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What Goes Around

Posted on: August 1st, 2017 by Madison Lake 2 Comments

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written and posted a blog. I’ve realized one has to stay 100% on track with social media or you can become lax. There are all kinds of reasons to fall off the social media grid; work, travel, relationships. Life in general. It’s definitely a commitment. But I’ve been busy…

Update #1: By now we’ve been exposed to enough ‘life experience’ to not be surprised when things hit us. I did see the red flags but chose to ignore them (again) because he was my friend. Ego is a heavy burden, and for some it seems, ego is difficult to identify in oneself. Talk the talk all you like (and he did), but you have to walk it (and I discovered he didn’t), and you can still be good at your game.

I have no time for people with enlarged egos. Nonetheless, I have to identify why I continue to attract them. Why do I continue to believe these smooth talking guys and why have I made choices along the way to let the good ones go? What is it I’m looking for?

However, happy & single, I roam the pages of my newest book in progress, see what character is going to lead me to the next adventure, and write on. My day job is sucking a lot from my energy reserves, but for now I must put one foot in front of the other – quite literally. I still find solace in revisiting poetry; editing, polishing, writing new work.

Perhaps this is my form of avoidance. I do go out socially with friends, but I should probably join a meet-up group or something, break away from the comfort zone. Maybe next week. Till then, it’s a warm summer day and I intend to enjoy it.

Best, ML  


Madison Lake Unzipped

Posted on: January 19th, 2016 by Madison Lake No Comments

girl zip

It’s like Madison Lake unplugged except unplugged refers more to audio, doesn’t it? Unzipped is about visual or physical. 

Imagine a zipper. It encloses a torso, breasts, limbs. It protects a crotch. It secures a boot. It covers valuables and encases goods.

Unzip and it exposes.

I’ve decided this year to be more exposed on Titillating Tuesdays. After all, why call it Titillating if it’s not?

The blog may expose things about me, it may expose things about others. No names will be revealed, no personal references made.

It’s time to open up, to be more frank, get conversations going about ourselves, our bodies, sex, aging, changes, experiences (good and not so much). It’s about being more bold, speaking our truth, disclaiming judgement. 

In order to have conversations, you as readers have to participate too. I can’t do all the talking! If you share, so will I. Like I say, no names will be revealed – even my own. That way the things I write about will be honest but incognito. A safe place for everyone. 


Let’s begin.