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Posted on: January 30th, 2017 by Madison Lake No Comments

Blogging is hard work! It takes thought, creativity, research, editing. It takes time. Don’t get me wrong. I love writing my blogs. I really do. But three a week is overkill, wouldn’t you agree? IMG_0204

I realize some of you loved Music Monday, and when I can find a tune to post I’ll do so, but it won’t be a regular thing. Maybe Wilbur Gilroy will help me out on occasion?

I’ll stick with Titillating Tuesday and switch it up between my personal blog posts and some writing excerpts. I think I’ll be able to move things along with that mix and still be entertaining and titillating.

And of course a week would not be complete without History of Sex. I miss my sex historian, Jade, but I’ll manage to get the job done. So far it’s been quite interesting delving into research on various topics. There’s so much I don’t know!

So what’s new this week? Tune in tomorrow to find out.

Meanwhile, here’s an appropriate song for this week – soon to be the 1st of February! Where does the time go?

2017Well then…

It’s the year two thousand and seventeen — 2017. Wow! Imagine that in years. That’s a long time.

I remember as a kid, sitting around the dinner table with my family. One night we started talking about how old each of us would be in the year 2000, then 2005, and so on. We could not fathom that then. It seemed so unimaginable to reach the year 2000, like 2001 Space Odyssey, so surreal and futuristic.

Anyway, here we are in 2017, always with resolutions, whether spoken or silent, ideals for a better year, hope for resolutions far and wide, and we march on because that’s what we do.

Madison Lake has no great plans and yet, I love surprises, and hope you do too. One never knows what’s around the corner, who you’ll bump into with a new plan in store for you.

Be observant. Be open-minded. Be flexible. Be willing to try new ideas, taste new things, experience all that is available in this big wide world. At times we may fall flat. Other times we may win big. But we all know that with every new adventure we learn and grow, so keep at it. There is no such thing as too much knowledge and life experience.

I’m starting my next book. Yessss! I can’t wait. I won’t reveal clues as to the storyline yet, but once it gets rolling I will share tidbits to fuel your curiosity.

On another note…I am sad to say that Madison Lake’s Modern Trash is losing one of it’s finest and most loyal contributors as of this new year. Jade Lake (no relation) has worked tirelessly for Madison Lake dot com since the early days. She and I struggled together through the trials and tribulations of learning social media. She did all sorts of marketing and research and created youtube clips and experimented with advertising. In the early days she edited my books.  wonder_woman_commission_by_jadeddreams1-d6gr5ah

Most recently she has been the brains and creative talent, researcher and author, of our most popular blog, The History of Sex. That in itself is a wondrous feat. What the hell am I going to do without her??

Many people don’t know there are others onboard to make Madison Lake dot com happen all year round. Jade has been with me for so many years I seriously don’t know how I will manage. But she has her own life (imagine that!), a new daughter, and plenty of her own hopes and dreams. She is a creative, energetic, clever, free spirit and I know whatever she chooses to do in life, she will always find success.

Best of luck to you, my rock. You will be missed.


As the world still grasps to understand the loss of a musical genius last week we here at Madison Lake ask:  What is a Prince without his princesses?

He was a heartthrob, to say the least, and always had a mad princegorgeous woman on his arm.  This week’s History of Sex will take a look at the sex icons most famous romances throughout the years.

Prince has been linked to a series of major celebrities such as Madonna (who’s album Like a Prayer he helped produce), Carmen Electra (his protege, he helped her coin her stage name), Anna Fantastic (a muse he met when she was only 16), Kim Basinger (who’s moans are heard in “The Scandalous Sex Suite”), Sheila E (long time drummer for his band), Vanity (a stage named he created for singer Denise Matthews) and Apollonia (his costar in Purple Rain) but most people believe that his true greatest loves were his two wives.

Prince’s first marriage was his most famous and also his most tragic.  On Valentine’s Day 1996 the 37-year-old singer wed 22-year-old Mayte Garcia who was his back up singer and dancer at the time.  She had first met Prince when she was only 16 and as she aged and as
their relationship grew, she became his muse.  d1d7e6132d2f63ed9575c6b67bf0a69eHis 1995 song “the Most Beautiful Girl in the World” was written for her.  He sings “It’s plain 2 see U’re the reason God made a girl.”  Eight months after their wedding day their son Boy Gregory was born.  Sadly he only lived for a week, born with the fatal Pfeiffer syndrome.  The couple tried again and conceived successfully only to lose the baby before Mayte was full term.  Many people say that their fairy tale romance could not withstand the loss of two babies and the couple officially split in 1999. 

In 2001, at age 43, Prince married 24-year-old Canadian philanthropist Manuela Testolini soon after meeting her while working together.  The two moved into a mansion in her hometown of Toronto and lived a seemingly low-key happy life until their amicable split in 2006. 

manuela-testolini-princeSince that relationship ended Prince moved back to his hometown of Minneapolis and kept a relatively low profile in the media.  He still recorded and toured extensively but was rarely seen out in public or on the red carpet with a lady by his side.  For a few years, he dated singer Bria Valente (born Brenda Fuentes) who converted to Jehovah Witness for him.  His most recent romantic link was rumoured to be British singer-songwriter Delilah whom he’d known since 2012.   

When news his sudden death erupted last week many of his former lovers came forward expressing their undying love for him.  Prince was unique in every way: his music, his fashion, his name and of course his choice of exceptionally inspiring women. 

Twenty years have passed since the world’s first supermodel died alone at age 104 in an insane asylum.  And considering some of the tragic cases of celebrity in our age, it doesn’t appear that much has changed. photo

Born in 1891, Audrey Munson was discovered at age 15 while shopping in New York City with her mother.  As fashion magazines and runway shows were still a thing of the future how is it possible for someone at the turn of the 20th century to gain enough fame for “supermodel” movie posterstatus?  Well, almost all of the statues in New York City (and dozens more around the country) are modelled after this woman and her much sought after body.  Munson began her career being photographed, then sculpted and painted.  She was an occasional chorus girl and even a silent film actress.  She was actually the first woman ever to be featured nude in an American made non-pornographic film, playing the (natural) role of sculptor’s model in 1915’s  “Inspiration”. 

In 1913 with her face and body found all across the city, The Sun paper aptly named her “Miss Manhattan”.  But, like many quick rises to fame, her descent to eventual anonymity was devastating.  In 1919 a man killed for her.  Dr.Walter Keene Wilkins, the owner of the boarding house where she and her mother lived, murdered his wife with the hopes of freeing himself up to marry his new love, Munson.  Wilkins was charged, found guilty and sentenced to the electric chair but he hung himself in his cell before it could happen. model

civic-fameIn 1921, as her work flow slowed down and biographies on her became popular she wrote a few articles on her life for Hearst’s Sunday magazine.  Her personal reflection on her life and career led to this famously prophetic quote: “What becomes of the artists’ models? I am wondering if many of my readers have not stood before a masterpiece of lovely sculpture or a remarkable painting of a young girl, her very abandonment of draperies accentuating rather than diminishing her modesty and purity, and asked themselves the question, “Where is she now, this model who was so beautiful?”

laying downOne year later Munson attempted suicide buy overdosing on pills, a few years after that, in 1931, she was committed into an insane asylum in Ogdensburg New York where she lived out her next 65 years.  Audrey Munson passed away on February 20th 1996 at 104 years old and was buried in an unmarked grave.   Luckily for us, this iconic beauty will not be forgotten as she stands tall above us every day, a literal statuesque beauty to be remembered for eternity.

The learn more check out James Bone’s new book “The Curse of Beauty“.

If you ever find yourself in a German convenience store ask for a “Fromm” and see what the cashier comes up with…

To this day many people in Germany still refer to condoms as “Fromms” even though they don’t know the back story.  Unfortunately, this back story is not a happy one. fromm

Julius Fromm was born in Poland in 1883 and his family relocated to Berlin when he was only 10 years old.  He worked for his parents rolling cigarettes until they died a few years later and he was left to raise his six siblings in their absence.  He took night courses in chemistry and saw a demand in the prophylactic industry that was not met.  Post-WWI Germany was a rather open-minded and sexually liberated country, especially in Berlin (anyone here seen Caberet?) and as a result STDs were on the rise.  Condoms at the time were made with animal skin- intestines & bladders to be specific.  In 1912 Fromm invented a rubber condom that was thinner and seamless using a cement dipping method to vulcanize the rubber.  His “Fromms Act” condoms were patented in 1916 and they went into mass productions in 1922 including branches in Poland, Denmark, the UK and the Netherlands.  Unfortunately, Mr.Fromms international successes quickly came to a halt during WWII when Jewish businesses were forcefully transferred to Nazi ownership.   factory

In 1938 Baroness Elizabeth von Epenstein traded her godson -President of the Reichstag, Herman Goring- two Austrian castles for the Fromm condom empire.  Julius Fromm was left with only 116,000 Reichmark, a fraction of his 30 million Euro estate or the net worth of his vast company, and he escaped to London with his three sons, miraculously surviving the war in safety.  Though the Fromm family celebrated the end of the Holocaust in London in May of 1945 their patriarch died just a few days later at the age of 62.  One of his sons, Max Fromm, went on to become a Hollywood actor, ironically often cast as Nazi soldiers because of his blond hair and natural German accent.

Julius Fromm may have died with almost nothing, but his name and legacy lives on in his homeland of Germany.