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Bah Humbug

Posted on: December 15th, 2015 by Madison Lake 1 Comment


That’s Scrooge, not necessarily me. Or maybe it is me.

I signed off of the traditional North American Christmas a few years ago but it’s hard to give up on the gift giving. Everyone expects it. Either that or you receive gifts then feel badly that you aren’t giving any.

This year, however, I am sticking with my decision. It isn’t that I am not generous or that I want to be Scrooge but I give gifts all year round. I don’t see why people go berserk shopping and often times buying senseless gifts at overblown prices just because it’s Christmas.

I don’t celebrate religious rituals of the holiday season but I do honour them. And above all I celebrate family and friends, gathering together to revel in the spirit of sharing, love and life and all that we are so fortunate to have. I know it’s trite but it’s true.

Other than the odd post and random blog, we’ll be taking a short break from December 21st and will return full swing on January 4th.

Happy Holidays to you and yours. Raise a glass. Be merry. Be grateful.

ML and Crew


Posted on: March 10th, 2015 by Madison Lake No Comments


I went to a wedding on Sunday. It was a much anticipated event and I felt like a young girl again with the excitement that welled up inside. I haven’t been to a wedding in years so this was a big deal.

The ceremony took place on a quiet, empty beach in the Baja and the celebration resumed up the hill at an absolutely gorgeous home turned party central for the night, overlooking the Sea of Cortez.


What hit me the most about this wedding – well, there were many things that hit me…

I met the marriage commissioner on the windy beach as we watched the guests arrive. He asked me if I was friends with the couple, and gave me two names I did not recognize. A moment of panic rose when he then told me it was a Mexican wedding and that maybe I was at the wrong place. He laughed. Turned out he was a funny man (haha) and a very dear friend of the bride and groom. I would soon discover he was not just a funny man but was sensitive, introspective and sincerely passionate. Marco.

During his wedding speech, Marco said that everyone present, family as well as friends, were there for a reason and that reason was because they (we) were all special people in the couples life at that moment, and we will be with them forever since we were chosen to share their incredible day with them, their moment.

He said how important family is and had the bride and groom’s parents come up the simple driftwood and floral constructed alter and stand in the sand with the couple as declaration that the two would not be the beautiful people they had become if it weren’t for the parents.

Before the bride and groom placed the rings on their fingers he had them pass the rings to each parent so they could all put their blessing on the rings. (okay, crying now)

The couple had asked that everyone turn off their phones and not take any photos during the ceremony because they wanted us to be present with them. And we were. 100%.

Oh, and how could I forget the most important – the entrance of groom and bride.

The groom was handsomely dressed in a white linen suit, a fabulous blue and white floral shirt, and blue Toms on his feet. He was leading their loving dog who wore a white rose and greenery wreath around her neck (then proceeded to bury her face in the sand). The bride…oh my. She was – and is – a Goddess. She wore a stunning Egyptian-style white sheath that billowed in the gentle ocean breeze. (sounds cliche but it happened like that – seriously). A crown of greenery with white roses adorned her head and a soft veil trailed down her back. She was barefoot. She was lovely.


From the beach we went up the hill to a magnificent home where the party was held. Cocktails greeted us (gin, tonic, lime juice and mescal – whoa!), appetizers, and a delectable authentic Mexican five course meal. Dancing, dancing, dancing followed – we guests tried to keep up with the grooms father! IMG_1639

Not knowing anyone when I arrived (other than the couple, thank you very much, Marco!), I left having met so many fascinating people, had many great conversations and had tons of fun.

I’m one of their newer friends and am extremely honoured to have been part of their memorable day. I now know these two, and the people that surround them, will be in my life always. When this sort of thing happens in life, it truly is Magic.

ML xo



Twas the night before the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring except…Me! Laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, food prep…but all in good fun and with the spirit of Christmas.

As people hustle and bustle carrying armloads of parcels to and fro and holiday lights twinkle through sheets of rain, I am cozied up in my apartment with Bing crooning about a White Christmas and the smell of pine boughs filling the space. Memories of Christmases past flood in; unwrapping glass ornaments, each with a story from years past, then decorating a fresh cut tree, the smell of pine needles everywhere. Mulled wine and spiced apple cider, carols playing in the background, gingerbread baking in the oven, reading books by the fireplace, excitement.

What ever it is we celebrate this and any time of year, it is the memories. Hold on to them, make new ones of your own, cherish the old ones, and tell the loved ones around you how important they are in your life. Tis the Season. Remember it all year long.

Happy Holidays!