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Writing is hard work. Dating is hard work. Joining a Nunnery (I imagine) is hard work. Just about everything we do is hard work but that shouldn’t stop us.

There’s no doubt, when I write, I want to dazzle my readers. I want to make them laugh and cry without being sappy, I want to make them think without being too profound, I want to reach them on some level so they go away feeling more than when they started and most of all, I want them to turn page after page and thirst for more. It’s hard work.

It’s also a lot of fun.

When I get into my ‘zone’, whether it is poetry or a story I’m writing, I am entirely in my narrative. Words flow through my body and out my fingertips onto the page or screen. Characters come alive, each with their own look, voice, personality. Dramatic scenes happen organically, erotic or romantic scenes surprise me, sometimes new characters appear from nowhere and become more prominent than imagined.

When lost in my stories or poems, nothing else matters. Thoughts to impress are easily abandoned. It doesn’t matter. I’m in my own dazzling world of fiction, of fantasy, of verse.

Once finished, however, the painful process of editing begins and the demons step out. They only stick around for a while and have an important job to nudge the piece along. They clip frayed edges, remove some of the innards that aren’t working, and give the material a few facelifts. This process can take months, often years, the end result being the initial passion you began with but dusted off and polished.

Yes, writing is like that. Dating…well, maybe more on that next week.