TITILLATING TUESDAY: Salon Antics, Chapter 17: Where Silence Ends

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Genevieve, Della, Miguel, and Savannah Porsche sat huddled close together in the waiting room of Cedars Medical Center, waiting for blood work and x-ray results to come back from the lab.  The emergency physician had reassured them that everything would be alright, but there were concerns as to whether the bullet had torn into ligaments in his femur, which would require orthopedic surgery then plastic surgery. They were also concerned the bullet had nipped an artery when passing through his leg. There had been a lot of blood. 

It had already been a long night. They had been awake, on and off, for almost seventy two hours. Miguel snored softly, his head leaning against the seat back of a hospital waiting room chair. Savannah stood and began pacing across the shiny, freshly mopped floor. 

“Boy, could I use a coffee,” she said, glancing around for a beverage machine.

“Me too,” seconded Della drowsily.

“Let’s go find the cafeteria, Savannah. I wouldn’t mind a hit of caffeine either,” Genevieve suggested, ready for a breather.

“I’ll stay and sit with sleeping beauty in case the doc shows up with some news,” Della said, nodding toward Miguel. “Would you grab one for me too?”

Genevieve stood up and the two of them walked toward the elevators. When they got to the cafeteria on the sub-basement level, they each filled a Styrofoam cup with fresh steaming coffee and sat down.

“Listen, G. This may not be the time to talk about this, but then, I’m not sure when would be.” Genevieve looked into Savannah’s bright blue eyes that stared back at her with such innocence – such desire.

“Well then, go ahead…shoot,” said Genevieve. “No pun intended.” They both managed a nervous laugh.

“Has Miguel spoken to you yet?” Genevieve looked startled.

“Well, no. I mean, he tried. He tried when we were at the club, before the shooting, but then all the commotion and everybody coming and going, well…”

“So I guess he didn’t manage to tell you about us?”

“You? What about you?” There was a moment where Genevieve looked very confused, not understanding where this conversation was going. Then, like a lightbulb suddenly went on, her eyes brightened.

Oh my god! You. You and Miguel are…So that’s what he was trying to say, that’s what he so desperately wanted to tell me.” A relieved and happy smile broke out on G’s face.

“So, you’re not mad? You’re not upset?” 

Genevieve stared again at her friend in disbelief. Savannah began to shift uncomfortably in her chair. G took her hand and held it between the two of hers.

“No, Savannah, I’m not mad. I’m glad. I totally get it – now. I’m just kind of daft about stuff like this sometimes, and with all that’s been going on, well…you know.”

“Oh, do I ever. I mean even with me and Miguel, it just sort of happened before either of us could actually make any sense of it. G, you know I never would have betrayed you if Miguel hadn’t told me that you two weren’t really happening anymore.”

“Miguel said that?”

“Well, once we knew there was a connection, once the sparks started flying, then yeah, he sort of reassured me that it wouldn’t be a problem, that you weren’t really together anymore. Besides, it just sort of happened.”

“That’s the best way,” laughed Genevieve, and Savannah relaxed. “I have been going through my own turmoil about how to let Miguel down gently,” Genevieve said. “Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great guy, but I realized almost as soon as we started seeing each other that we weren’t meant for one another. We had fun and all, and the sex…well, you know…” Genevieve broke off, feeling ashamed she brought that up in front of Savannah.

“Don’t worry, G. We’re women, and we’re grown ups. There’s no point pretending there wasn’t sex involved, and I’m sure pretty it was good sex, if I’m not mistaken.” She blushed, and they both laughed.

“Well, I’m glad. I’m glad you have both found each other. In fact, I can’t think of a better match. I knew it wasn’t going to be me but, and I’m sorry to say, I didn’t ever think of it being you either – until now. Now I see how perfect it is. Really.”

Just then Della came barging into the cafeteria, breathless.

“Come, come quickly. Irish is out of recovery. He’s in his room and wants to see us, or at least see you, G. C’mon, hurry.” Della turned on her heels and headed back to the elevator.

“Hmmm, since we’re now sharing secrets, is there something you want to tell me?” Savannah asked, looking at Genevieve suspiciously. Genevieve smiled.

“You’ll find out soon enough. We’d better get upstairs now.” Before Savannah had a chance to grab her coffee, Genevieve was there. She put her arms around her and gave Savannah a warm hug. 

“That’s for all the things we’ve been through together.” 

* * * * *

Liam’s eyes flitted open and closed for the first half hour, while Genevieve held his hand and stroked his warm, rosy cheeks. She’d never had a chance to inspect his face for such a long period of time before, so she enjoyed getting to know this man even more intimately. By studying the curve of his jaw, the shape of his earlobe, the breadth of his brow, she was able to get a sense of who this mysterious, sexy, gentle giant was. His skin, although often covered with a two-day growth, was actually very smooth and rich in color. Her index finger followed the inked green, blue and yellow skin of the Indian Cobra whose tail ran from Liam’s left shoulder all the way to rest its head on the soft veins of his wrist, tongue spitting red. She could almost feel its scales they looked so realistic. He had other tattoos too; roses, so delicate she felt she could smell them, dancing skeletons symbolizing life and death, a face of a woman, and the word truth spelled out above his heart. She had never seen his body before, so all this art fascinated her and intrigued her even more than she was already. Bravely, Genevieve bent down to kiss him, his lips inviting her. The door opened before their lips touched, as did Liam’s eyes, meeting Genevieve square on. They held each other’s gaze while their hearts pounded like conga drums in their chests.

“Well, Mr. Irish, you had quite a close shave last night.” Dr. Hodgson, who looked old enough to be Liam’s father, put his stethoscope in his ears and approached the bed. Genevieve got the message and pulled back, but she didn’t let go of Liam’s hand, nor did he let go of hers.

“Everything sounds fine. How’s the leg feeling?”

“A little painful, I have to admit,” Liam sighed. “What news do you have? What did the tests show?”

Doctor Hodgson, white haired and slight of frame, walked around the bed and sat on the edge near where Genevieve was standing.

“So far we think the bullet just grazed your femoral artery. This was a serious concern for us at first, but the bleeding seems to have subsided for now. That doesn’t mean you are out of the woods. You must remain bedridden for at least another twenty four hours, is that clear?” Liam nodded. “That way we’ll be able to monitor the bleeding to see if any other issues flare up in the meantime.” The doctor cleared his throat and continued. 

“As for the torn ligaments, we’ve had our orthopedic surgeon take a look at the x-rays. He seems to think you might not require surgery after all, but again, nothing is set in stone. You’re going to have to stay here for a few days minimum. You’re okay with that, aren’t you Mr. Irish?” Liam nodded again, agreeably. “We don’t want to send you home with some unforeseen problem that might occur later.” Dr. Hodgson looked at Liam seriously. 

“That bullet went right through your leg, young man. At close range. You are very lucky, you hear me? Very lucky.” He stood up. 

“So, I’ll be back to see you again tomorrow, after my morning rounds. Until then, you have good staff taking care of you here. Make sure you ask for help if you need it and please, do yourself a favor. Don’t get out of bed.” 

“By the way,” he said before exiting the room. “Apparently someone from the Miami Metro is going to be paying you a call in the next while.” He turned and the door automatically hissed shut.

Liam looked at Genevieve’s worried face.

“Well, that man doesn’t mince words, does he?” She laughed, then buried her head in the crook of Liam’s arm. He wrapped his strong arms around her and brought her body close enough to his so that he could feel the soft fullness of her breast, hear her heart pounding against his own. Gently, he lifted her chin so that her face was close to his. One look melted her into submission and their lips were locked in a warm and passionate kiss before either one of them realized what had happened – that Della, Miguel, Savannah, Mitch, and Fran were standing in the doorway watching.

…stay tuned…chapter 18 of Salon Antics will be posted next Tuesday, November 15…

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