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Twas the night before the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring except…Me! Laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, food prep…but all in good fun and with the spirit of Christmas.

As people hustle and bustle carrying armloads of parcels to and fro and holiday lights twinkle through sheets of rain, I am cozied up in my apartment with Bing crooning about a White Christmas and the smell of pine boughs filling the space. Memories of Christmases past flood in; unwrapping glass ornaments, each with a story from years past, then decorating a fresh cut tree, the smell of pine needles everywhere. Mulled wine and spiced apple cider, carols playing in the background, gingerbread baking in the oven, reading books by the fireplace, excitement.

What ever it is we celebrate this and any time of year, it is the memories. Hold on to them, make new ones of your own, cherish the old ones, and tell the loved ones around you how important they are in your life. Tis the Season. Remember it all year long.

Happy Holidays!

she & him christmas song

Hello and happy Monday!  I am enjoying this Monday in beautiful Baja, drinking a delicious latte and looking towards the ocean, hearing the waves crashing at the shore, while preparing to write the last chapters in my book #5.  I only have a few days left in my sunny writing retreat, and while it was extremely productive (I look forward to finishing the first draft of my next book), I also had the pleasure to meet many wonderful people at my book pre-launch party at Zac’s Bar & Grill (see some photos from the event here).  Next Monday I’ll be back home, getting ready to celebrate a white Christmas with family and loved ones.  Until then, I send you warm holiday greetings from Baja, and this Christmas song by She & Him.

Happy Holidays,