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Excerpt from The Party, from Boudoir Stories    


* * * * * *

They hadn’t made love right away, but had driven out to the beach to watch the sunrise. Foreplay. They sat in the car and enjoyed the break of day together until normal breathing became almost unbearable, touching unstoppable.

They chose the car over the white sand with cattails that blew softly in the breeze. It was just sex, she had reminded.

As Sabrina writhed and arched over the 6-speed gear shift, slid her lust across the taupe leather seats, Dawson groped like a lost boy. Dawn’s first light bore in through the windshield. Her breasts were hard as melons, probably fake but it made no difference to him. He squeezed them.

Her panties, already down around her knees, left nothing for him to do but reach in, feel her readiness. And so was he. Unbuttoned, he sprang forth, quivered with desire, pushed to enter. A pile of condoms spilled from the dashboard onto the floor. Out of reach. Taunting. He made a move for them. She grabbed him, pulled him close. Demanding. He reached again but she stopped him, placed his outstretched hand on the soft of her inner thigh, pressed it into her wetness. Tongue in ear.

“It doesn’t matter,” she whispered. But he knew it did. Between licks he reached down, unwrapped one handed in one movement. Like riding a bike, he hadn’t forgotten how. Gingerly, he placed tube over tip, opened, spread, pushed. She was anxious, excited, forced its fit, urged rubber down hard as he dove into her. She was so ready.

By the time they climaxed the sun was pouring heat through glass. Warm leather. Ecstasy. Afterward, she wanted to smoke. He didn’t. She stepped out into the salt tipped air and lit up, inhaled deeply. He watched her. Audrey Hepburn hair blew in the wind, wet lips curled around cool menthol, bared shoulder pressed against hot chrome. She looked away. Distant. Aloof.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Dear All,

Take the big fat red pen and put February 11, 2016, at 8 pm, on your calendars!  I’m having a book reading event at The Art of Loving store in Vancouver, Canada.

From the Art of Loving Event page:

Seminar Leader: Madison Lake
Audience: Everyone

madison-lake-authorCome out for an evening of escapism & listen to local author, Madison Lake, read from her new book of erotic short stories. Bring your sweetie, bring a gaggle of boy or girl friends, or arrive solo.  One way or another you’re bound to enjoy yourself.

Snacks & beverages served, and a bevy of books and erotic playthings will surround you.  Remember, Thursday has long been the new Friday.  Get out and enjoy yourself.

Madison Lake’s career began in the mid nineties with production work and feature writing for travel and home lifestyle magazines.  Several years later she became a prolific writer of erotic romance novels, also known as romantica.  Her sixth book, Boudoir Stories, is a selection of steamy short stories that are sure to please.

***Please register via this Signup link. The book reading event Vancouver is free, but we’d love to know how many visitors we can expect. Thank you!

I am excited to meet you in person, bring your book copy for a signing, or get one at the event and I’ll be happy to sign it for you.  The books make a fabulous Valentine’s Day gift, you both will enjoy it, I guarantee.

Much love, I can’t wait to see you at The Art of Loving in Vancouver at 8 pm. Here’s the map of the location.



Hello & happy Monday!

Can you believe we’re in August already?  The year has been passing by so swiftly this year, or perhaps I’ve been keeping myself very busy!  It might be the later I guess, and I don’t mind it a bit.  My latest book “Willow Wisp” is out from the printer and fresh on the shelves, and the collection of short stories “Boudoir Stories” is in the final process and preparations for print.  In the meantime, my book #7 is on my desk and forming into a lovely story.  What more can a writer expect?  There is one thing – I’d love for you to read my latest book, Willow Wisp, and let me know your thoughts about it.  Send me an email or leave a review online.

New day, new week and a new month – a fantastic opportunity to set new goals, and try to stick to them.  This month I’m aiming to keep a balance between writing and relaxing, being productive in the mornings and in the afternoons enjoying the sun while I still can.  And you?

On my speakers this week are Belle & Sebastian.  What are you listening to?

I usually spend Monday night writing Tuesday’s blog. It’s the one blog of the week I write from the hip–just entertaining, hopefully interesting material of a personal nature. Real and honest.

Today, however, I have to do some (eh-hem) shameless self promotion.

You see, I have one book of erotic short fiction stories that I hope to have out in the early fall, and I have two amazing book covers that I can’t decide on. What’s a writer to do? Well naturally, create a contest where readers and followers choose their favourite book cover and wager on winning a prize.

This contest is currently plastered on Facebook, Twitter and now here, because the contest ends today at noon and I want one more kick at the can.

People don’t really respond to contests anymore. Sure, a few Facebook ‘friends’ hopped onboard, which was great. Twitter got some shares but no one actually participated. I guess we’re all so inundated with crap from the web, from spam mail, and from people like me who are working it–promoting instead of just writing and sharing with no strings attached. We’re all pretty sick of it, and I get that. However, this is social networking and social marketing and we’re all trying to make a living. True story.

Without further ado, and without further justifying my right to market, here are the two book covers, created by Monashee Photography. Pretty cool, aren’t they? And you can see my dilemma. It’s a very tough choice.


So here’s how to play, and you’re going to play because today’s the last day. You have till noon, so don’t just think about it, do it! And if you have time, tell a friend to just do it too!

1. Choose your favourite book cover

2. Email me at

3. Tell me why you chose the cover you did, and why you think it would be the best cover for me to use

4. Make sure to put your full name and contact info on the email. If you’re a winner we need to find you.

1st prize – $100 Amazon Gift Certificate

2nd prize – the full collection of Madison Lake books, including the two new ones due out in the fall (that’s six books in total)

3rd prize – the Cloud of Hawthorne three book series, the third book due out in the fall

So send us your choice via email and Good Luck!