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Summer Flu

Posted on: August 18th, 2015 by Madison Lake No Comments

Yes, I’ve had it alright. Ugh. After months of absorbing the sweetness of summer and playing in the surf (so to speak) I got hit with the ache of fever and the chills of a winter night. Instead of being outside walking the dog, talking with neighbours, sipping a beer on a local patio, I have been wrapped in double blankets curled up in my bed, drinking fizzy water and herbal tea. At least there’s some comfort to be found. And this too shall pass…

Change the channel…

A bit better today. Out of bed and on the sofa. Big move.

Recently I’ve been working – and reworking a poem I started months ago. I find that sometimes a poem falls into my lap, I make a few tweaks, move some lines around, leave it for a few days before revisiting it with sometimes only a few final adjustments. Those don’t come along all the time, which brings me to my recent poem.

It’s been a ride from the get go. When I began writing it I had in mind where I wanted to go but that was not to be. It has morphed into more than one incarnation on the page and continues to take me along for a ride full of surprise twists and turns. At one point I almost gave it up but now I understand the piece and am eager to discover its resting place.

On the note of poetry, I may have mentioned that I have recently received several new poems for the long ago promised anthology. I’m delighted and hope to hear from more of you so we can make this anthology a reality.

Happy writing.

ML xo