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I should probably be writing about Christmas. Everyone else is. But not today. I’m still thinking about what makes a titillating scene – not just sensually, although those are the best – but a scene that really makes you sweat.

During the Q & A at my recent book launch, someone asked “What’s the difference between erotica and pornography?” I replied with a quote by Isabel Allende that I have posted on my website: “Erotica is using a feather, pornography is using the whole chicken”.

That about sums it up. Some of the best scenes in writing or film are the ones that leave us breathless, that leave us wanting more. If too much (information) is given away it simply ruins the moment. We love to be taken to the edge of our seats and left hanging until… We hate for the moment to end, and it’s best when it doesn’t so we turn another page or desperately wait to tune in the following week.

Here are some of the best (and my favourite) erotic books and some of the hottest scenes from films for all of the reasons mentioned above. Great stocking stuffers or something sexy to watch over the holidays. Who wouldn’t love it? Enjoy – and Happy Holidays.