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Posted on: January 30th, 2017 by Madison Lake No Comments

Blogging is hard work! It takes thought, creativity, research, editing. It takes time. Don’t get me wrong. I love writing my blogs. I really do. But three a week is overkill, wouldn’t you agree? IMG_0204

I realize some of you loved Music Monday, and when I can find a tune to post I’ll do so, but it won’t be a regular thing. Maybe Wilbur Gilroy will help me out on occasion?

I’ll stick with Titillating Tuesday and switch it up between my personal blog posts and some writing excerpts. I think I’ll be able to move things along with that mix and still be entertaining and titillating.

And of course a week would not be complete without History of Sex. I miss my sex historian, Jade, but I’ll manage to get the job done. So far it’s been quite interesting delving into research on various topics. There’s so much I don’t know!

So what’s new this week? Tune in tomorrow to find out.

Meanwhile, here’s an appropriate song for this week – soon to be the 1st of February! Where does the time go?

2017Well then…

It’s the year two thousand and seventeen — 2017. Wow! Imagine that in years. That’s a long time.

I remember as a kid, sitting around the dinner table with my family. One night we started talking about how old each of us would be in the year 2000, then 2005, and so on. We could not fathom that then. It seemed so unimaginable to reach the year 2000, like 2001 Space Odyssey, so surreal and futuristic.

Anyway, here we are in 2017, always with resolutions, whether spoken or silent, ideals for a better year, hope for resolutions far and wide, and we march on because that’s what we do.

Madison Lake has no great plans and yet, I love surprises, and hope you do too. One never knows what’s around the corner, who you’ll bump into with a new plan in store for you.

Be observant. Be open-minded. Be flexible. Be willing to try new ideas, taste new things, experience all that is available in this big wide world. At times we may fall flat. Other times we may win big. But we all know that with every new adventure we learn and grow, so keep at it. There is no such thing as too much knowledge and life experience.

I’m starting my next book. Yessss! I can’t wait. I won’t reveal clues as to the storyline yet, but once it gets rolling I will share tidbits to fuel your curiosity.

On another note…I am sad to say that Madison Lake’s Modern Trash is losing one of it’s finest and most loyal contributors as of this new year. Jade Lake (no relation) has worked tirelessly for Madison Lake dot com since the early days. She and I struggled together through the trials and tribulations of learning social media. She did all sorts of marketing and research and created youtube clips and experimented with advertising. In the early days she edited my books.  wonder_woman_commission_by_jadeddreams1-d6gr5ah

Most recently she has been the brains and creative talent, researcher and author, of our most popular blog, The History of Sex. That in itself is a wondrous feat. What the hell am I going to do without her??

Many people don’t know there are others onboard to make Madison Lake dot com happen all year round. Jade has been with me for so many years I seriously don’t know how I will manage. But she has her own life (imagine that!), a new daughter, and plenty of her own hopes and dreams. She is a creative, energetic, clever, free spirit and I know whatever she chooses to do in life, she will always find success.

Best of luck to you, my rock. You will be missed.


woman reading

It’s nearing midnight and I’m wide awake. I know that’s not saying much. Midnight used to be when the party got started. Now when I’m awake at midnight I know it’s going to be a long, restless night.

I’ve been taking to journaling again. Usually when I can’t sleep I work on a chapter of a book I’m writing or visit an unfinished poem. Sometimes I read, although that often keeps me awake for several hours longer because I can’t put a good book down. So I decided to try journaling again.

Journaling is like blogging only on a one-on-one basis. No one reads my journal but probably a lot of people read my blog. I really am honest in my blog posts, no bullshit, keep it real. I try to come up with interesting topics or stories to share but there’s no doubt I’m guarded knowing it’s going to be out in the public domain. And although juicy gossip and sexy themes draw a larger audience, I like to keep my personal life my own so yes, blogging is limited, at least for me.

My journal sits beside my bed or in the drawer beside my bed. Therein lies my truest thoughts, my darkest secrets, my longings and losses, what I marvel at, what I dare not say aloud.

We should live in truth but there are things we each carry around, like a benign lump or an unruly grey hair that won’t go away. They are our nemesis and our kindred spirit. They are part of who we are. These things are not baggage. They are not a burden. They are our truth and only we understand them.



Posted on: June 10th, 2015 by Madison Lake No Comments

My apologies, fellow writers/followers/bloggers/friends…

I completely spaced out on my Tuesday blog post, and then when I had another day to redeem myself–today–I was buried (again) under piles of paperwork and editing. Argh!

The good news is…I have been working overtime on Willow Wisp, which is in the final editing and development. Once I’m through with this round it might be a couple of weeks before it’s available to you. Whew. Yay. Take a load off!

Hey, I’m not complaining, it’s just that when it rains it pours. You know how it is. I was working on my brand new novel (yet to be titled), re-editing Boudoir Stories after the editorial evaluation, and then Willow Wisp’s final edits landed in my inbox. Hence missing my Tuesday blog post.

Nuff said. See y’all next Tuesday hopefully with some juicier news or at least not such mundane stuff as editing. Blerg.

Happy Days. ML

ps…here’s a sneak peek