad-wearing Kelly McGillis who falls for a laid back, gum-chewing, slightly cocky Tom Cruise. This love scene “had me at hello”, and then it developed into a full on love making scene, complete with appropriate 80’s blue tinting. The previously uptight McGillis somehow winds up in an oversized mans shirt. Yummers all the way. Nice job S. I hope your prize brings you kisses just as passionate, but maybe not quite as blue as this one. xo Madison.

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The build up to the kiss is probably more sexy than the kiss itself. When Kelly McGillis chases Tom Cruise after being hard on him in public, and finally admits “I just Don’t Want Anyone to know that I’ve fallen for you”…. and Kiss… and cut to blue tint sex scene.


Your prize: Armani 400 Maestro lip color stick. It goes on wet, and stays on matte for those long, kiss-filled nights. Enjoy.


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