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Leather has been a sex symbol throughout time. From whips and tassels to a fitted black leather jacket, leather sizzles.

Tanning hides to make leather is one of the oldest human trades. Animals were in abundance and were killed for meat, fur and their hides. Commonly used for making durable clothing, leather has been used since the beginning of civilization. Leather was, and is, the most viable source for footwear, satchels (and handbags), wallets, etc.

So, where’s the sex part of leather, you ask?

I find a loincloth pretty darn sexy (see History of Sex #237) Then there are leather corsets, leather chaps (oh my!), even leather bras. And what about those leather jackets? From a husky biker with worn jeans and a hot black jacket, to a woman dressed in tight leather leggings with a tailored coat, it’s leather all the way.

Think about old westerns. What were those hot cowboys wearing? Uh huh. Consider the film Gladiator or Cleopatra. Besides sheaths and tunics, leather armour and other necessities were the look of the times. Think about any sex shop that you have (or haven’t) gone into. Leather or pleather dominates (no pun intended). Even a gorgeous chair or sofa is the ultimate in home furnishings and lasts forever. And it is oh so seductive. 

I’d say leather is damn sexy.


Well, I guess Halloween has come and gone and now, it seems, we’re heading into the heavy holiday seasons.

What did you do on Halloween? Do you like to dress-up and go out? I hear fetish clubs are very popular on Halloween. I suppose people feel more uninhibited in costume, and Halloween is a good excuse to dress-up without a lot of undo attention.  imgres

I wrote a short story in my book Boudoir Stories about a regular guy who fancied, and frequented, a downtown fetish club. It was fun writing it, mostly because I created the story based on what other people told me about their club experiences, as well as what I’ve read on the topic.

I’ve never personally been in one. I was once propositioned to go with someone, a young Heath Ledger look-alike wearing chain mail and fittingly tight leather trousers. But alas…

I may have told this story already so if I have, I apologize. Sometimes memories take you on a journey that needs to be revisited, for whatever reason.

Anyway, my friends and I had been at an exclusive singles club in Vancouver. It was getting late but we were having fun dancing to some live acoustic jazz when all of a sudden this young, attractive guy started dancing with me. We were doing some provocative moves and enjoying the beats. I will admit that he looked very handsome in his chain mail – very sexy. We were flirt dancing for a while, just playing around. It was late. Then my friends decided it was time to go. Well, for some reason, Mr. handsome young thing was not going to let me go without him. (if only that would happen now) He followed us out the door and into our waiting cab. That is when he told us where he was going – to a downtown fetish club.

imagesWe were, of course, all invited, but he was clearly encouraging me to join him. (remember, this was years ago so I can brag just a little). I was intrigued. I was titillated. I really wanted to go but not alone, and my friends would have nothing to do with that sort of thing.


I came this close (fingers closing in on a millimetre). I almost went for it. But at the last minute I chickened out. My handsome young stranger hopped out of the cab with a kiss and a wink and off he strode to the fetish club, alone.

No regrets, right?

Wrong. (just for the experience)

Oh well. We all have missed opportunities. What’s yours?