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Suddenly Peter slid up closely beside her and put an arm around her shoulder. She turned to him with a smile, thinking he was being sincerely sensitive to her situation, when he leaned in and placed his full lips on hers. She tried to pull away but he held her face in his hands and kissed her more intensely, his mouth melting into hers. Without realizing it, Joanie found herself giving in. She leaned into his palms, then into his body, hungry for this feeling that for so many years she had wondered about. Now she knew, and it felt wonderful. Their kisses became more passionate, wet and welcoming. But the more she relaxed and returned Peter’s advances, the more ravenous he became. With unnecessary harshness he pulled her toward him, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. At first his forwardness seemed to turn her on, but very quickly she became aware of an intensity she was not comfortable with. * From More Than Just Friends


Without a break, another song started. It was soft and sensual, an R&B piece, not the usual raunchy songs most of the strippers played. First he only saw a leg, long and lanky, move gracefully to the music. The dancer was in shadow at the very back of the stage. Whoever was attached to that leg had to be gorgeous, Liam thought. He wasn’t familiar with this piece or with this dancer. The leg was stockinged in black fishnets and on her foot was a very sexy, strappy heel with metallic rhinestones that caught the light when her foot moved. Her ankles were slim, and her leg seemed to go on forever. Liam wasn’t sure if the dancer was sitting on a stool while producing this tantalizing leg of hers, or whether she was standing up, but the lighting kept the rest of her body, which appeared to be dressed in black, well hidden. The audience could not see her even if they tried. Liam was riveted. * From Salon Antics


In the dream, the forest was shimmering, as if it were filled with fireflies. Each step he took upon the mossy ground ignited into a blaze of neon. Fairies and wood elves darted from log to log, branch to branch, in merry chase. Music played, women sang and danced, half naked in blissful abandon. There was one woman who stood out from the rest. Her auburn curls fell in layers, covering her body until they nearly touched the ground. But Henley could see her bronze, perfectly round breasts peek out from behind the curtain of hair, see a hint of knee, of delicious inner thigh, and two slender ankles. She smiled at him, then without warning, swept away the thick luxurious strands, revealing a body so provocative, so full and smooth and intoxicating, that it did more than take Henley’s breath away. It made him moan aloud in ecstasy. Rosetta dug her deft fingers deeper into his muscular shoulders and smiled. * From A Cloud of Hawthorne


“What’s a matter, lil birdy, am I scarin you?” He laughed and laughed, his eyes twinkling with mischievous desire. “Now, you must tell me where it ‘urts, lil bird. That’s your job. My job is to feel ‘round to find where you ‘urts. We got that now, birdy?” Proberta was quaking with fear but had no choice but do what this big man told her to do. Soon his large chafed hands were scratching against her soft skin. He rubbed and prodded and, she felt, looked in places he shouldn’t have looked. Finally, when he seemed to be finished with her he stood. Like a giant, his tall solid build seemed to match those of the highest standing trees in the forest. The question was, was he a friendly giant or an evil one? * From Where Daffodils Grow Wild


The familiarity of each other’s scent encompassed them. As if by rote, Lavinia followed Oliver’s exploring tongue with hers. Shivers ran up and down her spine. Excitement rose as the kisses became deeper and more sensual. Without being aware, Lavinia pressed herself against Oliver, her breasts reaching out for his touch. His fingers slipped down the front of her corseted frock until they reached the plump fullness of her desire. Although not large, her breasts were firm and round, her nipples hard with longing. He could feel the pulsating in his groin and knew if they kept on like this there would be no turning back. Oliver squeezed and then buried his face in her ripe bosom, inhaling her goodness before letting her go. * From Willow Wisp


“I don’t even know why I’m here,” Babette screamed after him. He laughed and walked away, lighting a cigarette as he went. Babette ran after him but he grabbed her and put her in a quick choke-hold. “Listen darling, you’re too pretty for me to rough up so why don’t you just play by the rules. I’m on payroll right now. You don’t want to mess with me, trust me on that.” Babette squirmed in an effort to release herself, but to no avail. “Easy now, honey. Settle down.” The goon let his stranglehold go but spun her around to face him, holding her close. “Like I said, you don’t want to mess with me, got it?” Babette looked at the man’s face. His blue eyes shone a certain gentleness, even an honesty that surprised her. He smiled a crooked sort of smile that was seductively sweet. * From a story in Boudoir Stories


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Where did the week go? How did I miss Monday and Tuesday? It’s already Wednesday. Gah!

I guess this is just one of the changes that is happening now that I’m working a ‘real’ job outside of my cozy writing space. My hours vary from 7 am to 5 pm to 1 pm to 10 pm (today), so it’s easy, at least for me, to lose track of time and what day it is. There. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

Everything is fine in the world of lingerie. The racks (no pun intended) are full of lacy, silky pretty things with a smattering of cotton and flannel for the more practical among us. There are also oodles of soft, furry robes to curl up in with a mug of cocoa or a glass of port, in front of a crackling fire. If you’re local, and you haven’t already, come in and see me sometime.

Meanwhile, here’s an excerpt from my first book, More Than Just Friends, chapter Compromising.

~~~~~~~~   book-morethanjustfriends

“Damn you, Peter, let me past.” Joanie was getting annoyed but kept her anger in

check. She wanted to prod him along good-humoredly, to win his trust. Peter leaned

down and reached his mouth toward hers. She turned her head but it was too late. He

latched onto her mouth with his own and forced her up against the wall. Joanie tried to

wiggle free but he was too strong for her. A bitter taste, like poison, came through his

mouth to hers, making her reel with repulsion. Sweat rubbed against her cheeks and

dripped down her neck. She felt ill. Lately, all she had been doing was trying to escape

this man – this man she used to adore. What had happened – what was  happening

to him?

But soon, Joanie began to melt against Peter’s touch, just as she had always done. His

kiss became more urgent and she returned his ardent advances, opening her mouth to

freely allow his eager tongue to enter. She gave him access down her flannel pajama top

to find her hard nipple, then to cup and fondle her breast. It felt so good, she squirmed.

His other hand let go of the door jamb and inch by inch, scanned her body down to

find what he was looking for – the wet softness between her legs. Before he pulled the

elastic waistband away from her stomach to indulge in her sweet moistness, Joanie made

her move.

Like a bullet, she tore away from his now relaxed body, darted into the bathroom,

slammed the door and locked it. Leaning up against the closed door, she had only

seconds to breathe a sigh of relief before the pounding began. Next, she went to the sink

to wash her mouth, face and neckline, rubbing herself as if she were exorcising a demon

from her body. She didn’t have much time, she knew that, but with all the banging and

yelling going on, she felt certain someone would hear and come to her rescue.

Just as that thought came to mind, the racket stopped. She heard Peter rustling

around in the kitchen, opening and closing drawers and pulling items out of cupboards.

Then it got very quiet. Joanie barely moved, waiting, listening, to hear what Peter was

going to do next, but there was nothing. Just as she was beginning to think maybe he’d

gone, she heard metal against metal and realized he was jimmying the bathroom door.

The grating sound made her anxious. She backed away from the door and realized there

was no way out. The one tiny window opened scarcely enough to let out steam from the

hot shower, or to let fresh air in. Even if she could pry open the window wider, it was

four stories down to the ground, with no fire escape.

Her mind raced, trying to find some solution. There had to be a solution. Her phone

– where had she left her phone? At this point it was her only hope, but she had no idea

where it was. She couldn’t remember getting home last night, let alone where she had

left her purse or her phone. It made her think about future emergency situations, if she

even had a future. Joanie slumped down against the bathtub in momentary defeat. But

retracing her steps from the previous night in her head, Joanie thought she remembered

seeing her purse on the side table by the front door. If it was there, her iPhone would

certainly be in it. It was always in the little side pocket of her purse. Focusing now on

this new discovery, Joanie stood up and began to work on a new plan that would involve

accessing her phone to call for help. For a moment she felt a wave of relief, of hope. Then

she saw the door handle slowly turn, and she froze.


Uh oh! What’s going to happen next? Find out by buying and reading the book, here

Titillating Tuesday

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Excerpt from Salon Anticsbook-salon-antics

Genevieve stood beside Liam, hands on her hips, and glared at her ex.

“Dominic, what are you doing here?”

“I love it when you call me by my first name.”

“Instead of calling you ‘piece of shit’? But that wasn’t the question. What are

you doing here? Can’t you see we’re working?”

“I didn’t come to see him,” Dominic gestured toward Liam. “I came for

you, baby.”

“I’m working. I’m busy. Stop harassing me or I’ll call the police.”

“Oh, c’mon sweetheart. You don’t want to go and do that. Dominic wouldn’t

be very happy with you if you did, and you don’t want to make Dominic

unhappy now, do you?”

“Fuck off, Dom. You don’t scare me. If you keep hassling me I will call the

police. Don’t push me.”

Irritated, Dominic shifted on his feet and looked around. He was not at all

pleased with his reception. He had expected more from Genevieve. He had

expected her to succumb to his charm and good looks just like she’d done in the

past. Instead, she stood her ground. He was not impressed with the new woman

she had become.

Liam Irish kept his nose in his book. If Genevieve needed him, he would

of course come to her aid, but he hoped it wouldn’t come to that. He was not

a fighting man. Oh, he had been, in his hey-day, but that was long ago and he

meant to keep it that way. He was used to thugs like Dominic, low-life insecure

men who puffed up their chests and acted like big shots at other people’s

expense. Liam was so tired of that – so done. But he wasn’t stupid. Liam knew

enough that if in any way he irritated a creep like that, life could get ugly for him

or anyone associated with him. He planned to stay out of it, whatever it was.

Liam just wanted a quiet life, to do his own thing and not cross anybody’s path.

That way, nobody would cross his.

“Alright smart-ass,” Dominic said with sharpness to his voice. “Get your tight

little butt back to work, but I’ll be back, you can count on it. You’re mine and

don’t you forget it.” With that, Dominic charged out the front door of the salon,

hopped into the waiting Porsche Cayenne, and sped off.

“What does he mean I’m his? How stupid does he think I am?”

Change Up

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Hi y’all. Just wanted to inform you that as of this week, I will be changing the weekly line-up on Music Monday will now be called Madison’s Monday, and although Tuesday will still be Titillating Tuesday, the format will change to better suit the name.

I’ve really enjoyed producing tunes to start off the week (thanks to friend and follower, Wilbur Gilroy, for his help and support), but I have to say, music is not my agenda. Writing is. So, on that note (haha), I have decided that Monday will now host a more personal blog, and Titillating Tuesday will be about writing, in whatever way, shape or form it presents itself.

When I say personal blog, I mean sharing on a more real level, so that we might get to know one another better – or you can get to know me. I want to discuss issues, thoughts and feelings that are relatable to everyone, and I hope my books can be more reflective of this. I sure would appreciate audience participation on these posts via comments and emails. It’s so important to keep the conversation going.   

Tuesdays, I will begin to share excerpts from a current book I’m working on. Or, I might post a poem or just talk about what I go through when working on a writing piece. Excerpts from my work will be a titillating way to entice people to buy and read my books and/or give a sneak preview into something new coming down the pike.

I don’t know if any of you remembers, but the beginning of the Madison Lake website, which was many years ago, included posted chapters once per week from the books I was currently working on, so that readers/followers could read the book like a television series and wait for the story to unfold week after week. It was a lot of fun and it might be something I would consider doing again. What are your thoughts?

Until next week…enjoy yourselves and as Lily and Olivia would say, ‘Be for goodness’.