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Posted on: September 15th, 2015 by Madison Lake No Comments


And I truly do feel spectacularly launched.

Thanks to all those who came out to the book launch of Willow Wisp on that blustery, sunny Sunday. You were a great crowd and such a rapt audience.

I had so much fun!

I enjoy reading aloud from my books. In this case, the room was silent, eyes met mine as I looked up from time to time, there was laughter when there was supposed to be, oohs and ahhs on cue. What a joy to read to such a captivated and interested crowd.

Of course I bought way too much wine. And cheese. I guess I thought we’d sit around drinking for the afternoon (or something). If I was anticipating a larger turnout that thought was immediately dispelled. The group that was present was absolutely perfect. Perfect.

And I sold books. Lots of them.

Again, many thanks for the continued support. And after you read the books you bought, feel free to put a review up on Amazon.

ML xo


As an aside, I got a ‘wink’ the other day from one of my online dating sites. (that’s right, I now entertain two – hee hee) He was attractive, his profile read well (smart, funny…) and he seemed like a possible coffee date if he didn’t live in Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC, Canada and is a man seeking a man.