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The third of four short erotic fiction stories for Madison Lake’s Titillating Tuesdays.


“I can’t believe she did that,” cried Dharma in outrage. “She’s never done that.” Dharma pulled her pink cashmere sweater off and tossed it over the back of the green overstuffed chair in the living room. She grabbed her mail from the side table and began to open it.
“Did what?” asked Kyle nonchalantly, not letting on that he enjoyed it when Dharma walked around the house in her skivvies. Her breasts, although not large, over-filled her petite red lace bra, and then he couldn’t help fantasize about her firm, round butt protruding from a red lace thong underneath that skirt she was wearing, or wondering whether she wore a pair of bikini panties that didn’t match, or nothing at all.
“What was that you said?” Kyle asked her, startled out of his daydream by Dharma’s voice.
“I said, she left the door unlocked. Penelope left the god damn door unlocked. My laptop is in here, along with my hard drives and all my old vinyls…”
“Was anything stolen?”
“Uh, no, but…”
“Well then,” Kyle said, getting back to his work. “No need to get in a panic, is there? Nothing’s missing. All is well.”
“Kyyyle,” Dharma lamented. She hated when he called her on things.
“Oh, come on,” Kyle went on. “You know you like having her here. She fits in, helps out with the chores and errands, and we all seem to get along well. Besides, she’s cute.”
Dharma looked up from her mail. “Oh, I see where this is going. You have a big fat crush on her.” Kyle chuckled.
“I think you’re cute too, Dharma. Especially when you’re jealous.” Kyle kept typing as if he didn’t know her eyes were boring into him.
“I’m not jealous. We’ve been roommates for, how long now, almost a year? Haven’t we gotten past all this?”
“Past all what, the fact that you’re fucking hot?” he said, point blank. Dharma blushed, and hoped that with her head down, her brunette bangs hid her embarrassment.
“New York summer is what’s fucking hot,” she said, and he laughed at her quick wit.
“Kyle,” Dharma said looking up again, her cheeks still flushed. “You’re my brother’s best friend.”
“What does your brother have to do with the fact that you’re fucking hot?” Kyle loved annoying her. He thought she was even sexier when she got revved up.
Dharma threw the stack of mail on the uncluttered coffee table and walked into the kitchen for some water. Kyle watched her go. “Want some?” she asked as she filled two glasses from the cooler. Kyle nodded, turning back to the graphic designs he was editing on his iMac. Dharma brought his water over to him and, reaching over his shoulder, placed it on the table beside the computer.
“Whatcha working on?” she asked, leaning in. He felt a wisp of lace graze his neck.
“Mmm, you smell good.”
“Me? Oh, that must be eau de office,” she said. “It tends to linger.” He laughed again, leaning back to feel her body against his.
“I’m working on a presentation for a lecture I’m giving tonight at the college,” he explained. “I’m almost finished.” He looked at his watch. “Oh, shit, gotta run. I forgot I’m supposed to be there early. Fuck, where does the time go?”
“When you’re having fun, right?” She pulled away from the desk and sauntered over to the sofa where she flopped down to resume reading her mail. He glanced over and noticed one tender nipple was peeking out from underneath the low-cut of the bra. It was firm and brown, and made him hard just seeing it.
He and Dharma walked around the apartment half naked a lot of the time. They were used to each other, comfortable. Both had had long term live-in relationships that ended badly, so when, Frankie, Dharma’s brother, suggested they share his old apartment while he took a year long sabbatical in Spain, that turned into two, they both agreed, knowing neither of them was interested in getting involved again for a long time. This living arrangement had been working well for both of them. They found each other to be tidy, dependable, they loved the same moves, liked cooking and, aside from Dharma’s occasional mood swings, they were both easy going, thanks in part to the fact that they both had a sense of humor. It was platonic bliss up until a few weeks ago when Penelope had arrived.
Penelope was an old high school classmate of Kyle’s. They had never dated – she was not his type – but they had friends in common and so had kept in touch via Facebook and email over the years. When Penelope contacted him a month ago looking for a place to stay for a couple of weeks during some modeling auditions in New York, he and Dharma both agreed it would be fine. After all, both of them worked all day, and she said she would be out on the town most nights. But things didn’t turn out that way. Although they all found Penelope a helpful, quiet houseguest, after her first night, she did not go out clubbing, choosing instead to stay at home and watch indie movies and eat popcorn with them, which was their thing to do. She made a point of wearing skimpy clothes whenever Kyle was around, and made sure to sit beside him – almost on top of him – when they were on the couch together. Dharma didn’t know why all this bothered her. Kyle was not her boyfriend, nor did she want him to be. All she knew was she didn’t take well to Penelope getting so comfortable with him in their home. That aside, Dharma liked Penelope. She thought she was fucking hot too.
That night, when Kyle got home from his lecture, he found the apartment extraordinarily quiet.
“Hello,” he called. “Anybody home?”
“We’re in here,” he heard Penelope call back from Dharma’s bedroom. The door was ajar, and candlelight flickered out into the dimly lit living room. He dropped his briefcase by the front door and hung his jacket on the coat tree.
“You girls want a beer? What’s on TV?” Kyle walked to the fridge and grabbed three bottles of Fat Tire Pale Ale, opened them, and walked to the bedroom. There, lying in bed together, were two gorgeous, lingerie clad women. Penelope and Dharma were snuggled together on top of a bed stripped of all bedding other than a satin fitted sheet. Their long, smooth legs were intertwined, their arms were around one another. Kyle was amazed to see that as they watched the TV they fondled and stroked each other’s delicate skin and touched one another in places he had only dreamed of. He also noticed that Dharma looked a little nervous, or was she shy? He couldn’t tell.
“Join us,” Penelope urged. Without hesitation, Kyle disrobed while both women watched with delight. He climbed into bed and he too began to fondle and caress them, taking care to give each woman equal attention. Don Draper could be heard explaining to Peggy how to present her ingenious ad to their current client in a Mad Men rerun that played in the background, but no one paid any attention. All they were aware of was touching each other’s bare skin, exchanging wet kisses, and groping unexplored orifices.
Penelope, it seemed was well versed in the ménage à trois. She directed the other two in what to do and who to do it with, making sure she was well taken care of. It wasn’t just Dharma who noticed, so when Kyle was getting a hand job from Penelope, who of course hoped it would lead to much more, Kyle had another idea. Wiggling out of her clutch, which was no easy task, he turned her onto her stomach. She moaned, lifting her butt into the air and placing her own hands underneath to pleasure herself while waiting for Kyle to make his move. Kyle continued to rub her buttocks, keeping her satiated so he could look at Dharma, because she was who he really wanted. He had to admit that Dharma was even more desirable than he had imagined, or was it that he was fondling another woman while fantasizing about Dharma that was the turn-on? Whatever it was, his throbbing manhood was saying take her now.
Dharma watched as Kyle moved closer to her, leaving Penelope to her own devices. He spread her legs and came down on her, licking and sucking her deliciousness until she forgot where she was and what they had been doing. She arched her back and pressed herself into his wanting mouth until she came in a rush of liquid heat, the only thing wetter being the ultimate release of Kyle’s engorged member.
Kyle stayed down there for a while, enjoying his pleasure, and hers. He had forgotten about Penelope, who seemed to have created her own orgasm and now lay listless at the head of the queen sized bed. Finally Kyle crept out from between Dharma’s legs and inched his way up until they were face to face. They kissed.
“I love eating you,” he said to her. “You’re the only woman I think of, or want to taste for the rest of my life.”
And so, thanks to his old high school classmate, Penelope, from that night forward, Kyle had Dharma for dessert.