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Titillating Tuesday

Posted on: September 23rd, 2014 by Madison Lake No Comments









I’ve written 9,954 words in the new book so far. There is one erotic scene between two characters but several fantasies by other characters about men or women or each other. There has been one serious suitor, many old lovers and one near death tragedy. A new character has just appeared on the scene. He’s young and of course wickedly handsome and he has already taken a shine to our exotic heroine. Not surprising. Have I stirred up some interest?

It’s a partly cloudy, partly rainy day today. Perfect for me to continue writing without the call of the sunshine and distractions that come with it. I will miss the warm, cloudless days now that autumn is here, but I must admit these approaching months are excellent for writing and at the rate I’m going I may just start book six. Something brand new of course.